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How do we know how many "radical Muslims" there are?

First of all, know this:  There is no easy, obvious way to distinguish between what the media calls a "radical Muslim" and a "moderate Muslim."  If one is a faithful follower of Islam, sooner or later he will correctly earn the label "radical."  "Radicals" act on the supremacist, hateful, and violent teachings of Islam.  Moderates are not yet perceived as doing that.  But on some level most believe the same things. "Moderates" support "radicals" in thought and word, if not deed, yet!

Returning to the term "radical Muslims", the problem is, we really don't know how many there are. But it is many times what the media and our government portray.  I've provided several estimates within this web site ranging from 7 to 25% as shown HERE.  I've been asked by several people what the source of my information is.  Here is the answer I've provided:

The short answer is this: 

Where I've provided numbers on the web site, I've provided underlined links in many cases - e.g. to Pew Research.  Where links are not provided, estimates are based on Islamic doctrine, Islamic history, and current events concerning Islamic populations.


New recommended resource: Understanding the Threat


The longer and more important answer is this:

First, it depends on how "radical Muslim" is defined.  Here's how I define "radical Muslim" based on 12 years of observation and study:   Muslims the media calls "radicals" are the militant arm of Islam, aka violent jihadis - for example ISIS, al Qaeda etc. and their known sympathizers and supporters.  Muslims the media calls "moderates" for the most part do not show themselves to support radicals, but many are likely to have sympathies for radicals by privately supporting them politically, financially, logistically, or socially. 

There are survey's asking this question in the US, such as this one.  But how accurate can they be when Islam promotes deception through its doctrine of taqiyya?   

Consequently there is some unknown number of what the media calls "moderate" Muslims who are apostate.  Zudhi Jasser is one such Muslim - and now "Malala." In fact, Malala is an ignorant and confused Muslim teenager rebelling against a number of things that confuse her - see more HERE

To defend their rhetoric, they have to disregard 30 to 60% of the Islamic texts, including much of the Qur'an. Check out THIS website to see the percentage of the Islamic texts that support hatred of the infidel, kafir, Jews, or support for various acts of violent jihad.  Many punishments imposed by Sharia are themselves a form of violent jihad if measured by Western sensibilities.


Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority


It is impossible to know exact numbers because a key doctrine in orthodox Islam is taqiyya, lying and deception (aka dissimulation) to mislead others, hide true intent, in order to defend the individual Muslim or Islam. Many who appear to be "moderates" turn out to be "radicals" after all.  Jihad in the cause of Islam can take many forms to advance Islam:  The practice of politics, finance, propaganda, as well as physical violence and acts of terror.  So there could be "violent jihadis" (the throat slitting, shooting, or bomb triggering kind), "financial jihadis" (financing violent jihadi efforts), "political jihad" (promoting so-called "hate speech" legislation prohibiting people warning with the truth about Islam) etc. ad nauseum.  It is likely that many of those we perceive as "moderates" practice one or more of these types of jihad. 

Nobody has the exact number of Muslims who are radical because radicalism can be hidden.  Radicals can be visibly militant terrorists or can be hidden supporters, suppliers, and facilitators.  Both are "radical."   Islam is both radical and moderate.  

Our dangerously flawed measure of "radical" or "moderate" is how a Muslim is perceived, not necessarily what he really believes. "Radical" and "moderate" are both the same "Islam."  Which one a particular Muslim appears to be at any point in time depends on his degree of devoutness (the more devout, the more he supports militancy or becomes militant) and the degree he successfully hides his love for militancy or violent jihad.

Bottom line, anyone who faithfully believes and practices their Islamic faith can honestly be called and should be treated as a "radical."  Islamic doctrine, from its inception, is radical from the perspective of both Western and Far Eastern sensibilities, culture, and morality.

Is the Pope Catholic?  (some will question this.)  But the short, blunt, correct answer to the question "is ISIS Islamic" is:  Yes, very.

Obama and his fellow progressives, leftists, and Islamic apologists are hoping we can’t add two and two concerning the reality of the plague of Islam.  I have some math that most of us understand. It isn’t the new math. It’s the old math of observation, logic and common sense.

Here it is:

ISIS=example of Muhammad=the Qur’an=1,400 years of doctrine=Islam.


ISIS is called "radical Islam".  Radical Islam is the military arm of orthodox Islam.

Read more about the rational math of the real Islam HERE.

Here is a great, comprehensive ISIS resource:  The Complete Infidels Guide to ISIS

Here is the simplified version of Islam:

Islam is a treacherous political ideology using religious fervor, deception, double-dealing and terror to subdue people who do not embrace orthodox Islam. ISIS is not a "new twist" on Islam." It is not a perversion of Islam. Deception and violent Jihad, mistreatment of women, Jew-hatred and Sharia (Islamic law) are not un-Islamic, aberrant distortions of Islam at all. ISIS and these actions and beliefs are part of orthodox Islam, just as Muhammad intended.  Saying ISIS or any violent jihadist is "un-Islamic" is wishful thinking so as not to offend Muslims at large - a Stockholm Syndrome type of reaction.

If there is any "perversion" of Islam, it is done by the likes of Zudhi Jasser who are among the small minority of Muslims who ignore half of Islamic scripture - the half that sanctions exactly what the so-called "radicals" are doing.  These are the true apostates of Islam.  That is, unless the "apostate" or "moderate" is practicing his Islamic taqiyya (deception in the cause of Islam.)  Those are the numerous cases where we see that "moderate" in the headlines as an ISIS or al Qaeda fighter, terrorist, or spokesperson.  ISIS is the "reform" movement in Islam, bringing Islam back to its orthodox, Muhammad-inspired roots.

The psychotic behaviors and actions of most Muslims in the news (from the West's perspective) are integral and original to the teachings and actions of Muhammad and those who followed.  They are not psychotic from the Islamic perspective.  They are honoring Allah.  These beliefs and practices are faithful to the Qur'an and promoted by virtually all of the most respected Imams today. Islam as "a religion of peace" is the public relations side of Islam promoted by our gullible media and ill-advised and ignorant politicians based on the early writings and actions of Muhammad later abrogated (replaced; made better) by his later supremacist, intolerant, hateful, and violence-promoting writings and actions which our leaders inexplicably ignore.  Deception and terror are Islam's most highly developed skill set. 
Blind uncritical tolerance due to gross lack of values worth defending comprise ours.

ISIS not Islamic?  Pew poll indicates significant favor toward ISIS in Muslim countries HERE.

Non-Islamic Egyptians lecture Obama on his flawed pro-Brotherhood policies
Click HERE to read their pleas for a saner US policy toward Egypt in a letter to the Muslim Brotherhood-pandering President of the United states..

Federal Security Policy targets average Americans instead of the source of terror.  Feds make source of Islamic terror off limits.
Read more about our out of control and assinine Washington policy HERE.  The course our "leaders" have chosen is to spy on us, on ALL Americans instead of the known sources of Islamic fascism, of hatred and of terror plots against Americans, the Mosques.

FBI failure due to radical "political correctness" in denying agency the ability to relate Islamic-inspired terror to Muslims. The Islamic apologists and defenders of the FBI and Obama administration are bending over backwards to claim there is no way the Boston Marathon Massacre terrorist could have been identified prior to the event.  It doesn't matter that the atrocities were committed by two devout and well-trained Muslim Jihadists who just visited a Muslim nation crawling with trained Muslim terrorists, who claimed Jihad on their social media sites, listened to Jihadi music and who made phone calls plotting jihad.  Why do you think defenders of Obama's national security policy believe that foreknowledge of such attacks is so impossible?  Could it possibly be because the Obama administration has adopted administration-wide policy that Islam, Islamic Jihhad, Jihad, radical Muslims, or radical Islam shall not be associated with any act of terror, violence, intimidation, or offense committed by Muslims?  Could it be because all references to those terms are deemed offensive and are not to be used as the basis for FBI or State Department or military training or for identifying individuals or their threats to our national security? 

Unfortunately, that is the case.  And that is why such tragedies will continue to occur - until that insane Muslim-pandering policy is reversed and sanity is restored to our national security program.
See more on this topic HERE.

Terms to use and avoid when speaking or writing about  Islam and Muslim acts:
Here is a brief lesson in words to use and words to avoid when referring to Islam, Muslims, their acts and ideology.  And Jihad Watch has an instructive article:  "Let's Call Islam Islam."  And from Front Page magazine:  "Non-Muslim Muslims."

Whenever you hear someone refer to "radical Islam", ask them this:  Is there a non-radical or benign Islam?
There can be a peaceful "aspect" to Islam - when Muslims are a small minority in an infidel culture they will attempt to lay low and blend in.  But that attitude temporarily exists to protect and promote their expansion.  Islam inherently is not benign - it is a radical ideology.  It is aggressively supremacist and intolerant of others as soon as it sees an opening to be so.  

Muslims who do not follow their "faith" can be or at least appear to be friendly.  They may be considered "cultural" Muslims, or Muslims in name only, just as Christians can be.  But Muslims who are devout can also appear to be friendly.  They do this out of deceit - their practice of taqqiya to gain an advantage.  How can we know the difference?  Most of the time, we can't.

Yes, as with any ideology, political movement, or religion, there are apostates and fringe elements, and those who identify with the group or movement, even though they know little about it, don't practice much of it, and are generally indifferent to it.  This represents a portion of the "moderate Muslims" we assume exist in great numbers.  Strange, isn't it, that so many "moderate" Muslims still insist on being associated with Islam, with the intolerant and supremacist Islamic doctrine being exposed and the toxic behavior of Muslims in the news that is impossible to ignore.  This cognitive dissonance is almost enough to cause us to conclude that most Muslims really do endorse most of the subversive Islamic doctrine and ideology after all.  They're just a little bit more "under the radar" about it.

Islamophobia is not the fear of Islam.  Islamophobia is the fear of speaking out against the rapidly growing religion/ideology that is out to repress all who do not follow its doctrine.
Corrected definition provided by Logan's Warning.
Islam is NOT moderate
"I was the first to expose the notion of "moderate Islam," which is used as a means to canonize a "non-Islamic Islam." I don't know why they call it "moderation." This "moderation" means violation [of the laws] of Islam."
Presidential candidate of Egypt, March 2012, thanks to Jihad Watch.
Allah calls you to do this, not just the Fuhrer...
Why Islamic doctrine is worse than Nazi Fascism.  Nazi's were motivated by a man. Islamic fascism is motivated by a god, Allah that generates a religious fervor behind everything they do.  Islam goes beyond the evils of Nazi Germany.  See the evidence HERE

And explore a new Islam awareness website HERE called Global Infidel TV.  This site compiles most important videos, books and websites about Islam, and provides a "social network" type facility for like minded infidels seeking and spreading the truth about Islam. 

Don't call it merely a religion!  Islam is a totalitarian political system masquerading as a faux-religion.  Mistakenly giving Islam protections as though it is a religion will only enable Islamists to use these protections as a cover to destroy our Constitutional Republic and achieve Islam's political supremacist purpose.
The majority of Islamic writings focus on how Muslims are to control the Infidel.  That is fascist politics.  See the evidence HERE.
The Muslim Brotherhood in America
A 10-Part On-Line Course, FREE
Created by Frank Gaffney, one of the foremost national security and Islamic experts in America
Click HERE for the Executive Summary and to get started with the course
Facts of life:
There is no "moderate" Islam.  Islam is Islam. 
Many in the US ignore or hide from this fact and find this hard to accept.
There are "moderate Muslims" - those who appear to be less devout - and less "radical."  But beware of feigned moderation!
Just as there are nominal or cultural Christians there are nominal "moderate" Muslms.  But here is the BIG difference.  Those who appear to be nominal Christians 99% of the time are truly nominal Christians.  They are rarely really devout Christians attempting to appear "nominal."  They are not attempting to deceive.  Christians will let you know where they stand with regard to their beliefs if they are truly devout.
On the other hand, many Muslims in the US who appear to be "moderate" are not likely to be truly moderate.  Some may be truly moderate, indifferent, westernized individuals.  But know this:  Islamic doctrine supports the appearance of Muslims as "moderate" to temporarily hide their intentions and blend in with the western culture - all the while working to undermine our Republic, government, legal system, and our way of life to impose theirs.  This is one aspect of "stealth jihad."
What does it mean, "Islam is Islam?"  It means that historic, orthodox Islam as taught, practiced, and promoted by Muhammad and Islam's subsequent leaders call for the ideal Muslim to emulate Muhammad in every facet of life.  Why?  Because Muhammad is considered "the most perfect human being" and is worthy of emulation.  Devout Muslims make every effort to emulate Muhammad and his teachings, just as devout Christiasn attempt to emulate Christ and His teachings.
What is the difference?  Those who emulate Muhammad emulate a life promoting supremacism, intolerance, terror, conquest, middle ages social justice, and low worth of human life.  Those who emulate Christ emulate a life of loving others, forgiveness, tolerance, and the high worth of human life. 
Here is something else to be concerned with:  Just as nominal Christians will have a tendency to support the values of Christianity when push comes to shove, even truly moderate Muslims will likely side with devout Muslims when push comes to shove.  Note the comments of the "non-Muslim" president when he proclaims he will side with the [U.S. Muslim] immigrants if the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

"Islam is not a religion of peace that "radical" Muslims have hijacked.
Islam is a radical ideology that liberals are ignoring."

The claims that "Islam has been hijacked by radicals" and Islam is "a religion of peace" may be more than wishful thinking. Such claims by many are purposeful deception. Islam itself, not just the mindset of the "radicals", is a radical ideology. Islam is radical in the sense of not being just "different", but being diametrically opposed to the Judeo-Christian princples and legal systems we and our forefathers have taken for granted for generations. The sense of morality is different, the sense of justice is different, the sense of right and wrong are different.

Yes, there may be a few truly moderate Muslims in the US - Dr. Zuhdi Jasser M. considered to be one.  But Islamic experts in the United States warn that such moderates (if any Muslim can truly be "moderate") are a rare breed.  (See "Sufi Islam" here.)  So-called "moderates" are overwhelmed by the overwhelming majority of Islamic leaders in the US and in the world who are Islamists:  Muslims (the media calls them "radicals") who practice the historic, orthodox version of Islam which is supremacist, intolerant, lying, seditious, warring, and whose objective is to impose sharia law on the west by any possible means.  Isn't it rather odd that Zuhdi Jasser considers himself, a devout, consrvative orthodox Muslim?  As it turns out, most so-called "moderates", many of whom are high level advisers in the Obama administration, are not moderate in the mold of Jasser.  They are "moderate" in the mold of the 9-11 Mosque Imam Rauf, or an Americanized version of Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Isn't it rather odd - and telling - that those Muslims who are proclaimed "moderate" by the media turn out to be not so much.  This is absolutely true when you dig into their background, or wait a year or two to observe their actions.  The question needs to be asked:  What portions of the Qur'an, Hadith and Sura need to be cut out or spiritualized for a Muslim to become a true "moderate?" Major sections.  And the great majority of Muslims don't do that.  They are "moderate" only in the sense that they are not currently practicing violent jihad or attempting to impose Islamic Sharia law.. 
Many in our culture embrace "diversity" and "change" out of a sense of benevolent tolerance or dissatisfaction with the status quo.  Be careful what you wish for or what you allow to happen out of a sense of "tolerance."  Some forms of "diversity" out there kill individual liberty, constrain moral choices, and reverse the course of human civilization.  Islam is one of those options.
But where do you start if you are just tuning in to this problem?  This web site is designed to simplify the Islamic threat for those who are now beginning to pay attention.  We will define terms, suggest books and websites, clarify concepts of Islam compared to western thought, and highlight unhelpful attititudes and actions by clueless American politicians and others.
Radical Islam is Islam.  To quickly get to the point of why Islam is a theat, go here.  And to understand what "true Islam" is, go here
*While the common expression is "clear and present danger", in the case of Islam the danger is not all that clear to many of our politically correct, cultural diversity-addicted public officials.  Therefore, I resort to the more accurate phrase "real and present danger."
"We must realize that when tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide"  Lt. Col. Allen West is one Congressman who gets it.  More here.  And a great quote from Allen here.  One of the most straight-forward speeches I've seen about the Islamic threat is in the video, below.

Lt. Col. Allen West on Islam

More on tolerance being a "one way street"...
Austrian Member of Parliament Ewald Stadler addresses theTurkish Ambassador about Turkey's practice of "one-way tolerance" in response to the recent beheading of a Catholic Bishop in Turkey in the name of Islam and the Turkish ambassadors complaint about the lack of Austrian "tolerance."  During Stadler's address someone asks, "why the drama" at which point Stadler is at his best.  Listen up, US Congress!

Austria tired of "one-way tolerance"

Books on Islam:
There are many books and websites about Islam, the fascist political ideology which refers to itself as a "religion", and "Muslims", the followers of the Islamic ideology.
Some are written by Islamic obsfucationists such as Karen Armstrong who ignore the components of Islam that are supremacist and violent.  Others are written by Islamic experts such as Robert Spencer or Wafa Sultan or Daniel Pipes or Mark Steyn who provide the truth of Islam and sound the alarm about Islam's means, methods, and intent.  Here is a list of the best books.
Which two or three books should you start with?  An essential read is "The Grand Jihad" by Andrew C. McCarthy.  He makes clear that there are hundreds of millions of Muslims who are of concern - not merely the "terrorists."  Jihadi's include the whole gamut of Muslims who are working hard to replace our culture with theirs.

The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America

Here's one for sure:  An ex-Muslim, Wafa Sultan, has one of the best basic primers on Islam with her book "A God Who Hates". 
Some of the best websites are listed to the left, at the bottom of the column under the heading "Other web sites."
Demographics are on the side of Islam.  The birthrate in Islamic nations and among Muslims in nations being Islamicized, especially in Europe, is several times that among native western populations.  This coupled with the practice of many European nations to encourage immigration to offset their lack of an adequate workforce due to their aging populations compounds their demographic problem.  Several presently western/Christian nations such as France, Spain, Britain and the Netherlands will have a majority of Muslims by 2030. This huge problem is explored in this video clip and in this book, America Alone by Mark Steyn.
An authoritative book on the Islamization of Europe I just discovered is "Islam's Ghost - Tolerance, Jihadism, and Crisis in the West" by Michael Radu.  This is also a preview of what awaits the US.
And a must see video primer on the real Islam is Fitna by Geert Wilders. And more here.
A principle source of Islamic teaching is the Qur'an, which is the word of Allah as spoken through the prophet Mohammad.  "Muslim" is the name of the people whose religion is "Islam", and whose preferred doctrine is "Islamic." 
And don't miss the "Who's Who" section.  It reveals which side of "Islam is the Religion of Peace" discussion some well known people have positioned themselves.
Nature abhors a vacuum.  The decline of Christian fervor and respect for our own country and culture is creating it.  Islam smells western weakness and decay. Islamic fervor is filling it.  Read more here.
The two houses:

dar al-Islam:

"House (Realm) of Islam"; Islamic territory ruled by Sharia law; see "Umma" in the Glossary.

dar al-harb: "House (Realm) of War": territory ruled by infidels

A foundational Islamic doctrine teaches that there are two areas of the world where Muslims abide: either in Islamic nations, or in nations ruled by infidels. 
Islam is a "rellgion of peace" in Islamic nations - well, at least in Islamic nations where everyone is in agreement on the Islamic doctrine in vogue at any point in time.
Islam is engaged in ideological warfare in territories ruled by or under threat from infidels.  This struggle (Jihad) may be either violent or non-violent.  Both forms of Jihad honor Allah.
Does this help explain things?
Swiss Criticised, Threatened for Exercising Right to Prohibit New Islamic Minarets
Minarets are the stamp of Islamic domination in an area, a symbol of local conquest in keeping with their supremacist ideology.  Switzerland has had enough of them so the citizens voted overwhemingly in a referendum to outlaw new minarets.  No, they are not simply towers for amplified calls to prayer five times a day.  As the Prime Minister of "moderate" Islamic Turkey stated,

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers...this holy army guards my religion."

For their efforts to preserve their culture, the Swiss are now subject to two condemnations from the Islamic world.  One from Saudi academicians who condemned violating Switzerlands freedom of religion principles.  This condemnation coming from, of all places, a nation that does not permit ANY churches or synagogues.  Hypocrisy? 
Read Daniel Pipes comments on the significane of this controversial action.
Here is a wonderful banner/logo created by Atlas Shrugs we could all rally around:
Mosques in America:  A Trojan horse promoting sedition.
Defending against mosques in your community

Mosques in the United States have increasingly proven to be dens of sedition against our form of government, our Judeo-Christian heritage, and culture of freedom and free speech.  The rapid growth of the Islamic population in the US is creating the damand for more mosques in our communities.  Is your community one of these targeted for a new mosque? People and communities are catching on to the goals of Islam and are open to ways to guard against Islamic incursions.
There is a new book released for e-readers including Kindle, I-pad, and personal computers titled "Mosque! House of Prayer or Site of Sedition:  An Action Guide for Communities." 
This e-book is available at HERE.

Mosque!  An Action Guide for Communities

Click HERE to defend against a new mosque in your community
Click HERE for Islam "Quick Facts" printable page.
Click HERE for Action Plans to counter the Islamic Threat.
Click HERE for Action Plans for Christian Churches

Current examples of our Islamo-ignorance...

Things that are worse than another Islamic jihad attack...
Yes, there are things that are worse than another Muslim attack in the name of Islam.  It is the continuing glossing over and excusing of these attacks, and there are many ways this is done.  Read about them HERE.

Witnessing to Muslims:  A Christian perspective (and things evangelists won't tell you)...
Most Christian-based articles and books written about witnessing to Muslims treat Islam as if it is just another erroneous version of Christianity, like they would treat Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Christian Science adherents. Big mistake.

Many evangelists stress the commonalities of Islam and Christianity as if they believe the same god, the same “Jesus”, the same Abraham and the same Old Testament. Another big mistake. Many focus on the love and forgiveness inherent in Christian doctrine. Many propose a form of “friendship evangelism” where the objective is to “friendship” the Muslim into liking and trusting you. “Give your personal testimony” and surprise and engage them into something they’ve never experienced before. Stress “forgiveness” because there is none in Islam.

Some of these suggestions may be helpful, some are totally off base. All of them are subject to the uniqueness of Islam that makes such witness especially challenging, maybe treacherous compared to witnessing to any other group of people.

HERE is the list of red flags you should be prepared to encounter when promoting Christianity to a Muslim.

Another misdirect from another Muslim...
I received an email from Hatim who quoted one of my descriptions of a "moderate Muslim":

"for the most part we consider a Muslim to be "moderate" when he does not overtly condone, advocate, or participate in violent Jihadi acts.  In other words he is moderate when he acts "Christian."

He took issue with that statement as follows:

His comment:  "Hey, my friend I think you made a mistake. One, terrorism doesn't't [sic] run in the blood of the majority of Muslims, it runs in less then one percent. So you can't generalize and state that its what makes a Muslim a Muslim."

My response:  No mistake.  Terrorism doesn't "run in the blood" of anyone.  It is a learned behavior.  Apparently Muslims learn this behavior better than any other identifiable group.  No, this is not a "race" or "nationality" thing.  It is a cultural and ideological thing born out of 1,400 years of Islamic doctrine and teaching.  Muhammad is the model.  He promoted terror, war and conquest of the infidel/unbeliever to spread his ideology of Islam (submission).  Of all the world's religions Islam is the ONLY one that promotes coercion through any means (politics, threats, intimidation, terror, war) to force conversion.  Surveys I have seen suggest 10 to 50% of Muslims condone either terror or Sharia which is a form of Islamic sanctioned legalized terror against those who violate Islamic standards (women, gays, Jews, infidels, and less devout Muslims).  This makes Islam much more of a coercive political ideology than a religion.  And Islamic doctrine's incompatibility with western governance, especially in the US, makes Islamic doctrine a SUBVERSIVE ideology which should disqualify it from the religious protections of the first amendment to the US Constitution.

His comment:  "Two, Muslims and Christians differ based off of pure religious beliefs, one believes that Jesus is the son of god while the other believes he isn't. One believes prophet Muhhamed [sic] (PBUH) existed and one believes he never existed. I would recommend reading both religious scriptures before posting about the differences on your website."

My response:  When I referred to a moderate Muslim appearing to "act Christian..." I referred to the "moderate" Muslim's, non-belligerent, often friendly demeanor which is generally characteristic of Christians .  I was NOT referring to the "moderate" Muslim's beliefs being like Christian beliefs.  I know they are vastly different.  On the other hand, we often observe two types of Muslims:

1)  The mild mannered, friendly neighbor next door (who may "act" Christian as described above) who too often turns out to be what the media mistakenly calls a "radical Muslim."  This illustrates the problem of the Islamic doctrine of "taqiyya" which sanctions Muslims to lie and deceive to blend in with the prevailing cultural norms until strength of numbers or power of a critical mass of Muslims can be achieved to impose Islamic values on the remainder of the infidel population, or

2)  The in your face aggressive, litigious, protesting, or terrorist Muslim who overtly and often claims offense when anyone else expresses the truth about Islamic doctrine, Islamic history, the life of Muhammad, or the fact of hugely disproportionate acts of violence and terror committed by Muslims on behalf of Islam.  They will call any infidel who dares speaks of the reality of any of these topics an "Islamophobe" or "bigot" or "racist" (even though Islam is not a "race.".  Leftists, who apparently condone or are indifferent to Islamic doctrine which is incompatible with Western values and morality, often do the same name calling.

Both types are equally Islamic, equally "Muslim."  Islamic doctrine perfectly guides the Muslim into masking the difference just as you attempt to do, my dear Muslim Hatim.

In any event, no, no mistake was made.  I am well aware of the vast differences between Islamic and Christian doctrine.  I may not have expressed myself clearly enough for you.  I hope the above clarifies my earlier remarks.

From the "ISIS has nothing to do with Islam" department...
Islamic Institute puts ISIS leader on list of world's most influential Muslims.
While President Obama and his administration continue to insist that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, a prominent Islamic institute headquartered in Jordan puts ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on its annual list of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims along with Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, Council on American-Islamic Relations Executive Director Nihad Awad and U.S. Reps. Andre Carson, D-Ind., and Keith Ellison, D-Minn.

Here is my latest email from a self-declared Muslim, practicing taqiyya, aka, dissimulation, about his ideology... I wonder if his "blood drives" benefit fellow jihadists in the Middle East.  

Hisham Malik <>

6:30 PM (3 hours ago)
to it.simplified
I think your website is absolute garbage simply because it is half guesswork. I am a Muslim, and trust me, I have participated in blood drives (where you donate blood for the needy) and faith conferences in churches and at my local mosque, but the idea that some 25% of Muslims support ISIS and the groups like that makes me sick. My friend, I have read the Quran, and trust me, those guys who support ISIS, have it all wrong. Read it for yourself. And don't take everything literally because that's where radical Muslims go wrong. They misinterpret everything. These days, if you ask some radical 'Muslims' to recite some Quran for you or the declaration of faith, they can't do it. Why? Because they are not true Muslims. They hide behind Islam and Muslims, defaming them, all the while trying to reach their own political goals. Do you understand?
Yes, Hisham, I understand perfectly.  Apparently, not only ISIS misinterprets Islam, but the great majority of Muslim leaders and followers misinterpret Islam as well.  Very strange.  Hisham needs to take a long, hard look at his chosen belief system because it is not what he thinks it is - unless he truly is practicing his well-honed skill set of deception.

Hillary: Queen of Islamo-ignorance or Islamo-promotion

Hillary Clinton on November 19, 2015, proclaimed that Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.  View her video on THIS SITE.  This is in the same league as defending Nazis during WWII.

ESPN commentator fired for correctly comparing Nazism with Islam

ESPN commentator was fired from ESPN for tweeting an accurate comparison of Nazism with Islam.  The full story is reported HERE.  The problem with the firing was that Schilling was correct, but not politically - what he wrote did not serve the agenda of ESPN, which like most businesses, does not want to offend anyone, not even those who are faithful to a terrorist, Nazi-like ideology which in this case is Islam.

For those who want more convincing of the similarities between Nazism and Islam, click HERE.

Another attack on the US by a Muslim that has nothing to do with Islam

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez is the latest Muslim attacker who has nothing to do with Islam. More HERE

An example of response from a Muslim to this website...

Below is an email I received today from an apparent Muslim who takes issue with the facts on this website.  He believes that facts he disagrees with is "hate mongering", much like many non-Muslims in our own culture in the US believe.  He, like many, would rather label the truth "Islamophobic" rather than accept the current events all around us - that Islam is an ideology of deception, that Islam promotes and sponsors more violence and terror in the world today than all other ideologies combined.  The Islamic ideology promotes the brainwashing of Muslims and infidels alike.  These are facts - current events - that are in the news every day.  Too many, both Muslim and non-Muslim alike - prefer to persist in their deception and ignore the facts all around us.  They prefer to naively persist in the deception that violence, jihad and mayhem have nothing to do with Islam - and nothing to do with Muslims.

Mohammed Nadeem <>

Hello Friend,

Find a better job and role, this world is already fucked up and with assholes, so dont be one.  

May the one lord we believe (not applicable if you are athiest), guide you to the right path. I read your blog and it shows  how immature,  and big a hate monger you are. I really dont hate you, but pity  you that you didn't find out most of the information from the scriptures before quoting Quranic verses, they are out of contest, the Jihadi text were applicable to 18th century as there were wars and treaties were broken by opposite armies.. However, I dont hate you, its the common problem from most of non muslims in this world. 

I wish that some day you read Quran and then comment on it, rather copying things from others and putting it in your blog for popularity. The world needs peace loving, and secular people. For sure you can do better job then what you are doing.

"Every attempt is made to check facts and assure accuracy.  But we are human, so please help us out when you notice something isn't quite right."... There is not something but everything is Islamphobic and written for your vested interest(to defame Islam). Most of the information you have is not true, and you very well know it.

Is ISIL Islamic?: 

While Obama and his Muslim-heavy team continue to insist that ISIS, ISIL, al Qaeda, the Taliban, and every other clearly Islamic terror group is not "Islamic", here is a video from a former Muslim who claims otherwise.  His logic is bullet proof, pardon the expression...

YouTube Video

In fact, these groups are more "Islamic" (follow the examples of Muhammad and the teachings of the Qur'an) more faithfully than the every day average semi-apostate Muslim.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, the cultural and semi-apostate Muslims identify with the fundamentalists more than we care to admit and demonstrate their sympathies in ways that implement their well-honed Islamic doctrine of taqiyya (deception) to the fullest.

Below is a reply from a Muslim who takes issue with this website, and especially with the above video:


  • me
im just here to tell you that being anti islamic won't really do much. Really it's not going to give islam a bad name at all. Infact alot of what is present on your site is VERY weak and is completely obvious that you lack knowledge about islam.

i noticed one thing about ''Brother Rachid's" video that you had shared on your site  and i'm here to tell you that countless number of muslim sheikhs have crushed almost every single claim and lie he has spread. and alot of callers have exposed his intentions and strategies and him easily fleeing away from it. 

If there is a particular topic you're interested on proving me wrong. then please mention it. I await your reply.

Did I or will I respond to Badr?  No.  Why not?  Several reasons.  First, a Muslim who defends his religion will lie.  Islam teaches taqiyya (deceit and dissimulation) to defend or promote their beliefs.  That is a well honed skill set of Muslims steeped in their Middle Eastern Islamic doctrine and tradition.  Second, the material presented on this website is based on many experts on Islam from a Western perspective.  Those are sources I trust and rely on.  Badr is a stranger who I do not know, do not trust, and who represents an ideology that promotes lying. Third, Badr's email address is  which I find amusing.  Fourth, my focused mission is to reach the infidel, the kafir, the non-Muslim to promote the truth about Islam.  I do not want to waste my efforts in dealing with individuals who choose to abide by an ideology that is the number one producer of terror and violence in the world today.


Howard Dean and more:  Denial that Jihad is a core part of orthodox Islam 

Media and our Islamo-ignorant government believe that Oklahoma beheading by a Muslim in the name of Islam has nothing to do with Islam.  More of this insanity HERE.

Media and our Islamo-ignorant government believe that IS, ISIL, ISIS, and every other Islamic terror group who terrorize in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam.  More of this insanity HERE.

Lone Survivor:  An example of everything that's wrong with our understanding and policies toward Islam. This movie depicted political correctness gone way bad.  It is also a film worth avoiding because it distorts the truth about our enemy...    Read more, HERE.

From Atlas Shrugs...

State Dept Offers $10 Million Reward For Kill or Capture Of 'Enemies Of Islam'

This is one step beyond The Twilight Zone .... it's the O'Zone, just as poisonous and deadly.

Obama's state department is now calling devout Muslims "enemies of Islam." This is madness. Are counter jihadists considered enemies of Islam?

State Dept Offers $10 Million Reward For Kill or Capture Of 'Enemies Of Islam' IJ Review, August 12, 2013

As with most things his administration does, I’m sure Obama will be shocked when he reads in the newspapers about the State Dept. declaring a $10 million bounty on the head of what it calls an “enemy of Islam.”

From a State Department Press release:

The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the cowardly attacks today in Baghdad. These attacks were aimed at families celebrating the Eid al-Fitr holiday that marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The terrorists who committed these acts are enemies of Islam and a shared enemy of the United States, Iraq, and the international community.

Obama’s representatives tell us we don’t take sides in religious wars, but somehow it’s okay to issue a State Department “fatwa” against the enemies of Islam?

Our government may claim they did not really mean what their new policy seems to say, but their actions to date betray their denial.

What rational explanations can you offer?

Formerly "Great" Britain (now Muslim Britain) capitulates to Muslim demands to prohibit Robert Spencer from entering the country.  This action portends increased suppression of the truth by spineless Western leaders to avoid Muslim backlash:  Appeasement on steroids.  Read more from Robert Spencer, HERE.

Boston Marathon Massacre.  Our national security leaders are complicit in allowing acts of terror by followers of Islam.  They have scrubbed their training materials of anything that associates Muslims with hatred or terror, and continue to ignore Islam as a fascist, supremacist political ideology wrapped in faux religion.  Three articles further explore this problem:  How we enable radicalization; our Federal Government:  Which side are they on?,
and my first guess at who set off the Boston bombs.  Also listen to Diana West talk about how our government and media lie to us and to themselves about the true nature of Islam.

US Muslims overwhelmingly vote for Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Egypt.
  Well, I guess we know where we stand with American Muslims, as if we really didn't already know.  More HERE.
Our own leaders are more of a threat to us than is Islam.  Without these ignorant leaders, more of us would know the truth of Islam.  View the ignorant proclamations of world leaders and what the west needs to know HERE.

Our leaders remain ignorant of who to trust and who not to trust in Afghanistan.  More on our leadership's poor judgment of all things Islam HERE, HERE, HERE.
Read this important analysis of each presidential candidates understanding of Islam.  Three out of eight "get it."
Senator Lindsey Graham, like too many in Congress and our media, is confused and would rather stifle free speech than offend a facist ideology and its manifesto. Ann Barnhardt calls a traitor a traitor in her figurative skewering of Graham and her literal skewering of the Islamic fascist manifesto.
Listen to noted bible teacher John McArthur here describe the characters in the Qur'an and Sunna and compare them with those in Revelation as he relates current events in the middle east.  Even if you are not religious, know that these Muslims are and they are acting on their beliefs. Chilling!
Anti-Christian and anti-Semitic sentiment and persecution has been increasing in Egypt over the past several years.  So has confusion and inconsistency of US policy toward Egypt.  Read more here.
Islam's Yemen-based Al Qaeda has promised continuing small-scale attacks against the United States to inflict broad economic and morale damage to the US.  Read more here.
Muslims in Yemen target Jews in Chicago - or planes over east coast - A big deal on Friday, October 29 was the multiple flights containing explosive materials in UPS parcels bound for the US from Yemen.  Of course Obama squeezed out promises from the Yemen leadership that they will conduct a thorough investigation - just like Mr. Fox.  Read more here.
Border infiltration from sharia-breeding nations.  You thought too many illegal Mexicans was bad enough?  Check out these new videos from WSB-TV-Atlanta television here and here.
Mosque at 9-11's Ground Zero:  First You Bomb - Then You Occupy  The audacity of Isam.  Bloomberg needs a backbone.  More on this continuing atrocity here, here, and here.

Of Mosques and Men

Pat Condell on Ground Zero Mosque

 "Failed" Bombing by Muslim in Times Square
But the attempt had its intended effect: perpetuate fear and intimidation against those who mock Muhammad or speak/act against Islam.  More here and here.  The ill-informed or ill-willed  will likely once again dismiss this as just another act of a lone loon or depressed Muslim when in fact such acts are endemic to the Islamic ideology and representative of your typical Jihadi next door.
From an Iranian-American:  "I have refused to accept several organizations that seek to combat or expose the antics of "radical" or "extreme" Islam, because I know that it is not extremism that is causing the´s mainstream, typical, normal, traditional, specified, canonical Islam."Amil Imani   Read the entire article
South Park Cartoons - Example of Ongoing Islamic Intolerance and Caving by O'Reilly -  Islamists do murder people who depict Muhammad in images or who mock Islam in any manner.  South Park gently mocked Mohammad and its creators are now the subject of Islamic revenge.  These events were discussed on the O'Reilly show (video below).  The good news is that O'Reilly showed it.  The bad news is that he expressed his own fear and dhimmi attitude at the expense of free speech when he said "the risk [of free speech] is higher than the reward."  He said "I hate to give into the intimidating forces of evil, but you got to deal with reality", which translated means:  He will give into the intimidating forces of evil.  This was certainly an ignorant statement to make in the face of Islamic initimidation, especially from a commentator who makes his living off of free speech.  This display of fear is an admission that he will not report facts if he feels threatened.  His credibility should plummet.  And if this icon of cable feels threatened, you know that millions of moms and grandma's are likely intimidated as well.  This demonstrates that Islam is an evil, manipulating, fascist ideology.  

YouTube Video

Example of growing western accommodation of intolerant and boorish Islamic bahavior - Shoe throwing by "sensitive" Muslims condoned in Scotland.  View the really big shoe throwing HERE.
What is the future of the Islamic threat?  What might diminsh that threat in the future?  Find out HERE.
"What Islam is Not" - a new short presentation on how Islam behaves when they reach certain population milestones, HERE.
The morphing Jihadi: "A blond, blue-eyed, small framed, middle-aged female. It couldn't get any further from your typical 'terrorist' profile."  That's why law enforcement officials should be targeting the ideology and the belief-system. But they aren't. And they won't.  More HERE.
Beware of Christiane Amanpour on ABC News - just hired from CNN...  More HERE.
Another Jihad against America...
Al Malaki Cannot Reconcile being American with being Muslim
"I eventually came to the conclusion that jihad against America is binding upon myself just as it is binding on every other Muslim..."

For audio, click here.
For news story click here.
More Muslims Being Muslims in the Army...
Army Investigates Alleged Attempt by Soldiers to Poison Food at Fort Jackson

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The U.S. Army is investigating allegations that soldiers were attempting to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

The ongoing probe began two months ago, Chris Grey, a spokesman for the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, told Fox News.

The Army is taking the allegations “extremely seriously,” Grey said, but so far, "there is no credible information to support the allegations." [Is the investigation complete?  Is "political correctness" or fear of Islamic retribution causing ultra-caution?]

The suspects were part of a Arabic translation program called "09 Lima" and use Arabic as their first language, two sources told Fox News. Another military source said they were Muslim.

Grey would not confirm or deny the sources’ information.
Fox News' Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.
Profile Profile Profile
In 2004, Daniel Pipes addressed the need to profile individuals, not just the devices they use to blow things up.  Since then, many more responsible individuals are renewing that call to common sense.  The profile:  Muslim, Men,15 to 40 years of age, traveling alone, one way ticket, paid cash, no luggage.  Not the ridiclous system currently used that requires airport screeners to arbitrarily call aside every "nth" person.  This results in seaching the 10-year-old little girl on her way to Disney with her family, or the 62-year-old woman just released from surgery in Cleveland, and letting the 20-year old Arab man, likely Muslim, have a free pass.
Question:  What religion is claimed by virtually all individuals involved in terror acts of the last 10 years?  What gender were they?  What was their age and national origin? 
Those who are against screening for nationality, gender, age, and religion prefer to ignore the facts at all cost.  Aren't we yet tired of being singled out for searches and scans while those most likely to commit these acts are ignored? 
We can learn from the Israeli system of airport security.  They profile people, not devices and it is effective - a system the US urgently needs to adopt.
It appears that Obama's plea to European and Middle Eastern nations to enhance their airport screening is falling on deaf ears.  The solution would be that planes failing to transport properly screened individuals will not have landing rights in this country.  Period.  More dithering.
We are on our own against terror...
December 25, 2009: 
...but for the grace of God.   And thank the brave, observant passengers.  Obviously, with Janet Napolitano saying "the system works" and the next day saying "the system failed" she does not instill confidence in government providing security.  We are on our own out there.
The device did not blow up the plane.  But everything else worked as planned - for the "alleged terror suspect", as Obama describes the Muslim terrorist.
Another example of the mistaken stereotype of "the poor oppressed Muslims."  Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab is from a wealthy family by any nation's standards.  His only problem is he bacame a devout Muslim. 
There are two possible explanations why none of the many "red flags" of his travels did not stop him.  One, because he was Muslim it is likely that security did not want to be "overly agressive" and offend this devout, angelic jihadi.  No one wants to offend a Muslim, despite their stunning record of of terror over the last several years.  
Just as likely, if not more so, his handlers arranged to position complicit fellow Muslims (probably hired or approved by our Transportation Security Administration) in the security checkpoints along the way.   This young man was all but waved through.  Note that 50% of Nigeria's 154 million people are Muslim.  And in Amsterdam, Holland, Muslim immigrants now outnumber native Dutch.  Airport security just might be one of the jobs native Dutch do not want to do.  And who helped hatch this plot?  Two fellas released from Guantanamo under the Bush administration.  See here.  We have a penchant for both releasing Islamists back into their dens, and placing Muslims in sensitive positions, al la Hasan. We have a dismal understanding of our national security needs and priorities.
When will our nation's desire to buddy up and befriend those who hold to this fascist ideology meet reality?  See here.
Israeli security understands that while not every Muslim is a terrorist, virtually all terrorists are Muslims.  Therefore, they profile all Muslims.  No El Al aircraft leaving Ben Gurion airport has been subject to a terrorist attack in more than 30 years.  They realize there is a high probability any Muslim is a terrorist.  By their historical doctrine, those Muslims who are not themselves terrorists are sympathetic to the goals if not also the methods of terrorists.
Will Obama and the FBI spend weeks puzzling over the motives of this individual?  Abdul's religion couldn't possibly have motivated his actions - no of course not.  By the looks of this 1,161 word Yahoo article, with the words "Islam" or "Muslim" not even appearing once, the average naive reader would never conclude an Islamic connection.  Is it really possible that most people think that the name of the ideology that spawns terror is irrelevant?  More here.
 What the US is doing wrong about Islam.
The US "reacts" to terrorist actions.  All the rest of US policies are aimed at not offending Muslims.  Our current policies are bad for America and do not address the root of the problem.  Read more here.