Ramadan Iftar Lantern 
Lesson Plan 

Children will design a traditional Ramadan, Iftar Lantern and will be introduced to the concept of fasting & charity during the month of Ramadan.


Art straws, coloured tissue paper, scissors, glitter, glue, adhesive tape, thread, books, pictures, alarm clock, lunchbox, apple.


Explain the concept of fasting in Ramadan. For younger children using a clock and an apple in a lunch box, explain in the month of Ramadan, 'I wake up early In the morning before the sun is out, I eat my breakfast, then I don’t eat all day until the sun goes down and it is (show clock) o’ clock’. Show a picture of a lantern before making it. Print out the Ramadan lantern template.

This can also be used as a colouring activity. Measure and cut out the art straws. Stick the ends of the straws together to form the shape of a lantern. Glue tissue over the art straws and stick on shapes cut out from contrasting colours. Discuss what the different shapes are (e.g. a square, triangle, rectangle, etc). Attach a thread at the top and hang the mobile lantern from the ceiling.
Show pictures of sharing meals in Muslim countries during Iftar, read from books or the internet.
Help children to plan an Iftar meal for and invite their friends.

Older children can design their own 3D lantern. They can also get involved in a project to help raise charity to feed the poor. They may also volunteer in the community to organise a gathering for iftar meals for refugees & devotees praying in the mosque. They can help make plans for iftar with their mothers, so they too can have an opportunity for a social gathering and Tarawih prayers.

Assessment & Learning Outcomes:

Using the UK foundation curriculum guide for younger children, children should be able to explore colour, texture, shape, form and space in two or three dimensions. Demonstrate fine motor control and co ordination. Use mathematical language to describe flat (2D) shapes.
Older children should be able to create a three-dimensional Ramadan Lantern using the Art Straw technique and appreciate artistic and cultural products of a different culture.

Children should be able to understand the basic Islamic concept of fasting in Ramadan and know the values of sharing and helping those in need through organising a community project.
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