Lectures on IE

The latest version of these lectures is now a draft of 15 Lectures for IIIE Faculty, to be delivered in February-June 2011. I plan to create a book from this version soon.
15 LECTURES on ISLAMIC ECONOMICS: [link]  Links for other courses:  Statistics, Econometrics, Micro, Macro, Experimental

Here are drafts of Lectures on Islamic Economics. These are meant to be put together into a new textbook on the subject. These are revised and updated from previous version of course. Previous version has many more lectures, and also audio recording of the lectures in CAMTASIA format, which requires special software to play. This software, and previous versions of lectures, text and audio format, are available from: [link] currently not available; I will try to put these audio files back on so they can be downloaded.

ALSO, I now have a YOU-TUBE Channel: AZ Islamic Economics:  relevant videos on my MAIN Channel are linked here:  Conference Talks

Revised Lectures (in preparation for textbook)

  1. Lecture 1: The Islamization of Knowledge:  Why is it necessary to "Islamize" Western Knowledge?
  2. Lecture 2: Distinguishing Between Right and Wrong: Western Economics mixes facts and fallacies, and cannot be adopted wholesale
  3. Lecture 3:Critique of Conventional Economics: Four major underlying pillars of economic theory are all wrong.
Earlier Version of Lectures -- Current Issues in Islamic Economics taught in 2009 at IIIE, IIUI
2009 Lectures:
  • Lecture 1: On Knowledge, and seeking Knowledge.
  • Lecture 2: On the Norms of Positive Economics
  • Lecture 3: The Ethical and Political Foundations of Scarcity
  • Lecture 4: The Crisis in Islamic Economics
  • Lecture 5: The Contrast between Islamic and Western Views of Knowledge
  • Lecture 6: On an Islamic Government