86b. Al Quran surah 86. Every soul has guardian angels.

                                                               20 January 2017 (1438 AH).


Al Quran surah 86.

Allah swears by the truth of what first comes at night in the sky.
Planet Venus in the Quran.
Planet Venus in the Koran.
See Quran 86:1 – 86:3

Every soul has guardian angels.
See Quran 86:4

What does between the backbone and the ribs mean?
See Quran 86:7

The Quran is a decisive statement that promotes what is good and rejects what is evil.
See Quran 86:13

The mercy of Allah towards those who disbelieve gives disbelievers more time to discover their creator.
See Quran 86:15 – 86:17

Al Quran surah 86.
Order of Revelation: 36 (1 is the first revelation and 114 is the last revelation).
Place of Revelation: Mecca (Makkah, Arabia today Saudi Arabia).
Number of Ayahs: 17 ayahs.

Al Quran.
Surah 86
The Bright Star (At-Tariq).
English interpretations of the Quran.

Al Quran
Surah 86 The Bright Star (Al-Taareq, At-Tariq, Taariq, The Morning Star, The Night Visitor, The Night comer, What comes at Night) in English. 

Surah : Ayah.
(Information in brackets is added to assist readers in the interpretation of the verse).

Quran 86:0 Ayah 86:0
In the name of Allah, The Most Kind, The Most Merciful.


Quran 86:1 Ayah 86:1 (I Allah swear) by (the truth of) what (first) comes at night in the sky.


Comment 1. Why does Allah swear by what humans see and cannot see in the Quran but in the Torah Taurat Allah swears by His name?

For the people of the Torah Taurat there is nothing greater than Allah swearing in His name (Allah’s name). 

Jewish Hebrew Bible Genesis 22:16 and said: 'By Myself have I sworn, said the LORD (Allah) …” 

For the people of the Quran there is nothing greater than Allah swearing an oath.

Quran 56:75 Ayah 56:75 I (Allah, whom your eyes cannot see) swear by the setting of the Stars (which your eyes can see).

Quran 56:76 Ayah 56:76 And this is a tremendous oath (from Allah) if you only knew (how great is the word of Allah).

When Prophet Muhammad signed his name as the messenger of Allah the stone idol worshippers refused to accept that signature on the peace agreement between the Muslims and the stone idol worshippers because they did not believe he was the messenger of Allah. So with his own hand Prophet Muhammad removed the words "the messenger of Allah." 
Allah swears by Allah’s name in the Torah Taurat because the Children of Israel believe in Allah.
Allah swears to the truth by what humans can see of Allah’s creation in the Quran because the stone idol worshippers only believe in what they can see.
In later revelations Allah shall swear in the Quran by things that humans cannot see.

Quran 69:38 Ayah 69:38 So I (Allah) swear by what you (humans and jinnsee.

Quran 69:39 Ayah 69:39 And by what you (humans and jinndo not see. 

1a. In later revelations Allah swears by his name.

I (Allah) swear by the Lord (Allah) of the rising and the setting (Sun, Moon, stars, planets) that We (Allah) are able – 

Quran 70:40 Ayah 70:40 (It is Allah who decides what happens, not humans). I (Allah) swear by the Lord (Allah) of the rising and the setting (Sun, Moon, stars, planets) that We (Allah) are able –

Note 1. Allah swears by his name in the Torah and Quran.

Jewish Hebrew Bible Genesis 22:16 and said: 'By Myself have I sworn, said the LORD (Allah) …” 

Note 1. Allah swears by his name in the Torah and Quran.   

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What does lettered and unlettered mean?

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Can Prophet Muhammad read?

Can Prophet Muhammad write?

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Quran 86:2 Ayah 86:2 And what can make you know what (first) comes at night (in the sky)?


Quran 86:3 Ayah 86:3 (It is) the piercing (bright) star (located between the horizon and up to 47 degrees away from the Sun, called the evening star near sunset, called the morning star near sunrise, it is the planet Venus).

VIDEO: 100x Timelapse: Venus-Jupiter conjunction 30/06/2015 - setting of two bright planets

The planets Venus (the brightest) and Jupiter during sunset 



Quran 86:4 Ayah 86:4 There is no soul except (souls) that have guardian (angels) over them.


Comment 1. Every soul has guardian angels.

Quran 6:61 Ayah 6:61 He (Allah) has all-power over His (Allah’s) servants. And He (Allah) sends (two angel) guardians (observers, watchers, listeners) over you (to record your deeds) until death comes to one of you (humans) when (at death) Our messengers (of death, the Angel of death) take your soul without failure (of this duty at the appointed time).


Quran 50:17 Ayah 50:17 There are two (angels assigned to each person) listening, one (angel) sitting on the right (recording the righteous deeds of that person) and one (angel) on the left (recording the evil deeds of that person).

See Quran 82:10 – 82:12 here:

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Quran 86:5 Ayah 86:5 Let humans consider from what they were created.


Quran 86:6 Ayah 86:6 Humans are created from ejected water 

Comment 1. The creation of humans.

Quran 86:5 Ayah 86:5 Let humans consider from what they were created.


Quran 86:7 Ayah 86:7 coming from (the penis located) between the (lower) backbone and the ribs.

Comment 1. The creation of humans.

Quran 86:5 Ayah 86:5 Let humans consider from what they were created.

Comment 2. In males between the lower backbone and the ribs means the penis.

In females between their hands and their feet means the womb and the vagina.
Quran 60:12 Ayah 60:12 Prophet Muhammad, When believing women pledge to you that they shall not associate anything (that has been created) with Allah (the creator) nor shall they steal, nor shall they commit illegal sexual intercourse, nor shall they kill their children (as was the tradition when stone idol worshippers kill their unwanted new born female babies), nor shall they lie about what is between their hands and their feet (meaning the womb and pregnancy by saying the child belongs to their husband if in fact the child was adopted or born from adultery), nor shall they disobey you in what is just, then accept their pledge and ask God to forgive them (of their past sins). God is forgiving and merciful.


Quran 86:8 Ayah 86:8 Surely He (Allah) is able to return a human (back to life after death since Allah is able to create humans from a drop of liquid).


Quran 86:9 Ayah 86:9 On the Day (of Judgement) when (your) secrets (your deeds on the earth) shall be put on trial (and judged by Allah).


Quran 86:10 Ayah 86:10 And the human shall have no power and no helper.


Comment 1. The Day of the Resurrection and Judgement. 

Quran 78:37 Ayah 78:37 (On the Day of Judgement) no one shall have the power to argue with Him (Allah) the Most Merciful and the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them.


See the Day of the Resurrection and Judgement in Quran 79:42 comments here:

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Quran 86:11 Ayah 86:11 (I Allah swear) by (the truth of) the sky that returns (water to the earth).

Comment 1. See Quran 86:1 comments. 


Quran 86:12 Ayah 86:12 (I Allah swear) by (the truth of) the earth which breaks open (with the growth of plants when it rains on the earth).

Comment 1. See Quran 86:1 comments.  


Quran 86:13 Ayah 86:13 That it (the Quran) is a decisive statement (that promotes what is good and rejects what is evil).


Quran 86:14 Ayah 86:14 And it (the Quran) is not (revealed by a human or revealed just) for fun (but the Quran is revealed for the guidance of humans by Allah who is the Lord of the Worlds).


Quran 86:15 Ayah 86:15 They (the stone idol worshippers in Mecca Arabia today Makkah Saudi Arabia) are making a plan (against you Prophet Muhammad).


Quran 86:16 Ayah 86:16 But I (Allah) have made a plan.


Quran 86:17 Ayah 86:17 So (Prophet Muhammad) give the disbelievers (the stone idol worshippers in Makkah) some time (so they can complete what they are planning to do). Leave them (the stone idol worshippers in Makkah) alone for a while (so that they shall see what shall be the result of their planning against Allah. Perhaps some of them shall begin to understand Allah and correct their thinking).


Comment 1. The mercy of Allah towards those who disbelieve gives disbelievers more time to discover their creator.

Quran 8:33 Ayah 8:33 But Allah would not punish them (the stone idol worshippers in Makkah) while you (Prophet Muhammad) were with them, nor shall He (Allah) punish them while they (might) seek forgiveness.

1a. Treat every human as a potential Muslim whether they accept Islam or not.

Video: Everyone is a potential Muslim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIGmSbug0iY






Al Quran Surah 86 The Bright Star (Al-Taareq, At-Tariq, Taariq, The Morning Star, The Night Visitor, The Night comer, What comes at Night) in English.





Angels (angels).

Souls have guardian angels 86:4








Humans created from a liquid 86:5 – 86:8



Day of Judgement (Day of Judgment, Yawm ad-Din, Yaumiddeen, Day of Account, Day of Accounting, Day of Assembling, Day of Assembly, Day of Decision, Day of Distinction, Day of Judgment, Day of Meeting, Day of Mutual Meeting, Day of Gathering, Day of Loss and Gain, Day of Reckoning, Day of Separation, Day of Severing, Day of Sorting out, Day of Summoning, Day of Verdict, Final Judgment, Judgement Day, Judgment Day, Last Judgment, Separation Day, The Threatened Day, The end of the earth is a period of time leading to the end of the Earth and the end of the Universe and the end of all the creation. The end of the earth is followed by the Day of Resurrection in the hereafter and the Day of Judgement. The Last Day means the Day of Resurrection in the hereafter, The Hour means the time or the Day of Resurrection in the hereafter. The Last Day is the end of human evolution on the Day of Resurrection in the hereafter. The Last Day is the completion of human evolution on the Day of Resurrection in the hereafter).

Judgement on the Day of Judgement 86:9 – 86:10 
















Idol worshippers.

Stone idol worshippers in Makkah 86:15 – 86:17

The mercy of Allah towards those who disbelieve gives disbelievers more time to discover their creator 86:15 – 86:17













The mercy of Allah towards those who disbelieve gives disbelievers more time to discover their creator 86:15 – 86:17


Morning star.

Allah swears by the truth of what first comes at night in the sky 86:1 – 86:3


Muhammad (Prophet Muhammad, Mahamad, Mahammad, Mahamed, Mahammed, Mahumad, Mahummad, Mahumed, Mahummed, Mahomet, Mahommet, Mahomot, Mahommot, Mehamed, Mehammed, Mohamed, Mohammed, Mohomed, Mohomet, Mohommet, Mohamad, Mohammad, Mohamod, Mohammod, Muhamad, Muhamed, Muhammed, Muhumed, Muhummed, Muhumud, Muhummud, Muhammad bin Abdullah, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, Hazrate Mohamad 53 BH – 11 AH, 571 – 632 CE, 571 – 632 AD, Muhammad means “Praiseworthy”, Muhammad’s father Abdullah, 'Abdullah bin 'Abd al-Muttalib, Abdullah bin Abd al-Muttalib, Abdullah bin Abd al-Muttalib died before Muhammad’s birth and Muhammad’s mother Aminah (Amina bint Wahb az-Zuhriyya, Aminah bint Wahab) died when Muhammad was 6 years old, Muhammad’s grandfather Abdul Muttalib (Shaiba bin Hashim, Shaiba bin Hashim, Abd al-Muttalib) died when Muhammad was 8 years oldMuhammad was cared for by his uncle Abu Talib (Imran, Abu Talib bin Abd al-Muṭṭalib a leader of the Banu Hashim Banu Hashem clan of the Quraish tribe Quraysh tribe in Mecca Makkah, Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet and messenger revealed by Allah. Muhammad became a prophet at the age of 40 in the year 12 BH 610 CE 610 AD 610 when the Quran was first revealed to him).

Prophet Muhammad, leave the stone idol worshippers in Makkah alone for a while 86:17


Muslim (Muslims, the Muslim religion, the religion of Islam).

See Quran.








See Swear.






Quran (Koran, Quraanka Kariimka, Quraan, Qur'aan, Qur'aanka, Quraanka, Qur’aan, Qur’aanka, Qur'aanka Kariimka, Qur’aanka Kareemka, Qur’aanka Karemka, Qur’aanka Karimka, Al Quraan, AlQuraan, Quraanu, Qur'aanu, Quraanu Kareem, Quraanu Karim, Quraanu Kariim, Qur'aanu Kareem, Qur'aanu Karim, Qur'aanu Kariim, Qur'anu, Quranu Kareem, Quranu Karim, Quranu Kariim, Qur'anu Kareem, Qur'anu Karim, Qur'anu Kariim, Quranu, Koranu, Koranu Kareem, Koranu Karim, Koranu Kariim, Koraanu, Koraanu Kareem, Koraanu Karim, Koraanu Kariim, Kur'an-ı Kerim, Kurr-'aan, Kurraan, Holy Kuraan, El Sagrado, Corán, El Coran, El Corán, El Sagrado Coran, El-Qur'an, el-Qur'an, An Coran, An Koran, An Kuran, An Quran, Corán, Sagrado Corán, O Nobre Corán, Le Saint Coran, Coran, Le Coran, Le Koran, Le Quran, The Holy Quran, Holy Quran, Al-Kuruan, Kuruan, Al-Qoran, Qoran, Al-Koraani, Koraani, Corano, Il Corano, Il-Koran, Il-Quran, Il-Kuran, Il-Coran, Il Quran, Il Sacro Quran, Il Sacro Kuran, Il Sacro Koran, Il Sacro Corano, Święty Koran, Coranul Sfânt, Coranul, Sant Alcorà, L'Alcorà, Alcorà, Hellige Koranen, Den Hellige Koranen, Koranen, Heliga Koranen, Den Heliga Koranen, I Koranen, Kur'an, Al Kur’an, Kuran, Kur\'an, Heilige Koran, Heilige Quran, Hellige Koran, Hellige Quran, De Heilige Quran, De Heilige Koran, De Hellige Quran, De Hellige Koran, Der Hellige Quran, Der Hellige Koran, Der Heilige Koran, Der Heilige Quran, Der Koran, Der Holly Koran, Der Holy Koran, Da Holy Koran, Da Holly Koran, Da Holy Quran, Da Holly Quran, El Cora, Le Cora, Časni Kur'an, Časni Kuran, Korán, Svatý Korán, Qoeran, Qoer'ān, Da Qoer'ān, De Qoer'ān, Kùránì, Kurani, Kur'ani, Kur’ani, Kurani Kerim, Kur'ani Kerim, Kur’ani Kerim, Kuran-I, Kur'an-I, Kur’an-I, Kuran-i Kerim, Kur'an-i Kerim, Kur’an-i Kerim, Kuran-ı Kerîm, Kur'an-i Kerîm, Kur’an-i Kerîm, Qurani Kərim, Qurani Şərif, əl-quran, əl-kuran, Dr Kurani, Kuranɛ, Sìlàmɛya, Silameya, Quran-ı Kerim, Quranı, Kerim, Qurani, Quran-I, Qur'an-I, Quran-i Kerim, Qur’an-i Kerim, Qur'an-i Kerim, Quran-i Ka’rim, Qur’an-i Ka’rim, Qur'an-i Ka’rim, Quran-i Kareem, Qur’an-i Kareem, Qur'an-i Kareem, Al-Qur'an Al-Karim, Al-Quran Al-Karim, Al-Quran Al-Karem, Al-Quran Al-Kareem, Al Qur'an Al Karim, Al Quran Al Karim, Al Quran Al Karem, Al Quran Al Kareem, Koraani, Koraanil, Püha Koraan, Banal na Quran, Banal na Koran, Pyhä Koraani, Pyhä Kuran, Pyhä Quran, Sveti Quran, Sveti Koran, A Korán, A Qurán, A Kurán, A Corán, Santo Corán, O Corán, An Córan, El Corán, Corão, Santo Corão, Alcorão, O Nobre Alcorão, L'Alcorà, Al Corão, Quran Naofa, Koran Naofa, Santo Corano, Svētais Korāns, Korāns, Suci Al-Quran, Thánh Kinh Qur'an, Thánh kinh Koran, Quran Sanctaidd, Sanctaidd Koran, Sanctaidd Coran, Kureu’an, Die Koran, De Koran, Korana, Alcorán, Al corán, Alcoran, L' Alcorán, L' Alcoran, L'Alcoran, Y Coran, El Corán, Al Qur'ān, Al Karīm, Dëgjo Kuran, Degjo Kur'an, Hikmat-e-Quran, Hikmat-e-Koran, Quran Sharif, Quran Shareef, Quran Kareem, Quran Kariim, Quran Kerim, Quran Karem, Quran Karim, Quraan Sharif, Quraan Shareef, Quraan Kareem, Quraan Karem, Quraan Karim, Al-Qur’ān al-Karīm, Al-Quran-Karīm, Al-Quran-Karim, Al-Quran-Karem, Al-Quran-Kareem, Alqur’aana, Al Qur'aana, Quron, Qur’on, Kuran Sharif, Kuran Shareef, Kuran Kareem, Kuran Karem, Kuran Karim, Kuran Kerim, Kuraan, kur\'aan, Kuraan Sharif, Kuraan Shareef, Kuraan Kareem, Kuraan Karem, Kuraan Kerim, Kuraan Karim, Koran Sharif, Koran Shareef, Koran Kareem, Koran Karem, Koran Karim, Koran Kerim, Koran kariim, Koraan, Koraan Karim, Koraan Kareem, Koraan Karem, Koraan Karim, Koraan Kerim, Koaran, De Koaran, Da Holly Koaran, Koraanin, Ar C’horan, C’horan, Korano, La Korano, Alcoranus, Alchoranus, Coranus, Coron, Alcoron, The Coron, Curanu, The Curan, Lu Curanu, Ang Koran, Ang-Koran, Ang-Quran, Ang Kuran, Ang-Kuran, Leqran, Qör'än, Alxuraan, Al Xuraan, Qurane, Qur'ane, Le Qur'ane, Qur'aane, Al Qur'aane, Le Qur'aane, The Qur'aane, Al Qurane, Al-Qurane, L' Qurane, AL' Quran, AL'Quran, The Quran, Coran, Al-Coran, Al Coran, The Koran, Al-Koran, Al Koran, Koran Karim, Koran Kariim, Koran Kareem, Koran Karem, Kuran, Al-Kuran, The Kuran, Quraan, Al-Quraan, The Quraan, Qur’an, The Qur'an, Al-Qur'an, Al Qur'an, Qur’ān, The Qur’ān, Al-Qur’ān, Al Qur’ān, Yang Quran, Yang Al-Quran, Yang Al Quran, Yang-Quran, Yang Coran, Yang-Coran, Yang Al-Coran, Yang Al Coran, Yang Koran, Yang-Koran, Yang Al Koran, Yang Koran Kareem, Yang Koran Karim, Yang-Koran Kareem, Yang Koran Karem, Yang-Koran Karem, Yang-Koran Karim, Yang Kuran, Yang-Kuran, Yang Al-Kuran, Yang Quraan, Yang-Quraan, Yang Al-Quraan, Yang Qur'an, Yang-Qur'an, Yang Al-Qur'an, Yang Al Qur'an, Yang Qur’ān, Yang Al-Qur’ān, Yang Al Qur’ān, The Coran, Honourable Recital, Nobel Quran, Reminder of their Lord, The Book of Truth, The Clear Book, The Criterion of Right and Wrong, The Criterion of Truth and Falsehood, The Light, The Quran of Truth, The Truth, Holy book of Islam. The recitation as recited by Allah through Angel Gabriel Jibril to Prophet Muhammad. Koran Quran means the recitation. The Quran is the final book of guidance sent to humans by Allah and revealed to Prophet Muhammad over a period of 23 years. Muhammad became a prophet at the age of 40 in the year 12 BH 610 CE 610 AD 610 when the Quran was first revealed to him).

The Quran is a decisive statement 86:13 – 86:14




Resurrection (from death back to life).

Resurrection 86:8





Souls have guardian angels 86:4


Swear (to tell the truth, an oath to tell the truth).

Allah swears by the truth of the earth which breaks open with the growth of plants 86:12

Allah swears by the truth of the sky that returns rain to the earth 86:11

Allah swears by the truth of what first comes at night in the sky 86:1 – 86:3











Allah swears by the truth of what first comes at night in the sky 86:1 – 86:3















 Interpretations of the Quran (Al-Quran, Al Quran).


This is an interpretation of some of the meanings in the Quran. 
This is not a perfect translation of the Quran because the Quran is in the Arabic language. 
The Arabic language in the Quran must be understood as it was understood over 1400 years ago. 
Allah guides who He wills to the correct understanding of the Quran. 
In the English language the word Allah is God. 
Allah (God) is the creator of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and everyone and everything that exists.


Islam and the Quran chapter (sura, suraa, suraah, surah, suraat, surat), chapters (suras, suraas, suraahs, surahs, suraats, surats), verse (ayaah, aya, ayah, ayaahs, ayas, ayahs), verses (ayaas, ayaat, ayas, ayat), (ayaats, ayats), analysis, annotation, clarification, comment, commentary, elucidation, examination, explanation, foot note, interpretation, investigation, note, observation, remark, study, understanding, analyses, annotations, clarifications, comments, commentaries, elucidations, examinations, explanations, foot notes, interpretations, investigations, notes, observations, remarks, studies, understandings of Islam and the Quran (The Coran, Al-Coran, Al Coran, The Koran, Al-Koran, Al Koran, The Quran, Al Quran, Al-Quran, The Qur'an, Al-Qur'an, Al Qur'an, The Qur’ān, Al-Qur’ān, Al Qur’ān). 



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