104d. Al Quran surah 104. The wicked love wealth.

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Al Quran surah 104.

What is the destroyer?
See Quran 104:4 – 104:9

The wicked.
The wicked love to gossip.
The wicked love to slander.
The wicked love wealth.
See Quran 104:1 – 104:4

The fire in Hell.
The fire in Jahannam.
See Quran 104:5 – 104:9

The smoke in Hell.
The smoke in Jahannam.
See Quran 104:9

Al Quran surah 104.
Order of Revelation: 32 (1 is the first revelation and 114 is the last revelation).
Place of Revelation: Mecca (Makkah, Arabia today Saudi Arabia).
Number of Ayahs: 9 ayahs.

Al Quran.
Surah 104
The Slanderer (Al-Humaza).
English interpretations of the Quran.

Al Quran
Surah 104 The Slanderer (Al-Humaza, Al-Humazah, Humazah, The Backbiter, The Gossipmonger, The Scandalmonger) in English. 

Surah : Ayah.
(Information in brackets is added to assist readers in the interpretation of the verse).

Quran 104:0 Ayah 104:0 In the name of Allaah, The Most Kind, The Most Merciful.


Quran 104:1 Ayah 104:1 Misfortune is on every slanderer (who insults) and every person who spreads (evil) gossip (about other people).


Quran 104:2 Ayah 104:2 (Misfortune is on every person) who gathers wealth and counts it (instead of using it for righteous deeds).


Quran 104:3 Ayah 104:3 (They love their wealth so much that it is as if) such a person thinks that their wealth shall make them live forever.


Quran 104:4 Ayah 104:4 No (such a person is wrong, it is not wealth that makes you live forever it is good deeds). Such a person (who misuses the wealth that was given to them by Allaah or misuses the mouth that was given to them by Allaah by slandering other people or by spread evil gossip) shall be thrown into the destroyer.


Comment 1. The misuse of wealth.

Quran 9:34 Ayah 9:34 All you who believe. There are many of the (Jewish) rabbis and the (Christian) monks who use the wealth of humans falsely (not for Allaah but for themselves such as by accepting bribes paid for making favourable judgements) and hinder (humans) from the way of Allaah (by not correctly following the religion that Allaah gave them). Those who hoard gold and silver and do not spend it in the way of Allaah (such as by using it to help the poor), tell them of a painful punishment (in the Hereafter).


Quran 9:35 Ayah 9:35 On the day (of Judgement) when it (all the hoarded silver and gold) shall be heated in the fire of hell Jahannam, it shall be branded on their foreheads and their flanks (sides) and their backs (and it shall be said to those that hoarded their wealth), “Here is what you hoarded for yourselves so taste (the punishment of the heat from) what you used to hoard.” 

Note 1. Quran 17:60 Ayah 17:60 “.... We (Allaah) warn (people to do what is good and avoid what is evil) and make them afraid (of Allaah by describing the home for evil doers in Hell Fire Jahannam in the Hereafter) but it only increases them (some of the humans) in nothing but greater disobedience against Allaah (and the commandment to do what is good and avoid what is evil).    

1a. What is righteousness?

What is a righteous life?

A righteous life is a life of good deeds, a life of seeking the truth and a life of patience.

1b. Belief without good deeds is a false belief in Allaah.

Satan Shaitan believes in Allaah but it is a false belief because Satan Shaitan does not do good deeds.

The wife of Prophet Lot Lut did not do good deeds because she followed the law of Sodom which mistreated visitors who came to that city.

Quran 6:158 Ayah 6:158 "... belief in it (Allaah and the Day of Resurrection and Judgement) shall not help any soul …. if in belief (he or she) did not earn good (by doing righteous deeds in their life). ....” 

Quran 41:8 Ayah 41:8 “For those who believe and do good deeds, for them is an everlasting reward (in Paradise Jannah).” 


Quran 104:5 Ayah 104:5 What can explain to you what the destroyer is?


Quran 104:6 Ayah 104:6 It is the fire (in Hell Jahannam) that is ignited by Allaah (on those in whose hearts there are evil deeds).


Comment 1. The fire in Hell Jahannam.

The punishment from Allaah.

Quran 53:38 Ayah 53:38 That no person shall bear the burden (sin) of another person.

Quran 53:39 Ayah 53:39 And that a person only earns (punishment or reward from Allaah for) what they themselves have done. 


Quran 104:7 Ayah 104:7 (A fire) which reaches inside the hearts (of the wicked).


Comment 1. The fire in Hell Jahannam.

The punishment from Allaah.

See Quran 104:6 comments. 


Quran 104:8 Ayah 104:8 It (the fire) shall close (its self) all around them (who are wicked).


Comment 1. The fire in Hell Jahannam.

Quran 77:32 Ayah 77:32 “And that throws out flames that are as high as a castle.”

Quran 77:33 Ayah 77:33 “(Flames that look) like (a caravan of bright) yellow camels (dancing up and down). 


Quran 104:9 Ayah 104:9 In columns (of fire that shall) extend (through and above the wicked and columns of smoke that shall extend above the wicked).


Comment 1. The smoke in Hell Jahannam.

Quran 77:30 Ayah 77:30 “Go to the shadow under the three columns (of smoke in Hell Jahannam)” -

Quran 77:31 Ayah 77:31 “(That has) no cool shade which can help you against the (heat of) the flame.”






Al Quran Surah 104 The Slanderer (Al-Humaza, Al-Humazah, Humazah, The Backbiter, The Gossipmonger, The Scandalmonger) in English.
























Evil gossip a misfortune 104:1, 104:4




Hell (Hell fire, Jahanam, Jahannam, Jahannum, Jahanum, Gehenna, Gehennem, Gehennom, Gehinnam, Gehinnom, Saqr, Saqar).

The fire extends through and above them 104:9

The fire ignited by Allaah 104:6

The fire in Hell Jahannam 104:5 – 104:9

The fire reaches inside the hearts 104:7

The fire shall close all around them 104:8

The smoke in Hell Jahannam 104:9

What is the destroyer? 104:4 – 104:9








See Hell.





























Slander is a misfortune 104:1, 104:4














How wealth is used determines if it is a misfortune 104:2 – 104:4












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