80. The Quran chapter 80. Do not make the messenger of God into an idol.

                                                                30 June 2015 (1436 AH).


The Quran chapter 80


Do not make the messenger of God into an idol.

Do not make the messenger of God into a god.

No human is perfect, only God is perfect.

Share the word of God with every human that comes to you.

See Quran 80:1 – 80:12 

Preserved Book.
Book of decrees.
Clear Record.
Clear Register.
Guarded Tablet.
Imperishable Tablet.
Mother of the Book.
Umm al-kitab.
Preserved Book of decrees that is preordained by God.
Preserved Page.
Preserved Slate.
Preserved Record.
Preserved Tablet.
The preordained record.
Al-Lauh Al-Mahfooz.
Al-Lawh Al-Mahfooz.
Al-Lauh al-Mahfuz.
Al-Lawh al-Mahfuz.
Al-Lauh al-Mahfudh.
Al-Lawh al-Mahfudh.
See Quran 80:13 – 80:16 comments.

Day of Resurrection.

See Quran 80:33 – 80:37


Day of Judgement (Judgment).

See Quran 80:38 – 80:42

Information: The Quran chapter 80.

Order of Revelation: 24 (1 is the first revelation and 114 is the last revelation).

Place of Revelation: Mecca (Makkah, Arabia today Saudi Arabia).

Number of Verses: 42 verses.

The Quran.

Chapter 80

He Frowned (`Abasa).

English interpretations of the Quran.

The Quran Chapter 80 He Frowned (`Abasa, Abasa) in English. 

Chapter : Verse.

(Information in brackets is added to assist readers in the interpretation of the verse).

Quran 80:0 Verse 80:0 In the name of God, The Most Kind, The Most Merciful.


Quran 80:1 Verse 80:1 He (Prophet Muhammad) frowned and turned away (from a blind man).


Comment 1. The Quran, Torah Taurat and Gospel Injil all say that the prophets of God are human with human emotions and human desires and human weaknesses so that humans do not mistakenly make God’s messengers into idols or mistakenly pray to God’s messengers.

All of God’s Books show the human faults of God’s messengers as a reminder that it is only God who is perfect and only God has the power to hear the prayers of humans.

Those who believe that the messengers of God are perfect are using their imagination to come close to forbidden idol worship.

Those who pray to saints are idol worshipping and imagining that perfect humans have the power of God to hear their prayers but the people who have died have no power to hear prayer. Only God who created every creation is perfect and only God has the power to hear prayer.

1a. Through the sin of each prophet God shows that there is no human who has never sinned.

In the Quran God has revealed the human faults of Prophet Muhammad to show that Prophet Muhammad is human.

In the Quran and the Torah Taurat God has revealed the human faults of each prophet including the sin of ewe which is adultery and murder committed by Prophet David Dawud to show that Prophet David Dawud is human and the sin of murder committed by Prophet Moses Musa to show that Prophet Moses Musa is human.

The Torah Taurat reveals that the sin of ewe which is adultery and murder committed by Prophet David Dawud was revealed to him by Prophet Nathan which means those sins were committed and forgiven before David Dawud was a prophet.

This shows that God forgives adultery and murder to every sincere repenting human who change from bad behaviour to good behaviour.

God shows that even a person who committed adultery and murder can be forgiven if they make amends and change their behaviour and such people can even be raised to the righteous example of a prophet.

In the stories of the prophets God shows how the most evil behaviour of a human can be changed to the most righteous human behaviour.

This also happened in the story of Moses Musa who repented the murder he committed and was made a prophet.

Prophet Moses Musa and Prophet David Dawud asked and received forgiveness for their sin as proof they are human.

In the Quran God commands Prophet Muhammad to ask forgiveness of his sin as proof that Prophet Muhammad is human.

In the Gospel Injil Prophet Jesus Isa prays to God as proof that Jesus Isa is human.

In the Gospel Injil Prophet Jesus Isa prays to God "My God my God why have you forsaken me" as proof that Jesus Isa is human.

The only one without sin is God.

When humans make another human such as Moses Musa or Jesus Isa or Muhammad sinless they have made a human into a god.

This is why the Books of God clearly show that all human messengers are sent by God which means they are not God which means they pray to God asking God to forgive their sin.

No messenger of God such as Moses Musa or Jesus Isa or Muhammad prayed to God without asking God to forgive their sin.

The only one who does not pray to God is God.

The sin of ewe and Prophet David Dawud.

See Prophet David Dawud in Quran 38:23 – 38:26 comments. 
See Prophet Moses Musa in Quran 38:25 – 38:26 comments.

38 god/verse http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-chapter-38-the-sin-of-ewe-and-prophet-david

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38b allah/ayah http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-surah-38-the-sin-of-ewe-and-prophet-dawud

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38d allaah/ayah http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-surah-38-the-sin-of-ewe-and-hazrat-dawud  

In the Quran and the Torah Taurat God has revealed the human faults of Prophet Jonah Yunus who tried to run away from his duty of delivering God's warning to a foreign people.

See Quran 68:48 – 68:50 comments here.

68 god/verse http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-chapter-68-prophet-muhammad-is-not-a-mad-man

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68c allaah/verse http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-chapter-68-the-story-of-prophet-jonah-yunus

68d allaah/ayah http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-surah-68-hazrat-muhammad-is-not-a-mad-man


See. God protects the Torah Taurat, Gospel Injil and Quran. 
God protects His word. 
No one has the power to change the word of God. 
If humans could change the word of God in the Torah Taurat or the Gospel Injil or the Quran then no revelation could be trusted. 

04 god http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/god-protects-his-torah-gospel-and-quran    

04A allah http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/allah-protects-his-taurat-injil-and-quran   

1b. God reminds Prophet Muhammad to ask forgiveness for his sin.
Quran 110:3 Verse 110:3 Then (Prophet Muhammad) praise your Lord (God) and ask His (God’s) forgiveness (before death comes to you Prophet Muhammad). He (God) is always ready to accept repentance.

Quran 40:55 Verse 40:55 So be patient (Prophet Muhammad). The promise of God is true. And ask forgiveness for your sins (God reminds us that God’s prophets are human to warn people not to idol worship prophets or saints or any other creation) and exalt and praise your Lord (God) in the evening and the morning.

Quran 47:19 Verse 47:19 So know (Prophet Muhammad) that there is no God except God, and ask forgiveness for your sin and for (the forgiveness of the sins of) believing men and believing women. God knows the places where you move about and the places where you stay (God knows everything about you).

Quran 63:5 Verse 63:5 And when it is said to them (the hypocrites who say they believe in God and God’s messenger Prophet Muhammad but they really do not believe), “Come, The messenger of God shall ask forgiveness (from God) for you, they shake their heads and you sees them turning away in arrogance.


God gives permission for Prophet Muhammad to ask forgiveness for the sin of believing men and women.

When a messenger of God is alive God can give permission for the messenger to pray to God and ask forgiveness for the sin of believing men and women.

When a messenger of God has died that messenger has no power to hear prayer therefore after the death of a messenger each human must pray directly to God.

Prayer to anything or anyone except God is called idol worship,

Some people spend so much time praising their prophets or their saints or some other creation that they forget God’s message that all praise is for God the creator.

God reminds us in the Torah Taurat and the Gospel Injil and the Koran Quran that all creations sin.

The only one without sin is God.

All sin is an offence against God no matter if it is a major sin or a minor sin.

Every sin is against God.

That is why every righteous Muslim prays five times a day sincerely repenting and sincerely asking for forgiveness for their sins.


Quran 80:2 Verse 80:2 Because a blind man (Abdullah bin Umm Maktum, Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum) came to him (Prophet Muhammad and interrupted Prophet Muhammad while he was taking to a chief of the Quraish tribe of stone idol worshippers in Mecca Arabia today Makkah Saudi Arabia).

Comment 1. See Quran 80:1 comments. 


Quran 80:3 Verse 80:3 But how do you (Prophet Muhammad) know (what the blind man wanted from you)? Maybe he (the blind man) wanted to be cleaned (of his sins by asking for your guidance).

Comment 1. See Quran 80:1 comments. 


Quran 80:4 Verse 80:4 Or to listen to what you (Prophet Muhammad) said so that what he (the blind man) remembered might benefit him.

Comment 1. See Quran 80:1 comments. 


Quran 80:5 Verse 80:5 As for the person (a chief of the Quraish tribe of stone idol worshippers in Makkah) who think they have no need (of you or of God).

Comment 1. See Quran 80:1 comments. 


Quran 80:6 Verse 80:6 You (Prophet Muhammad) gave that person (a chief of the Quraish tribe of stone idol worshippers in Makkah your) attention (even though they think they have no need of you or of God instead of attending to the blind man who interrupted you because he wanted you and God).

Comment 1. See Quran 80:1 comments. 


Quran 80:7 Verse 80:7 But there is no blame on you (Prophet Muhammad) if he (the blind man) does not clean himself (of sin because you are only a warner and it is God who decides who shall be correctly guided).

Comment 1. See Quran 80:1 comments. 


Quran 80:8 Verse 80:8 But as for the person (the blind man) who comes to you (Prophet Muhammad, who is) striving (to understand the truth) –

Comment 1. See Quran 80:1 comments. 


Quran 80:9 Verse 80:9 While that person (the blind man) fears (God).

Comment 1. See Quran 80:1 comments. 


Quran 80:10 Verse 80:10 From that person (the blind man) you (Prophet Muhammad) were distracted (and you Prophet Muhammad ignored him).

Comment 1. See Quran 80:1 comments. 


Quran 80:11 Verse 80:11 No (do not be like that). This is a reminder (from God for you Prophet Muhammad to help every person who needs your help and this example is a reminder) – 


Quran 80:12 Verse 80:12 For whoever wills to remember (to help those who seek guidance).


Quran 80:13 Verse 80:13 (The Quran is recorded) in honourable pages (in heaven in the Preserved Book, al-Mahfuz) -


Quran 80:14 Verse 80:14 (Pages that are) exalted (by the angels in heaven who recite them day and night), and (who are) purified (by God).

Quran 80:15 Verse 80:15 (Pages carried) by the hands of (the angels in heaven).

Comment 1. Preserved Pages carried by the hands of the angels in heaven.

Quran 56:77 Verse 56:77 That this is an honourable Quran (an honourable recitation).

Quran 56:78 Verse 56:78 In a Book (the Preserved Book, al-Mahfuz in heaven) that is protected (by God).

Quran 56:79 Verse 56:79 Which none but the purified (angels in heaven) can touch.

Quran 80:15 Verse 80:15 (Pages carried) by the hands of (the angels in heaven).

1a. Satan Shaitan misguides by confusing humans about the true meaning of some verses in the Quran.

See Quran 2:78, 3:20, 3:75, 3:144, 4:157, 4:158, 5:75, 6:158, 7:157, 7:158, 21:34, 21:81, 21:82, 21:95, 27:82, 29:48, 32:23, 33:40, 37:102, 38:26, 39:30, 40:46, 42:52, 43:61, 54:1, 56:79, 62:2, 68:1, 69:40, 80:15, 81:19, 96:1, 96:4, 96:5 comments.

Quran 80:16 Verse 80:16 (The angels in heaven who are) honourable and obedient (to God).

Quran 80:17 Verse 80:17 Cursed (in the hereafter) is the human who is ungrateful (to God)


Quran 80:18 Verse 80:18 From what thing (substance) did He (God) create him (the human)?


Quran 80:19 Verse 80:19 From a drop (of male semen inserted into the female egg) He (God) created and proportioned him (the human).

Quran 80:20 Verse 80:20 Then He (God) eases the way for the human (in birth and provides the guidance of right and wrong to them).


Quran 80:21 Verse 80:21 Then He (God) causes the human to die and provides a grave for them.


Quran 80:22 Verse 80:22 Then when He (God) wills, He (God) shall resurrect them (humans from death back to life in the hereafter).


Quran 80:23 Verse 80:23 However (many) humans have not complied with what He (God) has commanded of them (to do which is to believe in God who created them and to follow God’s guidance by doing what is good and avoiding what is evil).


Quran 80:24 Verse 80:24 Let humans look at their food (and think where it came from?).


Quran 80:25 Verse 80:25 How We (God) poured down abundant water (from the sky).


Quran 80:26 Verse 80:26 And how We (God) broke the earth (so that it became soil).


Quran 80:27 Verse 80:27 And caused grain to grow in it (the soil).


Quran 80:28 Verse 80:28 And grapes and pasture.


Quran 80:29 Verse 80:29 And olives and (date) palm trees.


Quran 80:30 Verse 80:30 And gardens of crops.


Quran 80:31 Verse 80:31 And fruit and grass.


Quran 80:32 Verse 80:32 To be enjoyed by you and your animals.


Quran 80:33 Verse 80:33 Then when the deafening sound (of the second blow of the ram’s horn “trumpet” announcing the Day of Resurrection) comes.


Quran 80:34 Verse 80:34 On that Day (of Resurrection) humans shall run from their brother (and sister).


Quran 80:35 Verse 80:35 And from their mother and their father.


Quran 80:36 Verse 80:36 And from their wife (or their husband) and their children.


Quran 80:37 Verse 80:37 Every person on that Day (of Resurrection) shall have a matter of (God’s judgement of them that shall) concern them (so that they shall not think about anyone else).


Comment 1. The Day of Resurrection and Judgement.

Quran 70:10 Verse 70:10 And no friend (or relative) shall ask about their friend (or relative because every person shall only be concerned with God’s Judgement of them) -


Quran 70:11 Verse 70:11 Even though they (the friends and relatives) shall be able to see each other (they shall not speak to each other because of their great fear on that Day of Judgement). The wrong doer shall wish they could give their son (as an exchange so as to escape) from the punishment. 


Quran 80:38 Verse 80:38 (Some) faces on that Day (of Judgement) shall be bright.


Quran 80:39 Verse 80:39 Laughing and rejoicing at the good news (that they shall be admitted to Paradise Jannah).


Quran 80:40 Verse 80:40 And (other) faces shall have dust on them.


Quran 80:41 Verse 80:41 Darkness shall cover them (because they shall be admitted to Hell fire Jahannam).


Quran 80:42 Verse 80:42 They are the disbelievers and the wrongdoers.

Comment 1. Belief in God is a false belief if you are not doing good deeds.

Satan Shaitan has a false belief in God because Satan Shaitan does not do good deeds.

Satan Shaitan is not going to Paradise Jannah because Satan Shaitan has a false belief in God.

Satan Shaitan believes in God but it is a false belief because Satan Shaitan does not do good deeds.

Satan Shaitan believes in the hereafter but that shall not save him from Hell Jahannam in the hereafter.

Quran 6:158 Verse 6:158 "... belief in it (God and the Day of Resurrection and Judgement) shall not help any soul …. if in belief (he or she) did not earn good (by doing righteous deeds in their life). ....” 

Quran 41:8 Verse 41:8 “For those who believe and do good deeds, for them is an everlasting reward (in Paradise Jannah).”





The Quran Chapter 80 He Frowned (`Abasa, Abasa) in English.






Abdullah bin Umm Maktum (Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum, Abdullah bin Umm-Maktum, Abdullah ibn umme Maktum the blind man in Makkah, Arabia who interrupted Prophet Muhammad).

Prophet Muhammad and Abdullah bin Umm Maktum 80:1 – 80:12



The God’s Quran and the angels 80:13 – 80:16  



Banu Quraish (Quraish, Banu Quraysh, Banu Quresh, Banu Qureshi, Banu Koreish, Banu Coreish, Banu Kureys, Bani Quraish, Bani Quraysh, Bani Quresh, Bani Qureshi, Bani Koreish, Bani Coreish, Bani Kureys, tribe in Mecca Arabia today Makkah Saudi Arabia. The tribe from which Prophet Muhammad originated).

Prophet Muhammad and a chief of the tribe of Quraish 80:1 – 80:12, 80:17




Christian (Christians, the Christian religion, the religion of Christianity).

See Gospel.



Creation is preordained 80:19

Where did your food come from? 80:24 – 80:32



Day of Judgement (Day of Judgment, Yawm ad-Din, Yaumiddeen, Day of Account, Day of Accounting, Day of Assembling, Day of Assembly, Day of Decision, Day of Distinction, Day of Judgment, Day of Meeting, Day of Mutual Meeting, Day of Gathering, The Hour, The Hour of the Day of Judgement, Day of Loss and Gain, Day of Reckoning, Day of Separation, Day of Severing, Day of Sorting out, Day of Summoning, Day of Verdict, Final Judgment, Judgement Day, Judgment Day, Last Judgment, Separation Day, The Threatened Day, The Last Day is the end of the earth followed by the Day of Resurrection which is also the Day of Judgement, The Hour of the End of the Earth is immediately followed by the Hour of the Resurrection and the Hour of the Judgement, The Time of the End of the Earth is immediately followed by the Time of the Resurrection and the Time of the Judgement).

Some faces shall be bright 80:38 – 80:39

Some faces shall have dust and be dark 80:40 – 80:42

Resurrected humans shall hurry to the judgement and not think about anyone else 80:34 – 80:37

Day of Resurrection (Yawm al-Qiyamah, Day of Emergence from the graves, Inevitable Reality, Resurrection Day, The Deafening Sound (As-Sakhkhah), The Last Day is the end of the earth followed by the Day of Resurrection which is also the Day of Judgement, The Overwhelming Event, The Hour of the End of the Earth is immediately followed by the Hour of the Resurrection and the Hour of the Judgement, The Time of the End of the Earth is immediately followed by the Time of the Resurrection and the Time of the Judgement).

Resurrected humans shall hurry to the judgement and not think about anyone else 80:33 – 80:37

The deafening sound 80:33









Gospel (Engil, Engeel, Enjeel, Enjil, Indjeel, Indjiel, Ingeel, Ingil, Ingiil, Injeel, Injil, Injiil, Injill, Al-Engil, Al-Engeel, Al-Enjeel, Al-Enjil, Al-Ingeel, Al-Ingil, Al-injiil, Al-Injeel, Al-Injil, Al-Injill, in the New Bible, New Testament, Christian Bible).

The Quran, Torah and Gospel say that the prophets of God are human 80:1 comments




Hell (Hell fire, Jahanam, Jahannam, Jahannum, Jahanum, Gehenna, Gehennem, Gehennom, Gehinnam, Gehinnom, Saqr, Saqar).

Some faces shall have dust and be dark 80:40 – 80:42








See Hell.



See Paradise.


Jew (Jews, the Jewish religion, the religion of Judaism).

See Torah.










Muhammad (Prophet Muhammad, Mahamad, Mahammad, Mahamed, Mahammed, Mahumad, Mahummad, Mahumed, Mahummed, Mahomet, Mahommet, Mahomot, Mahommot, Mehamed, Mehammed, Mohamed, Mohammed, Mohomed, Mohomet, Mohommet, Mohamad, Mohammad, Mohamod, Mohammod, Muhamad, Muhamed, Muhammed, Muhumed, Muhummed, Muhumud, Muhummud, Muhammad bin Abdullah, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, Hazrate Mohamad 53 BH – 11 AH, 571 – 632 CE, 571 – 632 AD, Muhammad means “Praiseworthy”, Muhammad’s father Abdullah, 'Abdullah bin 'Abd al-Muttalib, Abdullah bin Abd al-Muttalib, Abdullah bin Abd al-Muttalib died before Muhammad’s birth and Muhammad’s mother Aminah (Amina bint Wahb az-Zuhriyya, Aminah bint Wahab) died when Muhammad was 6 years old, Muhammad’s grandfather Abdul Muttalib (Shaiba bin Hashim, Shaiba bin Hashim, Abd al-Muttalib) died when Muhammad was 8 years oldMuhammad was cared for by his uncle Abu Talib (Imran, Abu Talib bin Abd al-Muṭṭalib a leader of the Banu Hashim Banu Hashem clan of the Quraish tribe Quraysh tribe in Mecca Makkah, Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet and messenger revealed by God. Muhammad became a prophet at the age of 40 in the year 12 BH 610 CE 610 AD 610 when the Quran was first revealed to him).

Prophet Muhammad and a chief of the tribe of Quraish 80:1 – 80:11


Muslim (Muslims, the Muslim religion, the religion of Islam).

See Quran.









Paradise (Adn, ‘Adn, Eden, Everlasting Garden, Everlasting Gardens, Garden of Bliss, Garden of Delight, Garden of Eden, Gardens of Eden, Garden of Eternity, Gardens of Eternity, Garden of Paradise, Garden of Pleasure, Gardens of Pleasure, Garden of Perpetuity, Gardens of Perpetuity, Garden of Righteousness, Janna, Jannah).

Some faces shall be bright 80:38 – 80:39



Creation is preordained 80:19

Preserved Book (Book of decrees, Clear Record, Clear Register, Guarded Tablet, Imperishable Tablet, Mother of the Book, Umm al-kitab, Preserved Book of decrees that is preordained by God, Preserved Page, Preserved Slate, Preserved Record, Preserved Tablet, Al-Lauh Al-Mahfooz, Al-Lawh Al-Mahfooz, Al-Lauh al-Mahfuz, Al-Lawh al-Mahfuz, Al-Lauh al-Mahfudh, Al-Lawh al-Mahfudh, Al-Mahfooz, al-Mahfudh, al-Mahfuz, the preordained record that is with God of what happened and what shall happen).

Angels have access to the Preserved Record 80:13 – 80:16





See Banu Quraish.


Quran (Koran, Quraanka Kariimka, Quraan, Qur'aan, Qur'aanka, Quraanka, Qur’aan, Qur’aanka, Qur'aanka Kariimka, Qur’aanka Kareemka, Qur’aanka Karemka, Qur’aanka Karimka, Al Quraan, AlQuraan, Quraanu, Qur'aanu, Quraanu Kareem, Quraanu Karim, Quraanu Kariim, Qur'aanu Kareem, Qur'aanu Karim, Qur'aanu Kariim, Qur'anu, Quranu Kareem, Quranu Karim, Quranu Kariim, Qur'anu Kareem, Qur'anu Karim, Qur'anu Kariim, Quranu, Koranu, Koranu Kareem, Koranu Karim, Koranu Kariim, Koraanu, Koraanu Kareem, Koraanu Karim, Koraanu Kariim, Kur'an-ı Kerim, Kurr-'aan, Kurraan, Holy Kuraan, El Sagrado, Corán, El Coran, El Corán, El Sagrado Coran, El-Qur'an, el-Qur'an, An Coran, An Koran, An Kuran, An Quran, Corán, Sagrado Corán, O Nobre Corán, Le Saint Coran, Coran, Le Coran, Le Koran, Le Quran, The Holy Quran, Holy Quran, Al-Kuruan, Kuruan, Al-Qoran, Qoran, Al-Koraani, Koraani, Corano, Il Corano, Il-Koran, Il-Quran, Il-Kuran, Il-Coran, Il Quran, Il Sacro Quran, Il Sacro Kuran, Il Sacro Koran, Il Sacro Corano, Święty Koran, Coranul Sfânt, Coranul, Sant Alcorà, L'Alcorà, Alcorà, Hellige Koranen, Den Hellige Koranen, Koranen, Heliga Koranen, Den Heliga Koranen, I Koranen, Kur'an, Al Kur’an, Kuran, Kur\'an, Heilige Koran, Heilige Quran, Hellige Koran, Hellige Quran, De Heilige Quran, De Heilige Koran, De Hellige Quran, De Hellige Koran, Der Hellige Quran, Der Hellige Koran, Der Heilige Koran, Der Heilige Quran, Der Koran, Der Holly Koran, Der Holy Koran, Da Holy Koran, Da Holly Koran, Da Holy Quran, Da Holly Quran, El Cora, Le Cora, Časni Kur'an, Časni Kuran, Korán, Svatý Korán, Qoeran, Qoer'ān, Da Qoer'ān, De Qoer'ān, Kùránì, Kurani, Kur'ani, Kur’ani, Kurani Kerim, Kur'ani Kerim, Kur’ani Kerim, Kuran-I, Kur'an-I, Kur’an-I, Kuran-i Kerim, Kur'an-i Kerim, Kur’an-i Kerim, Kuran-ı Kerîm, Kur'an-i Kerîm, Kur’an-i Kerîm, Qurani Kərim, Qurani Şərif, əl-quran, əl-kuran, Dr Kurani, Kuranɛ, Sìlàmɛya, Silameya, Quran-ı Kerim, Quranı, Kerim, Qurani, Quran-I, Qur'an-I, Quran-i Kerim, Qur’an-i Kerim, Qur'an-i Kerim, Quran-i Ka’rim, Qur’an-i Ka’rim, Qur'an-i Ka’rim, Quran-i Kareem, Qur’an-i Kareem, Qur'an-i Kareem, Al-Qur'an Al-Karim, Al-Quran Al-Karim, Al-Quran Al-Karem, Al-Quran Al-Kareem, Al Qur'an Al Karim, Al Quran Al Karim, Al Quran Al Karem, Al Quran Al Kareem, Koraani, Koraanil, Püha Koraan, Banal na Quran, Banal na Koran, Pyhä Koraani, Pyhä Kuran, Pyhä Quran, Sveti Quran, Sveti Koran, A Korán, A Qurán, A Kurán, A Corán, Santo Corán, O Corán, An Córan, El Corán, Corão, Santo Corão, Alcorão, O Nobre Alcorão, L'Alcorà, Al Corão, Quran Naofa, Koran Naofa, Santo Corano, Svētais Korāns, Korāns, Suci Al-Quran, Thánh Kinh Qur'an, Thánh kinh Koran, Quran Sanctaidd, Sanctaidd Koran, Sanctaidd Coran, Kureu’an, Die Koran, De Koran, Korana, Alcorán, Al corán, Alcoran, L' Alcorán, L' Alcoran, L'Alcoran, Y Coran, El Corán, Al Qur'ān, Al Karīm, Dëgjo Kuran, Degjo Kur'an, Hikmat-e-Quran, Hikmat-e-Koran, Quran Sharif, Quran Shareef, Quran Kareem, Quran Kariim, Quran Kerim, Quran Karem, Quran Karim, Quraan Sharif, Quraan Shareef, Quraan Kareem, Quraan Karem, Quraan Karim, Al-Qur’ān al-Karīm, Al-Quran-Karīm, Al-Quran-Karim, Al-Quran-Karem, Al-Quran-Kareem, Alqur’aana, Al Qur'aana, Quron, Qur’on, Kuran Sharif, Kuran Shareef, Kuran Kareem, Kuran Karem, Kuran Karim, Kuran Kerim, Kuraan, kur\'aan, Kuraan Sharif, Kuraan Shareef, Kuraan Kareem, Kuraan Karem, Kuraan Kerim, Kuraan Karim, Koran Sharif, Koran Shareef, Koran Kareem, Koran Karem, Koran Karim, Koran Kerim, Koran kariim, Koraan, Koraan Karim, Koraan Kareem, Koraan Karem, Koraan Karim, Koraan Kerim, Koaran, De Koaran, Da Holly Koaran, Koraanin, Ar C’horan, C’horan, Korano, La Korano, Alcoranus, Alchoranus, Coranus, Coron, Alcoron, The Coron, Curanu, The Curan, Lu Curanu, Ang Koran, Ang-Koran, Ang-Quran, Ang Kuran, Ang-Kuran, Leqran, Qör'än, Alxuraan, Al Xuraan, Qurane, Qur'ane, Le Qur'ane, Qur'aane, Al Qur'aane, Le Qur'aane, The Qur'aane, Al Qurane, Al-Qurane, L' Qurane, AL' Quran, AL'Quran, The Quran, Coran, Al-Coran, Al Coran, The Koran, Al-Koran, Al Koran, Koran Karim, Koran Kariim, Koran Kareem, Koran Karem, Kuran, Al-Kuran, The Kuran, Quraan, Al-Quraan, The Quraan, Qur’an, The Qur'an, Al-Qur'an, Al Qur'an, Qur’ān, The Qur’ān, Al-Qur’ān, Al Qur’ān, Yang Quran, Yang Al-Quran, Yang Al Quran, Yang-Quran, Yang Coran, Yang-Coran, Yang Al-Coran, Yang Al Coran, Yang Koran, Yang-Koran, Yang Al Koran, Yang Koran Kareem, Yang Koran Karim, Yang-Koran Kareem, Yang Koran Karem, Yang-Koran Karem, Yang-Koran Karim, Yang Kuran, Yang-Kuran, Yang Al-Kuran, Yang Quraan, Yang-Quraan, Yang Al-Quraan, Yang Qur'an, Yang-Qur'an, Yang Al-Qur'an, Yang Al Qur'an, Yang Qur’ān, Yang Al-Qur’ān, Yang Al Qur’ān, The Coran, Honourable Recital, Nobel Quran, Reminder of their Lord, The Book of Truth, The Clear Book, The Criterion of Right and Wrong, The Criterion of Truth and Falsehood, The Light, The Quran of Truth, The Truth, Holy book of Islam. The recitation as recited by God through Angel Gabriel Jibril to Prophet Muhammad. Koran Quran means the recitation. The Quran is the final book of guidance sent to humans by God and revealed to Prophet Muhammad over a period of 23 years. Muhammad became a prophet at the age of 40 in the year 12 BH 610 CE 610 AD 610 when the Quran was first revealed to him).

The Quran, Torah and Gospel say that the prophets of God are human 80:1 comments

The Quran and the angels 80:13 – 80:16  





Share the word of God with every human that comes to you 80:11 – 80:12  






Torah (Taura, Tauraah, Taurah, Tauraat, Taurait, Taurat, Tavraat, Tavrat, Tawraah, Tawraat, Tawrah, Tawrat, Thaurat, Thora, Tooraat, Toorah, Toorat, Tora, Torá, Toraat, Torat, Tourat, Towraat, Towrat, Turat, Al-Tauraah, Al-Taurah, Al-Tauraat, Al-Taurat, Al-Tavraat, Al-Tavrat, Al-Tawraah, Al-Tawraat, Al-Tawrah, Al-Tawrat, Al-Tora, Al-Torá, Al-Torah, Al- Torat, Al-Towraat, Al-Towrat, Al- Turat, At-Tauraat, At-Taurah, At-Taurat, At-Tawraat, At-Tawrah, At-Tawrat, At-Torah, At-Towraat in the Old Bible, Old Testament, Hebrew Bible, Jewish Bible. The Scripture of the Torah Taurat of Prophet Moses Musa is the first five chapters in the Old Bible called Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Torah means the teachings from God or Divine teaching. The revelations of the other prophets of God in The Prophets and their writings also called The Writings are included in the Old Bible with the Torah Taurat as they were in the time of Prophet Muhammad and as they are today and all the revelations from Prophet Moses Musa and the other prophets are in one book called the Holy Scriptures. The Torah means The Law).

The Quran, Torah and Gospel say that the prophets of God are human 80:1 comments
















Yawm ad-Din.

See Day of Judgement.


Yawm al-Qiyamah.

See Day of Resurrection.





 Interpretations of the Quran (Al-Quran, Al Quran).


This is an interpretation of some of the meanings in the Quran. 
This is not a perfect translation of the Quran because the Quran is in the Arabic language. 
The Arabic language in the Quran must be understood as it was understood over 1400 years ago. 
God guides who He wills to the correct understanding of the Quran. 
In the English language the word Allah is God. 
Allah (God) is the creator of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and everyone and everything that exists.


Islam and the Quran chapter (sura, suraa, suraah, surah, suraat, surat), chapters (suras, suraas, suraahs, surahs, suraats, surats), verse (ayaah, aya, ayah, ayaahs, ayas, ayahs), verses (ayaas, ayaat, ayas, ayat), (ayaats, ayats), analysis, annotation, clarification, comment, commentary, elucidation, examination, explanation, foot note, interpretation, investigation, note, observation, remark, study, understanding, analyses, annotations, clarifications, comments, commentaries, elucidations, examinations, explanations, foot notes, interpretations, investigations, notes, observations, remarks, studies, understandings of Islam and the Quran (The Coran, Al-Coran, Al Coran, The Koran, Al-Koran, Al Koran, The Quran, Al Quran, Al-Quran, The Qur'an, Al-Qur'an, Al Qur'an, The Qur’ān, Al-Qur’ān, Al Qur’ān). 



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