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Welcome to the Organizing Sustainable Consumption and Production ISIE Topical Section Web Site 

The ISIE OSCP section is for those interested in exploring the challenge of achieving sustainability for product chains.

The globalised economy has led to much outsourcing of production, and product life cycles consequently sprawl across the globe. This poses particular challenges for their sustainability management and governance, since no single actor has overview nor control over an entire production and consumption system. Nevertheless, changes need to be considered in the context of the entire system in order to reduce environmental sub-optimisation.

Although LCAs can provide comprehensive environmental descriptions for products, the capacity to act upon such information is not automatic - it requires actors that communicate, collaborate, coordinate, etc, their environmental demands, tasks, actions etc, in these systems.

The improved understanding of the issues for environmental organisation of product chains is therefore at the heart of the members of this section.


Sustainability research concerning consumption and production is dispersed over several knowledge communities. This Section will aim to provide a platform for systematic and interdisciplinary treatment of the management issues of product chains.

We expect discussions to draw upon contributions from supply chain management, life cycle management, environmental management and strategy, product design and service systems, environmental sociology and governance, among others. Furthermore, the development of methodologies that combine environmental study with study of organisation and management in various ways is of special interest for the Section.

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