Preparing for the Meeting

The goals of the meeting are to 
  • Present an overview of the link between CCS, climate change, and energy systems 
  • Understand how our (each participant's) work fits in the field of CCS.
  • Enhance communications between researchers from different fields and backgrounds (e.g. engineers, physical scientists, social scientists and policy-makers).  
  • Establish the role of scientist and engineers in communicating climate science and CCS to the general public and develop a realistic strategy to make it happen.

Graduate students (and young professionals) in all CCS-related fields are invited to attend.

Transportation Lunch will be provided for all attendees. Transportation costs will be covered for Columbia University students and subsidized for students from outside the NYC/NJ area.

Directions For directions to Princeton from NYC, take NJ transit ( from "NY Penn Station" to "Princeton" (note that this is different from "Princeton Junction". You will need to transfer to at Princeton Junction and take the dinky to Princeton. More information on getting to Princeton is available on

For directions to the Engineering Quad, see and If you are using a GPS navigation system to find the Engineering Quad, please enter “41 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ”

Biography / Posters
All participants are required to prepare a short biography, which can include a picture, research/work description, reason for being interested in CCS, and interesting facts about themselves.  This biography will be distributed to all participants at the meeting.
All participants can prepare a poster displaying their research.  Please email for more information.

All participants are strongly encouraged to consider to the two discussion topics.  The discussions will occur in small pre-selected groups and will be led by a moderator.  

THEME:  "Where We Fit In..."

Discussion Topic 1
"...Within CCS"
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a multi-disciplinary field that can be divided into capture, storage, transport, policy, and more.  As a first or second year graduate student just being introduced to CCS or a researcher spending hours focusing on a specific project, do you feel disconnected with the motivation (i.e. climate change) behind our work?  A discussion of where we fit in within the CCS field will help put the research we do in perspective.  The outcome of this discussion will be a map showing where and how all the participants fit in the CCS field.

Discussion Topic 2
"...In the world"
We, as scientists and engineers researching CCS, are also citizens of the world.  We are stakeholders in the climate debate.  We have the ability to vote and influence our politicians.  We also have the ability to inform the public about what we do and why we do it.  Is the general public informed enough to make decisions on climate change?  Do we as scientists and engineers have a role in informing the public?