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System request

Project: Finance Web Application  
Project Sponsor: Mizuho Financial Group

•Website application deployed on Google Cloud-based virtual machine
•Database with at least two functionalities, interfaced by web application

Deliverable(s) with functionality specifications(s):
•System returns information on mortgage loans and provides list of mortgage companies recommended
based on criteria  
  • Registration form
  • Mortgage Calculator 
  • List of companies that will work with the client

•Gives users ease of access to companies and loan information based on financial status.
•Shows Companies that would be able to give affordable loans based on users financial status.
•Application is free to use to in order to build user base and to gain popularity. 

Risk Assessment:  
  1. Identify the hazards- No hazards are affiliated within the process of development of this Web Application or a by-product of it. 
  2. Decide who might be harmed and how- All and any sensitive information provided by users are kept confidential between us, the user, and any companies they decided to get into contact with after results are determined.  
  3. Evaluate the risks and decide on control measures- the application does not ask for confidential information related to identity theft or any fraud. All third party mortgage companies are responsible for any possible discrepancies that may occur when dealing and handling users confidential information.  
  4. Record your findings and implement them - Within the Terms and Conditions of using the web site, it keeps our Stakeholders, Sponsors, CEO,
    Company and all of its employees free of fault if users confidential information is misused by third party companies.
  5. Review your assessment and update if necessary

•Time: ~ 4 months - One person project
•Cost: Potentially ~ $97,300
  • Google Cloud Platform ~ $300 Free Trial Credits (includes Lamp Stack, PHPMyAdmin, Apache Web Server within download when creating VM web server)
  • Programmers/Developers~ $14K per worker - 3 workers total
  • Marketers/Global Outreach Program~ $10K per worker - 2 workers total
  • Project Manager~ $25K 1 PM
  • Implementation Consultants~ $15K 1 Worker
  • Total Salary/Project Cost~ $102,300
Feasibility analysis
  • The database is created once Users sign up and enter in information to Mortgage Calculator. 
  • After results are returned there will also be a Find Mortgage Company feature which allows for a display of possible companies who would be willing to work with User based on results. 
  • This project is monetarily possible due to the already present Global Outreach due to our Project Sponsor Mizuho Financial Group.

Project work plan
•System planning and proposal 
•Market Research and Outreach
•Create VM instance to run application GCP
•Install Apache Web server om instance 
•Develop backend functionality using PHP
•Develop front-end using HTML and Bootstrap packages.

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

Functional Requirements: 
  • System must take user registration info and place it into back end database
  • System should take users mortgage info and place into back end database.
  • System should show results based on users calculated information 
Non-Functional Requirements
  • Web Application will be accessible to all users (free service)
  • System will be in compliance with all privacy laws and will only share user registration information with third party companies
  • System will have a response time of 2 seconds or less
  • System will have two classes of users (Users, Admin)
  • Asystem must run on platforms for Windows and Mac
Use Case:
Use Case Name: Registration   ID: SA-1 Priority High
Actor: User
Description: entering necessary information to sign up (Full Name, Email)
Trigger: User is looking to use the mortgage calculator to find out what company will assist them. 
Type: External (Y) Temporal (N)
Preconditions: The User has information to be entered during registration.
Normal Course: 
  • The users reaches our site through entering in url into the search bar
  • The User enters in information needed for registration
  • The user is now able to proceed to step 2 to use the calculator  
  • the user can then proceed to step 3 to use the company search based on their interest rate.

Use Case Diagram
Entity Relationship Diagram

Entity Relationship Diagram 

Context Diagram

Data Flow Diagram  

Operational Requirements

 Requirement Definition System Example 
 Technical Environment Secure information validation of registered users and software is developed in-house. In order for users to register successfully, they must have a valid email address to register with.
 System Integration  User is allowed to use the system once the email is validated  System only checks to see if the email is valid formatted to ket user continue.
 Portability      The system will have two classes of users, Administrators, and Users Must operate on Laptop and Desktops machines.
 Maintainability Expected business changes that the system should be able to adapt to.  Expected to add more business to the database and system as new ones are to contacted.

Performance Requirements 
 Requirement  Definition  Example 
 Speed Time within the system must perform its function  All transactions on the network must respond within 2 seconds or less
 Capacity  Mid Sized number of users expected. The system must be able to hold up to 5,000 users
 Availability and Reliability  Extent to which the system will be available to the users.  System must be ready to use at all time except for downtime for maintenance 

Security Requirements
Requirements Definition Example
System Value Estimates 
The business value of the system and its data The business value of the system and its data is to provide information on people who need mortgages 
Access Control Limitations on who can access data. Only Administrators can access system data 
Encryption and Authentication What data will be encrypted and when will it be authenticated  All personal and financial information will be encrypted and need authentication when wanting to use the calculator 
Virus Control Controls to limit virusesUsers cannot upload files

Cultural/Political Requirements
 Requirement  Definition  Example 
Multilingual  Languages the system will need to operate on The system will need to operate with English only to start off
 Customization  Specification of what part if the system can be changed. Customization is limited to what information the user inputs during registration 
 Making unstated norms explicit  Explicitly stating assumptions that differ  All times will be Eastern Standard 
 Legal The laws and regulations that are imposed by system requirements The system will be in compliance with Federal and NYS data privacy laws. 

 Non Functional Requirements and Architecture Design
Requirements Server Based  Thin Client Server Thick Client Server
 Operational Requirements   
 System Integration Requirements                       
 Portability Requirements                     
 Maintainability Requirements                     
 Performance Requirements    
 Speed Requirements                   
 Capacity Requirements                    
 Availability/Reliability Requirements                    

Requirements  Server Based Thin Client  Thick Client 
Security Requirements    
 Access Control Requirements    
 Virus Control Requirements    
High System Value    
Encryption/ Authentication Requirements    
Cultural/Political Requirements    
 Multilingual Requirements    
 Custimization Requirements    
 Making Unstated Norms Explicit    
 Legal Requirements   

Hardware Software Specs 

Standard Client

Standard Application Server

Standard Database Server

Operating System

  • Android 5.0Lollipop

  • IOS 10 & above

  • Linux

  • Linux

  • MySql

Processor Speed

1.2 GHz Single-Core

3.6Ghz Octa-Core

2.5Ghz Double-Core


TouchScreen Smartphone

desktop server

desktop server


2GB of Available Space

500GB 10000RPM SAS

5 x 1TB 10000 RPM SAS


3G, 4G LTE