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Tutoring at Issaquah High School:


    After school Help at Issaquah High School, sponsored by the Issaquah Schools Foundation:


If you need to use an academic late-bus to get home after one of these labs, discuss schedule and drop-off sites with main office or counseling office secretaries.  

Labs and tutors work best if the student does as much of their own work as possible prior to the lab or appointment and then comes with specific questions for which they will ask for assistance.  If the student attends a lab without asking for specific assistance they will not get anything out of the experience other than a place to do their homework.    

    Math Lab

    Mondays and Thursdays, 2:30-4:00, location varies - consult math teacher for schedule of locations.

    Locations are posted in the math wing (3100) by the windows.


   Science Lab

   Sem 1:  Tues room 1207 (Henry) & Thurs room 1305 (Hinkson) 

   Sem 2: Tues room 1205 (Lockett) & Thurs room 1305 (Hinkson) 

    Consult science teacher for additional information.

   World Language Lab

   Mondays and Thursdays, 2:30-3:30, room 2208.  A Spanish teacher is available for help, all other languages can use the language lab to work on online class work.  For other language teacher assistance consult with your teacher for arrangements.   


   Honor Society Peer Tutoring

   Peer Tutors will be available in the school library during after-school extended hours.  Subjects offered will depend on the day of the week.  

    Mondays & Thursdays: Social Studies and English/Writing  

    Tuesdays & Wednesdays:  Math and Science 

For best results students should come with questions and a goal for what they need and share this with tutors when they connect. 

     FYI: The library’s extended hours are until 3:45 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and until 4:45 on Wednesday. 

  V.O.I.C.E (Volunteers of Issaquah Changing Education) Mentoring/Tutoring: community members volunteer their time once a week after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays for an hour to help mentor/tutor students in need. Students interested in this must pick up an application in the counseling office, have their parents sign it, and return it to the counseling office.  Students are matched based upon availability of mentors to be paired with.

Important Parent Note:  A tutor is there to provide academic assistance by helping a student learn and practice the process required to get answers, understand class concepts and/or improve study habits, not to just provide the answers.  A student should be there to learn how to get their own answers while applying the class concepts, not just to get the answers and get their work done without learning anything in the process. You will know when this is a problem if you see that performance on tests is far different than performance in homework done with a tutor.  If this becomes the problem you must discuss the goals of the tutoring relationship with the tutor.  

Outside Tutoring Sources*:

Professional Tutoring (fee-based)*:

Online Resources *

Wyzant at home tutoring matching lists and allows you to search by criteria for local tutors who self advertise on the site

Khan Academy : hundreds of videos on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, chemistry and biology, along with a series of exercises that allow students to practice and assess their knowledge at their own pace. is an amazingly simple, but effective study tools website where you can create your own set of study aides to help you.  

* This list is provided as a starting point.  We do not personally know about the professional qualifications or personal background of any particular tutor who you may find using this reference list.  You must do your due diligence in this regard. 


Math Help Sites:


AAA Math - games, lessons and study in math basics

Math Glossary - look up and find definitions of math terminology

Multilingual Glossary - languages include Chinese, Russian & Spanish - English/Spanish multilingual help

Graph Paper - access to printable graph paper - formulas and other general help

Regents - test prep and practice for standardized tests


IHS-Specific Math Help and Online Textbook info: