Selecting AP/Honors Classes

Colleges consider many things in an applicant, including both grades and challenge (or rigor) of coursework. We encourage students to pursue the right challenge for them individually. You want to select a balance of rigor to result in both academic challenge AND good grades. You also want to allow for enough personal enjoyment of the high school experience as a whole.

Honors and Advanced Placement courses are designed to challenge appropriately-placed students. Issaquah High School has a policy of Informed Self-Selection, which means students choose Honors or AP for themselves. We do not place students, nor do we restrict access to these classes. Parents and students must carefully read course descriptions, learning recommendations and the information below. Students with strong study skills, good work ethic, strong interest in the subject, and a dedication to learning are most likely to do well in these courses.

Honors & AP Course Selections: What To Consider General guidance on why to consider Honors & AP choices, what it takes to succeed in these classes, and the responsibilities you would be taking on.