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Common Application & SENDedu

The common application serves as a “universal” application for most private and highly selective colleges nationwide.  Please check out the Common Application Website to see if the college/unversity you are interested in applying to uses the Common Application.

Mid Year and Final reprots Mid-Year and Final Reports:

o    Mid-Year and Final reports  you need to request your updated transcripts after semester one grades are posted and send to Common App through Parchment, your counselor cannot complete these reports without your updated transcript. 

  • If you need a mid-year transcript to send to a college (not on the Common Application), just send when semester one grades are posted through the Parchment webpage. 
Colleges using the SENDedu document program will not receive your transcript via SENDedu, rather you must send all transcripts through the Parchment website yourself.  Pay close attention if the application is asking for only a transcript or if they are asking for a Secondary School Report.  If they are asking you to have your counselor send a Secondary School Report you need to provide the materials in the box below to complete your online school forms.  Your counselor will use the SENDedu website to complete your school report (but not for transcript).    
When you identify your counselor and teachers to complete the school forms we will receive an email from the Common Application notifying us of your request.  It is necessary for you to email your counselor directly immediately after to deliver the following paperwork:
1.)Your Resume: If you do not have a completed resume, please complete the Resume Organizer.
Letter of Recommendation Request Form
3.) A copy of your personal essay
4.) This also allows for you to 
Confirm that our staff has received your email invite for the school report.
5.) Once your counselor has accepted your invitation to and opened your school report form you can send your transcripts to common app.

Link to Required IHS College Application Forms


It is standard courtesy to speak to teachers to determine if they are willing/able to complete your teacher report prior to selecting them to receive the reports. 

You must give school staff at least 10 school days prior to your application due date to submit their part.  Last minute requests will not be moved ahead of other students who came first and often receive less careful attention in the rush toward completion.  School cancellations for weather can complicate completion on time.  It is not in your best interest to give us less than 10 working days for completion. 

Using Parchment your transcript will be attached to your common application form so your counselor and teachers can view it. We cannot submit/complete your school reports unless you have attached your transcript to Common Application. 

*In some instances students have put in an incorrect email address for a counselor or teacher.   Incorrect email addresses means forms do not get done and nobody knows you are waiting for them.  Students must follow-up by visiting their counselor and teacher within a school day to confirm receipt of the notice and to deliver the necessary forms to help complete the application process.   

If you are confused about what application you need to complete please look at the College Application Process Flow Chart to determine what steps are necessary for your college application(s).

College Application Flow Chart