Our mission is to provide all students with the opportunity to gain the attitude, knowledge, and skills for academic, career and personal development in a safe, supportive environment. Our comprehensive school counseling program will educate and empower a collaborative community of learners to achieve academic success and prepare to meet the challenges in our ever-changing global community.

COUNSELING OFFICE HOURS: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri: 7:40 am - 3:20 pm  ~  Wed: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm                                                                                      

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  • During NEST time on Sept. 27th, counselors presented information to all seniors regarding the College Application Process. Below is a link to the presentation if you missed it!
  • For College Applications: Senior class size 596; IHS does not Rank and Issaquah High School's CEEB code is 480500
  • Consider registering now for fall SAT & ACT - these are typically the last dates accepted for college applications.
  • High School and Beyond Plan - All seniors must be at 80% complete in Career Cruising by December 1st. For more information please use the link to access the College and Career Center's website. 
  • Transcripts for NCAA: It is the responsibility of the student athlete to be sure to take care of all tasks required by the NCAA Eligibility Center as you enter into your senior year. Please visit their website directly to do so. 
  • Tech Test - new test dates have been added. Check here for details.


  • During November and December, counselors will be meeting with small groups of juniors during nest time for their Junior Credit Conferences. We will be sending a purple pass to students on their designated day with a specific location in the school to go to meet with their counselor. Note: most of these meetings will not take place in the counseling office. Be looking for the purple pass with the designated location to meet for the conferences! This is a required nest time activity for juniors. 
  • During NEST time on Sept 18th, counselors presented information to all juniors regarding the PSAT and other important milestones coming up this year.
  • Tech Test - new test dates have been added. Check here for details.
  • Consider registering now for SAT & ACT : Issaquah High School's CEEB code is 480500


  • The PSAT will be held here at IHS on Wednesday, October 10th. All sophomores are expected to take the exam. These results will generate personalized SAT prep materials from College Board and will help prepare you to take the SAT in your junior year.
  • Counselors presented to sophomores during Nest Time on October 1st. Topics included the upcoming PSAT and other sophomore milestones. See below for a copy of the presentation. 


  • Consider joining a club or interest group! A full list of after school activities can be found on the Activities page (linked above). There will also be a Club Fair during Nest Time the week of October 15th. More info will be coming out with the next Nest Time calendar.
  • High School 101: Your Guide to Success at IHS This presentation provides 9th grade students with the beginning knowledge and skills they need to reach their high school goals and begin preparing for their future. We encourage you discuss the presentation as a family, along with what strengths your student already possesses, and what new skills they can put into practice this year.