Indian Society Of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers.



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Why Join ISHRAE?

  • A Premiere Technical Society exclusively for AC & R community.
  • A well organized and professionally run Technical Society.
  • Membership for individuals only, No Corporate Membership.
  • Easy access to all ISHRAE Technical Publications.
  • Excellent opportunities to interact with other Professionals, Industry Leaders and key Decisions Makers in the Profession and Industry.
  • International exposure through ASHRAE association.
  • An excellent forum for Professional Development and continuous Training & Re-Training Future Plans.

 ISHRAE is an International Associate of ASHRAE. This Association provides several key benefits to ISHRAE and its Members.

  • ISHRAE Members can purchase ASHRAE Publications at 33% discount as applicable to ASHRAE Members.
  • ISHRAE has easy access to ASHRAE Technical Papers.
  • ISHRAE Library will receive all ASHRAE Journals & Transactions.
  • ISHRAE Members can apply for ASHRAE Membership without Reference requirement.


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