Homepage of Master Ishadip Deb

A student in Patha Bhavan (Secondary), Calcutta, West Bengal, India

Ohhh! I've now come to a fully exciting Website, which will publicly viewable in Google searches although it will take a little time to display. I am a student from Patha Bhavan (secondary), Calcutta, India. Other than in Google, I have three other sites too. They are

                          Site 1, Site 2, Site 3

But two of them (Site 2 & 3) are not at all serious, they may be funny as your like. But if you are curious to find all about the Plant system and have a quest for getting knowledge about them, then you have only to log on into Site 1. Read up the texts carefully, and know ''What are plants?'', "What are Seeds?" etc. Piczo is a Website for making new sites of fun and enjoy. However, you should also logon on those sites. May the visit of yours make my sites more funny, more exciting and more serious.