Ishpeming Mens Pool League
                               ( 2016/2017) SEASON

I will be out of town 9/29-10/2
so the sheets will be late coming out.



Jimmy Newman from Jacks 2 
had a Break and Run.

Pete Ogea from the Tilden Club
had an Eight Ball Break. 

The VFW was $8 short in
their envelope please get
that in next week.

The Wayside, Rumorz, VFW and Paradise
 paid their $50 entry fee. All
others can get that in.

When you need score sheets
write it on your sheet and I will
get you a new pad. 

Schedule Week 3
Round 1

Venice    vs  Wayside
Wonder Bar vs  Jacks v3
Tilden Club vs  Paradise
Riverside  vs  Rainbow
Jacks 1   vs   Jacks 2
Ish VFW    vs  Rumorz

Schedule Week 4
Round 1

Venice    vs  Rainbow
Wonder Bar vs  Paradise
Tilden Club vs  Ish VFW
Riverside  vs  Rumorz
Jacks 1   vs   Wayside
Jacks 2    vs  Jacks 3