Ishpeming Mens Pool League
                               ( 2014/2015) SEASON


One of our fellow pool players passed away
on July 16th.  John  McIntyre, he was 64. We will name
our memorial doubles tournament after
him this year

The John McIntyre Memorial Doubles
Tournament was held 02/28/15
at Jacks.

1st place
Mike Kjellman and Rick Kjellman
Wonder Bar

2nd place

Bob Goyen and David Zchoewe

3rd Place

Tony Norem and Aaron Manis
Jacks 2
Break and Runs were registered
by Rick Kjellman and Aaron Manis

            20 teams participated Wayside and Rainbow
                       did not send representatives.

I would like to thank Jacks  for the new table cloths,
the food was excellent and the tournament ran
smoothly with no problems.

I would also like to thank all the players
who attended sportsmanship was excellent!

Congratulations to Jacks 2 for winning the first
20 match points 177-87 record
2nd place     Jacks 1  17 match points 170-94 record
3rd place   Hickeys  17 match points 161-103 record

Week 9 Round 2

Nobody had a Break and Run
or an Eight Ball Break.

 Rumorz still
 owes $10.

All entry fees are paid

The singles and doubles tournaments will be at
Jacks this year. We will use the expanded format
(40) teams max first come first serve.
The Kenny Blemke Memorial singles
tournament will be held on 03/21/15.
Registration will be from 11:45 to 12:45.
We will Start promptly at 1:00.
There will be NO late entries.

The Venice will be holding pool tournaments
on Saturdays for the winter months.
The first Saturday of the month will be Women's
Partners. $10 per team.
The second Saturday, men's partners $20 per team.
The third Saturday mixed doubles $20 per team.
Registration  12:30 play begins at 1:00.

There will also be a dart tournament on the
last Saturday, same times, for anyone interested.



As teams need new score sheets write it
on your score sheet and I will get you
a new pad.






















Schedule   Week 10  Round 2

Jacks 3         vs  Venice
Jacks 1         vs  Rumorz
Paradise       vs  Tilden club
Wonder Bar  vs   Rainbow
Jacks 2         vs   Wayside
Hickeys        vs   Riverside



Schedule  Week 11 Round 2

Wayside        vs  Rumorz
Riverside       vs  Paradise
Rainbow        vs  Tilden Club
Jacks 3          vs  Jacks 1
Jacks 2          vs  Wonder Bar
Venice           vs  Hickeys