Ishpeming Mens Pool League
                               ( 2015/2016) SEASON


The Banquette is May 14th at
the Ishpeming VFW. Cocktails at
4:00 dinner at around 6:00.


Final Week   -  04/20/16

Paul Richards had 2 Break and Runs.
Tony Norem had an Eight Ball Break
that didn't count.

Eight Ball breaks don't count
in the Year end tournament
It is a re-rack even if you
make it and scratch.

The John McIntyre Memorial Doubles
Tournament was held on 02/20/16
at the Paradise Bar. 36 players attended.

1st place honors went to
Mike and Rick Kjellman  - Wonder Bar

2nd place honors went to
John and Justin Jonas - Jacks 2

3rd Place honors went to
Bill Johnson and Jeff Jackovich - Paradise

Rick Kjellman had the only Break and Run.

The Wayside was the only League team not

I would like to thank the Paradise for doing
an excellent job hosting the tournament,
food was great, table was great. GOOD JOB !

Kenny Blemke Memorial
Singles Tournament.
was held 03/19/16 at the Rainbow.
28 players attended.
1st place Darryll Larson  -  Venice
2nd place  Tony Norem  - Jacks 2
3rd place  Mike Pauquette - Paradise
4th place  Mike Kjellman - Wonder Bar

Break and Runs were recorded by
Justin Jonas-Jacks 2, Dan Willey - Jacks 3,
Dave (Newt) Gransinger - Venice 2,
Darryll Larson- Venice, Tony Norem -
Jacks 2 and Mike Kjellman - Wonder Bar

Riverside and the Wayside did not
send representatives.

I would like to thank the Rainbow
food was good, table was good and
the tournament ran smoothly
with no problems.

Congratulations to Jacks 1 for
winning the second round division 1.
Finished with 177 wins 87 losses and 21
match points. Jacks 2 took 2nd, 185 wins
79 losses and 20 match points.

Congratulations to the Riverside club
for winning the second round division2.
126 wins 138 losses 11 match points.
Paradise took 2nd 124 wins 140 losses
9 match points.

Congratulations to Jacks 1 for winning
The full year.
347 wins 181 losses 41 match points
Jacks 2 took 2nd
359 wins 169 losses 40 match points
Venice 2 took 3rd
315 wins 213 losses 36 match points