Ishpeming Mens Pool League
                               ( 2016/2017) SEASON
 Our friend and fellow pool player
Richard (Dick) Cleary
passed away this off season.
We will name the Doubles Tournament
in his honor.
02/18/17 at the Riverside Club

Another friend and  fellow pool player
Randy Emanuelson
passed away on Saturday December 18th.
We will name the Singles Tournament
in his honor.
03/18/17 at Rumorz

Another friend and fellow pool player
Darryll Larson
passed away on 01/07/17.
We will have to wait until next year
to name a tournament in his honor.


My sidebar for standings is not
working, here is the results for

Rainbow 13  Wonder Bar  11
Jacks 2   18   Wayside     06
Jacks 1 20    Venice    04
Rumorz   13   Paradise    11
Riverside  13  Tilden Club  11
Jacks 3  had the bye

WEEK 05  Round 2


All moneys are correct . 

Break and Runs.

 Pete Epper from Jacks 1
had  an Eight Ball Break.

Congratulations to Jacks 1
for winning the first round undefeated.

174 wins  66 losses 20 match points.

Jacks 2 2nd place.

154 wins   86 losses  16 match points.

Wonder Bar 3rd place.

147 wins  93 losses   16 match points.

All teams have paid their entry fees.

When you need score sheets
write it on your sheet and I will
get you a new pad. 

Schedule Week 6
Round 2

Jacks 2    vs  Tilden Club
Paradise  vs   Wayside
Jacks 1    vs  Jacks 3
Riverside   vs  Wonder Bar
Rumorz    vs   Rainbow
Venice   vs   BYE

Schedule Week 7
Round 2

Rumorz    vs  Tilden Club
Riverside  vs   Wayside
Rainbow    vs  Jacks 3
Venice   vs  Wonder Bar
Jacks 1    vs   Paradise
Jacks 2    vs   BYE