Ishpeming Mens Pool League
                               ( 2016/2017) SEASON
 Our friend and fellow pool player
Richard (Dick) Cleary
passed away this off season
we will name the Doubles Tournament
in his honor.



Rick Kjellman from the Wonder Bar
had an Eight Ball Break. 

I need entry fees from the Jacks teams,
Riverside and the Venice.

When you need score sheets
write it on your sheet and I will
get you a new pad. 

Schedule Week 7
Round 1

Venice    vs  Wonder Bar
Wayside  vs  Riverside
Tilden Club vs  Rumorz
Rainbow  vs  Jacks 3
Jacks 1   vs   Paradise
Jacks 2   vs   BYE

Schedule Week 8
Round 1

Rumorz    vs  Wonder Bar
Jacks 3  vs  Riverside
Tilden Club vs  Jacks 1
Rainbow  vs  Jacks 2
Venice     vs   Paradise
Wayside   vs   BYE