Pottery and Tools

Pottery and Tools both fall under the art and creativity aspect of the Sumerian civilization. 
These two things both had two completely different uses, however, they were both a big part of the Sumerian lifestyle. Another thing pottery and tools (in Ancient Sumer) have in common is that there are rumors about both. 

Although pottery was a big part of Sumerian culture, it does not necessarily mean that the Sumerians invented it. Many people hold the belief that the Sumerians invented pottery and also developed it over time. This is NOT true, and is no more than a false rumour. 

                                                                         DIFFERENT TYPES OF POTS
However, Sumerians did hold some responsibility in the development and growth of pottery. The Sumerians used pots/jars/vases mainly for storing things such as honey, butter, oil and wine. Jars would probably have been sealed using clay, as was done in Ancient Egypt.
One of the Sumerian vases had a sprout coming out from one side
Then there were the other different shape of vases. Some vases had long         and pointed feet, while some stood on cross-legged stands and other types of vases were set on square/rectangular wooden frames and were flat-bottomed. They also made and imitation of their previous type of dishes, but instead of using clay, they made them out of stone. The Sumerians also made baskets out of leather or the wove them out of reeds.

As the Sumerian civilization expanded, people needed more pots everyday so they needed a more efficient way to make pots. So, the Sumerians came up with the potter's wheel, which made pots much faster and much stronger (better quality). 
                                  POTTER'S WHEEL

These pots could also have been traded with other civilizations for goods which the Sumerians couldn't make or produce/grow. 

Once again, the belief that the Sumerians invented tools is false and is not more than a mere rumor. However, once again, the Sumerians did have some part in the development of tools over time. 

The Sumerians were the first ones to make tools out of bronze metal and iron metal. Some of these tools included knives, drills and tools which were similar to saws, while spears, bows, arrows and daggers were only used in war. 
Blacksmiths often made daggers with metal blades and wooden handles which were worn by the people, but not used unless in                DAGGER            the case of war. 
Other than normal tools like knives, etc. the Sumerians also invented many farming tools. They invented a special type of plow with a seed funnel behind it,                                             PLOW

which they first made out of stone and then copper. Another farming tool they   SICKLE
The sickleinvented was the sickle, which they made out of clay. Yet another farming tool would be hoes and spades which they made out of flint and copper.  

How would the lives of Sumerians have been different without pottery and tools?
Pots/jars and tools helped to make the lives of the Sumerians easier. The table below summarises these difficulties and benefits: