Welcome to The International Shinkendo Federation in Alabama

About ISF-AL

ISF-AL (formally ISF-ALGA) is a group dedicated for practicing Shinkendo, traditional Japanese Swordsmanship developed by Kaiso Toshishiro Obata.  Paul Couch and Yumiko Matsuoka, students of Kaiso Obata have practiced under Kaiso Obata beginning in 1988 as members of USA Battodo Federation.  We became the first Shinkendo instructors in this area and introduced Shinkendo in the Southeast United States.

Birmingham Dojo is the first Shinkendo Dojo in Southeast.  Since 1990, we have been maintained a small but quality group.  Atlanta Dojo was founded in 1993.  Initially located in Marietta area.  We had an active group in Decatur for 10 years.  However, upon relocation of Sensei Yumi, Atlanta Dojo was closed in 2007.

Whereas we feel the need for students to become more familiar with and involve themselves in more in depth study of Japanese culture and
history in general and the study of the Samurai sword in particular, we conduct periodic lectures and discussions on these subjects.   These studies aid students in their appreciation of Kaiso Obata's Shinkendo.

  See our "About Shinkendo" page or visit www.shinkendo.com for more information.