Lighthouse Pointe

 A challenging project to say the least.  Located at the mouth of the St. Joseph River into Lake Michigan, the waves enter the piers and proceed upriver, creating 10 foot rollers surging through the sheet piled walls of the piers.  Now locate a waterfront residential development and marina in this environment.
The challenge was met with the Lighthouse Pointe project.  Intergrity Structural Engineering was involved from planning through construction of this multi-faceted project, which included a 7-story condominium building, a 6-unit 3-story townhouse building, a clubhouse and a 9-slip marina.  In addition to the "outside" slips, all of the townhomes also contain secured slips within the unit itself.
Integrity Structural Engineering developed the structural design to overcome the following aspects of this one-of-a-kind project:
  • Sheet piling walls along the river needing to accommodate the 25 foot deep shipping channel.
  • Creating baffles within the sheet piling walls and filling with stone in order to dissipate wave energies at the entrance to the marina, and to improve wave conditions further upstream.
  • Designing a cost effective piling system to support the structures due to the uncontrolled fill which had been placed on the property.
  • Designing boat slips within the townhouse units, which would provide for the function of the slips, but also provide support to the building structure.
The challenge required a unique solution.
Integrity Structural Engineering provided that solution.