iSeason v2.0.4 - The iRacing Season Tracker
iRacing is second to none in the realm of PC racing simulators in my opinion. But at times I feel slightly disconnected with my race stats. I myself (and I know there are others out there that share my thoughts) would like to be able to get a quick glance at a full season and it's tough to do that through the current layout of there website.  So awhile back i started using a spreadsheet to get a good view of my race points.  After each race i would enter my points and this worked out fairly well, but as time went on i wanted more functionality from it. I started coding some VBA behind the spreadsheet then thought to myself why not just make it an app instead. This way I could have all the features I want and if I wanted to share it with others I wouldn't have to worry about them having excel installed on there PC's or if the code behind the sheets would run do to access rights and so forth.  So after some long nights (and most recently a total rewrite for v2.0) I give you iSeason.

So what exactly does iSeason do - For those of you that didn't read the wall of text above, iSeason is a program that allows you to keep track of some racing statistics for any series within iRacing and display them on a single screen. Hopefully at the very least iSeason will give you some insight as to how you are progressing from week to week throughout your season.

Click the image for a detail view of iSeason.

iSeason Features:
    - You can create the standard 4 or 12 week seasons along with custom season anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks with custom drop weeks
    - Color coding for quick glance information
    - Can store up to 40 races for each week of a season.
    - Information stored - Race points, Incident points, Finish Position, iRating, sRating, laps Down and Laps Led.
    - Automatically calculates your weekly and season points using the iRacing formulas
    - Displays the amount of points needed from your next race to increase your weekly total
    - Displays an indicator to let you know if your next race will effect your weekly total or not
    - Descriptions, lengths and turn count for all Track layouts are included and can be modified via a text file for future changes
    - Extremely easy to use

Latest News 7-25-2014

Updated tracks2.txt file for 2014 Season 3.      Download here.

   Release of iSeason v2.0.4

    Corrected the issue were the program was loading minimized to the task bar and you would be unable to open it.
    Corrected a bug in the Driver Rating calculation. It was calculating a higher value by about .07 in most cases.
    - Changes to the tracks2.txt file
            : Langley Speedway added
            : Sonoma (previously Infineon) is now in the correct order in the track list
    - More subtle cosmetic changes to the program. Trying to find the best color and graphical balance that makes it easier
        to view everything on screen without it looking to cluttered.

Head on over to the download page to download the current version.


iSeason is 100% free with no adds or nag screens, however if you find this program helpful please show your support and donate. Donations will help to support continued development. No donation is to small. Thank You and see you on the track.