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Lecture 9

Application Software

Lecture Slides:

Slides used in the class can be downloaded from here. You may need to download the stick_humor2.swf file and place it in the C:\ directory to see an animation in the slides.

Textbook Slides:

The slides of the relevant chapter from the textbook are also attached; they may be seen here and here.

Additional Resources:

What is a free software? (from Free Software Foundation's site)

GNU is not Unix---The GNU OS

30 Essential Free and Open Software for Windows

Some applications discussed in the class:

Multimedia Software:

1) Audacity,
2) VLC player

Communication Software:

1) FileZilla,
2) Mozilla's Thunderbird,
3) Mozilla's Firefox,
4) Digsby,
5) Pidgin,
6) Chatzilla

Office Productivity Software:

1) Open Office

Graphics/ Designing Software


VoIP/ Video Conferencing Software:

1) Ekiga
2) Skype

Cloud-based Software:

1) 280slides,
2) Google Docs,
3) Slide Rocket,
4) Zoho Docs
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