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Please note that the textbook for this course is ``Introduction to Computers'' by Peter Norton. The publisher of this book (Mcgraw-Hill) maintains a useful website for this book, containing many student resources, here. Please familiarize yourself and benefit from the student resources.

For each lecture, I'd be uploading the relevant chapter's Powerpoint slides from Mcgraw-Hill's site for the convenience of the students.

For interested students, the student resources for the book "Introduction to Information Technology" by Williams and Sawyer can be found here.

The lecture slides used in this course
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Lecture  1   [Slides]:  Introduction to ICT
Lecture  2   [Slides]:  Operations and Components of Computer Systems
Lecture  3   [Slides]:  Processing Devices
Lecture  4   [Slides]:  Storage Devices
Lecture  5   [Slides]:  Operating Systems
Lecture  6   [Slides]:  Networking
Lecture  7   [Slides]:  Internetworking
Lecture  8   [Slides]:  Networking Applications
Lecture  9   [Slides]:  Application Software
Lecture 10  [Slides]:  Software Programming
Lecture 11  [Slides]:  Introduction to Databases
Lecture 12  [Slides]:  Information Security
Lecture 13  [Slides]:  Information and Communication Technology Ethics
Lecture 14  [Slides]:  Future ICT trends

Some of the lectures have additional resources. Please browse through the lecture pages below to find these extra resources.