Welcome to ISDDE 2014 

We are delighted to be hosting this year's conference for ISDDE members at the University of Cambridge, UK.
The title of the conference is 'Design in Practice' and it is taking place from September 29 - October 2, 2014.
Tuesday 30th September is planned as an additional complete one-day conference to encourage non-members and new participants with an interest in educational design.
The venue for the conference is the
Centre for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cambridge (CMS).

ISDDE 2014 is the tenth annual conference of The International Society for Design and Development in Education (ISDDE).
Membership of ISDDE was formed to help educational designers around the world work effectively as a coherent professional design and development community. 

The goals of the Society are:
        1. improving the design and development process
        2. building a design community and 
        3. increasing our impact on educational practice
and the annual conference is intended to be instrumental in furthering those goals. 

The Lonely Planet Guide says of Cambridge
'Abounding with exquisite architecture, steeped in history and tradition and renowned for its quirky rituals, Cambridge is a university town extraordinaire. The tightly packed core of ancient colleges, the picturesque 'Backs' (college gardens) leading on to the river, and the leafy green meadows that seem to surround the city give it a tranquil appeal.The buildings here seem unchanged for centuries, and it's possible to wander the college buildings and experience them as countless prime ministers, poets, writers and scientists have done. The sheer academic achievement seems to permeate the very walls, with cyclists loaded down with books negotiating narrow cobbled passageways, earnest students relaxing on manicured lawns and great minds debating life-changing research in historic pubs.
Meanwhile, first-time punters zigzag erratically across the river, shoppers stroll unhurriedly through the Grand Arcade, and those long past their student days wonder what it would have been like to study in such splendid surroundings.'
We probably wouldn't have been quite so flowery in our description, but we think it's a jolly good place for a conference.  

Here are some of the exciting events and amenities planned so far, which are included in the registration fee:
  • Coffee, lunch and tea each day of the conference
  • Welcome buffet
  • Wine reception and poster exhibition
  • High profile speakers from maths and science education and policy communities
  • Lesson study visits to high performing schools in the local area
  • Celebratory conference and awards dinner at Trinity College Cambridge