1. Proceedings of the ISCOS 2012 will be initially published by an Indian publisher and it will be distributed to all Registered authors during the Symposium.
  2. Authors of selected papers will be informed to prepare their respective papers in a required format such that it will be submitted to appear in the Xplore / CPS  (Post Symposium CD Proceedings ISBN 978-1-4673-4855-3)
  3. Authors of selected papers will be recommended to re-write and enhance the quality of their papers such that they will appear in the Special Issue of IJCC publication. See the link: and the name of the Special Issue of IJCC is: Special Issue on Advances in Cloud and Services Computing.
  4. Enhanced and completely revised, selected papers based on merit, quality and innovation will be recommended to the journal IJISSS
  5. Selected papers will be recommended with further enhancement to IAES Journal-IJ-CLOSER
  6. Awardees of Best papers in the symposium will be submitted for a suitable upgraded version and publication in a world-wide reputed publisher in the form of a "short / mini book" (publisher name will be announced at symposium).