iSchoolNewsTM Communicates School Breaking News, Special Events, Key Dates, Grades, Clubs and much more utilizing PUSH Notifications, Google Docs, Email, Twitter, Text, Phone, and website links.

Tapping the iSchoolNews App icons on the three screens below on your iDevice enables immediate communication with your school.  The latest school information is always available at your fingertips.

iSchoolNews is:
  • Easy to implement
  • Great for all age groups
  • Immediate 
  • Effective
  • Useful
  • Affordable
Join the Communication Revolution now and notice the difference that enhanced communication can make at your school. 

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What is iSchoolNews? (click to view slide presentation)

iSchoolNews is THE app for effectively and immediately communicating with the school community on mobile iDevices (iPhone/iPad).

The school's administrative superuser can send push notifications to the entire school community with an easy-to-use interface whenever necessary to immediately inform parents, teachers and faculty about an important happening, emergency situation, school closure due to weather, or other significant news item relevant to the school.

Administrators can also post current news regarding Key Dates, Special Events, Grades, Sports, Clubs and more via Google Docs.

Users (parents, students, and faculty) tap icons organized on two iSchoolNews screens to find out what is happening at the school and specifically with a student simply by tapping Clubs, Sports, Key Dates, Seniors, Underclassmen, Parents, Grades. The user will receive push notifications to an iPhone or iPad from the school administration when necessary to communicate important information immediately.

The user can also communicate using iSchoolNews icons to initiate a phone call, Email, Text Message or send a Tweet and/or view the school's recent tweets.  User’s can browse the school’s website,  look at a map of the campus, and even check the weather for tonight's soccer game, all with a tap on the appropriate iSchoolNews App screen icon.

iSchoolNews will revolutionize communication between schools and the communities they serve. Hand outs, newsletters, and robocalls are ineffective and time consuming. iSchoolNews push notifications and icon driven screens are THE way to communicate with iDevices.
Download iSchoolNews Now at the App Store:
It's easy as 1-2-3 to begin using iSchoolNews at your school:
  1. Your school administrator needs to download iSchoolNews on iTunes (free).
  2. Next the school administrator contacts MC² SYSTEMS to set up an iSchoolNews account for the school ($48.00/year) and receive a pin# for the school as well as an administrative login.
  3. Users can then download the iSchoolNews App (free) on iTunes and login with the school's id and password provided to users by the school's administrator.