4th International Symposium on Ceramics Nanotune Technology (ISCeNT4)
March 2-4 2015 , Nagoya , Japan


With your kind cooperation and support towards ISCeNT4, the symposium was 
successfully closed with over 100 participants. 
We sincerely appreciate your kind attendance and cooperation, and hope to see you at next time!!

BEST Presentation Award Winners


Chemical formation of aluminum nitride from metal-organic precursors synthesized by reacting aluminum tri-chloride with bis(trimethylsilyl)carbodiimide 

Synthesis of biodegradable branched polymer with methylmethacrylate and 3-(trimethoxysilyl) propyl methacrylate

Pentafluorophenylation and pentafluorosulfanylarylation using diaryliodonium salts 

◆ What's New

 2015.2.10  NEW 
 Programme uploaded

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  一般講演者・学生講演者を募集中です (締切2015/1/9) 年号の間違いを修正しました 2/2

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◆ Scope of the Workshop

“Ceramics Nanotune Technology” is a new concept that aims to generate innovative improvements and/or novel feature expression of materials functions.

The mission of this symposium is two-fold:  i) to become a pioneering community for the new field “Nanotune Technology” and ii) to foster young leaders that can spearhead  research innovation. The 1st symposium was held in 2012, and the ISCeNT concept was successfully concluded. Since then, ISCeNT is actively engaged in many consortium-based research projects with members from international and domestic partner institutes and companies - this is the engine of our research and education. Young researchers are, hence, exposed in a collaborative research environment  that allow them to acquire in-depth research skill sets and mature consciousness for globalism.

The symposium proper will tackle on the current progress and future of nanomaterials, especially focusing on “Ceramics Nanotune Technology”. A number of international exchange students will have the opportunity to communicate their results to the ISCeNT community. Topics to be covered  are environmentally-benign materials, materials for energy applications and biomaterials. Many cutting-edge sciences and technologies on a wide variety of nanomaterials will be shared during oral and poster presentations. This is indeed an excellent opportunity not only for fruitful interactions but also for promoting friendships with and between young participants.