In Is Caesar Our Savior? Eric Laverentz examines three truths about the role of Church and government in the world:  
            • A weak church is not the victim of an evil society.  An evil society is the victim of a weak church.
            • Oppressive powers are aided and abetted as the church refuses her call to live out the gospel.
            • A Spirit-filled church is the best hope for a free society.
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    From Is Caesar Our Savior?

    "God has given this world over into the Church's hands to be its stewards, a royal priesthood. Each and every Christian carries within them the very thing this world lacks." (page 15)  

    "As the church in America has accepted a cameo role in keeping the land, we struggle with an ever-expanding government that increasingly seeks to form hearts and minds according to its own conception of fairness and justice."  (From the Introduction)  

    "The ultimate test of God's people is not what we look like or even what we confess with our mouth, but how we change the world into which we are poured."  (p.72) 

    "We are slouching toward insolvency.  No one can deny that much of America's program of government assistance springs from a deeply-rooted, even Christian, desire to care for the least of these among us.  However, it is built on the wrong foundation.  It is not gospel.  It trends disturbingly toward the control and co-option of the poor, routinely for political gain.  Even when well intentioned, it is making a nation of beggars and debtors and a privileged few into overlords."  (p.158)

    "We may stand before Caesar in this day and age, but we must remember that someday every Caesar, whether Nero or the President of the United States, will bend their knee before the King of all Creation, the Lord of the Cosmos, Jesus.  It is his world after all."  (p. 176)  

Meet the Author

Eric Laverentz is the Senior Pastor of The Presbyterian Church of Stanley in Overland Park, Kansas, a congregation whose mission is to "Know Christ and Make Him Known." He and his wife Jen have  three sons. He is a graduate of Truman State University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Vanderbilt University, and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.


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