Welcome to Isca Digital Engineering Services.

This site is in its early days and I hope that you will forgive any inaccuracies etc. and come back often
The primary aim is to help improve the effectiveness of design work so as to ensure optimum quality of a product through life.

A corner stone is the use of accurate modelling and visualisation techniques so that the whole team fully understands the concept at all times.


About Isca DES

I am a retired naval architect and Chartered Engineer, experienced in practical engineering issues as they influence design.

This includes: the management and safety responsibility for RN Steamships (HMY BRITANNIA, HMS FEARLESS and INTREPID); technical oversight for frigate upkeep; providing refit planning; design integration and quality approaches to design.

I have provided digital modeling support, to the concept development team at BMT DSL and their clients, using my own facilities. My preferred modelling environment includes Rhino and Vue.

I am currently investigating configuration management and visualisation issues as they relate to the quality of the design of complex products. In order to prove the ideas, I am creating an Architectural Datum Model of Exeter Cathedral with which it is hoped to illustrate reverse engineering issues and the evolution of the design through the ages.

If you have similar interests, or I can be of assistance, please contact me; I would love to chat.

Ian Mackereth