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News and Updates

Welcome back to the 2016-2017 school year!  

We hope you and your students have had a great start to the school year.  The IERC staff has had a very busy summer processing and shipping orders received via the ICAM.  If you need assistance with Braille, large print, and/or specialized aids and equipment for your students who are blind or have low vision, please do not hesitate to contact our IERC staff.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you in any way we can.

The Miami Accessible Media Project (MAMP) and the Braille Project at the IERC, have been busy producing accessible formats to fill orders for these materials.  Hard copy braille (literary and Nemeth) and large print textbooks, as well as accessible formats that include electronic brf, ePub and HTML files to be used on technology devices. We appreciate the hard work of both these shops as they produce needed educational materials for our students.

VI Teacher Address List for 2016-2017

The IERC is compiling an updated teacher address list for the 2016-2017 school year that will include all teachers who currently work with students who are blind or have low vision in Indiana.  The updated list will be disseminated to teachers working with blind or low vision students later in the fall.

Unified English Braille Code

The IERC continues to rollout braille materials in UEB per the Indiana State Implementation Plan.  Our transcribers have received certification in UEB and are transcribing all original orders for instructional materials in the new braille code. To read more about the state plan and state UEB updates and initiatives, please visit the IERC UEB web page.

If you have questions or need additional information about the UEB, please do not hesitate to contact Leslie Durst at 317-554-2740 or 800-833-2198 or via email.

To read more about the UEB, please visit the Braille Authority of North America (BANA) website.

Packing List Process is now Online!

Receipt for instructional materials ordered on the ICAM and shipped from the IERC is now a quick and easy online process.  As in past years, a packing slip will still be enclosed in each shipment for braille, large print and aids and equipment, but you will no longer be required to sign a copy and return to the IERC.  Instead, you will be instructed to log in to the ICAM web ordering system and confirm delivery of each shipment.

Please make note of this new process and be sure to login to the ICAM as soon as you receive materials from the IERC to confirm your delivery. For more information and step-by-step instructions, visit the IERC webpage.

Orders for IERC materials

Please submit orders for braille, large print, or digital materials that you will be needing for the remainder of the school year as soon as possible to allow the IERC enough lead time for production, ordering and processing.  It is the goal of the IERC to provide needed Braille, large print and digital educational materials to our eligible students who are blind or low vision in a timely manner.  Please be reminded that it takes a minimum of three months to transcribe a Braille book (depending on the subject area and grade level) and 6 to 8 weeks to produce large print or accessible digital format. 

Placing a Special Request

If you search the ICAM for an item and your results are unsuccessful, you may place a Special Request for that item. To place a special request, log in to the ICAM. On the main page, select Special Request and enter data or after you have searched the ICAM with the APH catalog number, you will have the option to place a “Special Request.” 

Reviewing the Status of Your Orders

Please review any Braille, large print and equipment orders placed through the ICAM. There are 2 links under Review Orders to take a look: Review Orders and Spec. Request History.  To review each line of the order, please click on Review.

Under the Review Orders you may see one of the following statuses:  Cancelled, Shipped, Waiting to Ship, Pending DRM Approval, Pend Approval, and Approved IMC.  Approval from the DRM of teacher placed orders is required prior to the Pend Approval from the IERC. The status of Approved IMC means we ordered a copy and are waiting for it to arrive to fill your order.

Under Spec. Request History you may find the following statuses: Processed, Pending DRM Approval, Not Processed, Waiting DRM Response and Inkprint Request. Again the DRM must approve any teacher placed orders prior to the IERC processing your orders. Ink print requests will require copies for production of Braille or large print.

Duplicate Student Error Message on the ICAM
If you have a student who has moved into your system and has already been registered in the ICAM, do not attempt to reregister them. Instead, log into the ICAM and update the student information using the Edit Student function. If you attempt to reregister a student already in the system, you will receive a “Duplicate Student” error message.

Need Assistance?
If you need additional assistance or information, do not hesitate to contact the IERC staff at 800-833-2198 or via email. Please contact Kim Burcham directly for Order assistance or Martha LaBounty for Student Registration and Special Request assistance. Please visit the IERC web page for additional information about the IERC’s policies and procedures and select IERC from the Home menu.

Questions regarding digital materials should be directed to the ICAM office staff by calling 1-800-795-9271. Need a User Name and/or Password?
Please contact the ICAM office directly if you need a user name or password by calling 800-795-9271 or emailing Martha Hammond at the ICAM office.

Need to Add or Remove a DRM?
Visit the ICAM DRM registration web page to add or remove a DRM.