Middle School Sports

  This Month in Sports
                   By Annie Meyer

January and February have  been big months for basketball with plenty of great lay-ups and 3 point shots; it has been enough to get any sports fan excited.

In January, the middle school girl’s basketball team held two games against two teams for KK Flash. For the first game, the ISB girls CEESA team played the advanced KK Flash team. Though they played well, ISB lost, 26:43. During the second game, the second ISB team played the second team from KK Flash, ending in a 33:26 victory for the ISB Dragons. Later, at the CEESA tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria, the girls crushed the competition, coming home with the prestigious first place trophy. Next up for the middle school girls team is a tournament against other girls teams from around Belgrade. Go girls!

In other basketball news, the boy’s middle school basketball team has also had several games. The first game was January 20th against the high school boys. The game was a close one, with the middle school winning by two points after a last minute buzzer-beater from the 3 point line, ending the game with 51: 49 on the score board.

On January 28th, the boy's ISB team played against the American International School of Budapest. While ISB was leading in the first half, AISB quickly caught up in the second half. Both teams played extraordinarily well, but ISB ended up winning by only a few points. The next day AISB won by a last minute shot, winning by only 1 point.The boy’s team then traveled up to Budapest for a rematch against the AISB team; they lost by a few points in over time, but ended up beating two other teams from Vienna.

Next up for the guys is the CEESA tournament from March 3rd to 6th. Good luck guys, it’s going to be great.

News Flash: The Middle school boys WIN the tournament. We knew you would! Congratulations from the Blue & Gold.

FC Atacante,

bringing cultures together in Belgrade

By Blaise Sevier

In the World Cup each team has players from the same country; they play against each other to see who is the best soccer team in the world.  In FC Atacante, many different cultures, countries and languages get together to play the sport that they love---soccer. This unique quality is what makes this soccer team so special. When playing with different cultures, a connection is built within the team. As this connection continues to build, an understanding of cultures and differences begins to form. In life we don’t experience the same people every day, we have a variety of people that come and go in our lives, and the more we experience when we are young, the more we are able to understand and relate to other cultures in the future.

When Mihailo Jovanović, coach of FC Atacante, steps onto the soccer pitch, his day becomes even brighter. Ever since he was 10, his love for soccer has grown continuously every day. In fact, he knew at a very young age that becoming a soccer star and a coach would be his ultimate dream. Mihailo says,“When I can give my full love, experience and knowledge of soccer, I know that I will have a good team; a team that is connected both in the sport of soccer and in the connection between cultures.“

Mr. Jovanovic's other goal is to gather as many nationalities on a field and enjoy the best thing in the world--soccer. His one very important goal for his club is team spirit. He says, “Soccer is a team sport. Everyone needs to play as 'one' to make a culture of itself, the culture of soccer.“