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                       By Anne Meyer

       If you are searching for a gripping mystery with various twists and turns, Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahms is definitely a book for you. If you are looking for a quirky tale of adventure and intrigue, I highly recommend this first book in the trilogy.

In this novel, the protagonist, Ingrid, a teenage American girl, is living through her creativity. It is up to her to solve an important case. Using the wisdom of her idol, Sherlock Holmes, Ingrid pieces together clues to solve a complex case that goes back decades, through the town’s surprisingly dark history.

The author, Abrahms, has outdone himself in creating such a fascinating mystery with so many twists and turns.Your thirst for the revelation of the mystery will not be quenched until the very end of the book.  While this book is geared more towards girls, anyone who enjoys a good mystery would surely appreciate it. Due to an intricate plot, I would recommend this book to 7th and 8th graders.

    If mysteries aren’t your preferred genre, then I would recommend Witch and Wizard by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet. This book takes place in a modern day dystopia and is about brother and sister, Whit and Witsy Allgood, who are accused of practicing the dark arts, known as magic and creativity. The couple is tossed into jail by the tyrannical government party called the New Order (N.O.), which has abolished individuality and creativity. Whit and Witsy must try to escape prison and help the rebels defeat the N.O., all the while discovering their new magical powers.

The book displays the timeless tale of witches and wizards but keeps it fresh and interesting, turning it into a modern tale that teens can relate to. I would recommend this page turner to any middle school readers with a lust for an intelligent read.


QUESTION:  If you had the choice to either go back in time or fly into the future, which would you do?

7B Monica’s response:

When asked this question, Monica puts down her sandwich to ponder her answer.  Finally, after a few minutes of thought, she says that “I’d probably go back in time to save my puppy, because he died.”

8A David's response:

When asked the question, David ponders for a while and says, “Go to the future, get a time machine and go back to the past,” he then adds, “I would invest a hundred dollars and then become rich and famous.”


Dear ISB,

My name is April. In every issue of ISB Blue and Gold, I will do my best to solve all of your major and minor problems.

You can email me at this address:
At the end of the month I will select 4 of the best letters and publish them in the newspaper. Don't worry, I will still reply by email to every serious letter. All information will remain anonymous.

Please either change the names of people mentioned or do not name them.  After reading the letters and the responses, you may email me your opinion on the subject. I may also publish this in the newspaper!



QUESTION:  If you had the choice to either go back in time, or fly into the future, what would you do?

7B Maria’s response:

When it was Maria’s turn to be asked, she hesitantly replies: “I don’t know what I would do…”  After further questioning, she finally decides that she “would go into the future just to see what it’s like.”

8A Simeon's response:

Much like David,  Simeon thinks for a while and answers, “I would go to the future, just to see what life would be like, in the year 2031.”


Dear April,
I have self esteem issues and this school’s environment is just making it worse. I feel excluded and plain ugly. Don’t tell me something like “thinking good about yourself makes you pretty” it’s a useless lie. I need help.

Dear “Outsider”,
Everyone has been through those moments, at least once. But trust me, half of being beautiful is confidence in who you are. No matter what you tell yourself, you are not ugly. If you are feeling bad about yourself you can do something about it. Exercise, a healthy diet, flattering clothing, and even makeup are all confidence boosters. Just remember, you are beautiful, you just need to show it.

Dear April,
I’m new at this school and have been having trouble making friends. What can I do to help me fit in?
    ----Lone Tiger

Dear Lone Tiger,
Making new friends can sometimes be a challenge, but with a little effort I’m sure you will succeed. Firstly, find some friendly-looking people in your grade. Strike-up a conversation with the people near your locker or desk. If there is no one in your class, look for others in your grade. Join an ISB sports team, that’s a great way to meet people who share your interests. Pretty soon, you’ll find some new friends.


by Ajda Mozetic & Hannah Riley

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a movie that you definitely want to watch, especially if you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan. If you’re one of those people who can be found hiding under your bed terrified of the boogie-man, this movie is not for you.  Possibly this new film is more geared toward boys, but it can also be for girls that like exciting tales of witchcraft and wizardry. This is the first part of the Deathly Hallows movies in the Harry Potter  series by J.K. Rowling. In this movie, Voldemort, the darkest wizard, has taken over and there is nowhere safe for Harry and his friends to hide. Harry tries his best to defeat the dark lord, also known as Voldemort, and does his best to save the "wizarding" world.

Another movie that has recently come out is
Tangled, a parody of the classic story of Rapunzel. In the movie Tangled, a young princess is trapped in a tower, and a prince/robber decides to save her. Tangled is a hilarious movie about the misadventures of a princess and a thief. The movie is a great story for all ages, but, in my opinion, it is for kids  between the ages of 3 and 15, as they would enjoy it a lot more than others.

Overall, these two movies are great choices, and, if you haven’t watched these movies, then you should definitely go to the theater right now and watch them. Let us know what you think!
Click here to see the Harry Potter Trailer
Click here to see the Tangled Trailer


QUESTION:  If you had the choice to either go back in time, or fly into the future, what would you do?

7A Philip’s response:

Like Maria, Philip isn’t sure at first – “Hmmm…good question…”  He mulls it over for a while before answering that he “would try to go back in time to go to a soccer club in order to get better for the future.”   Interesting choice!

6B Sofia’s response:

Unlike many people interviewed, Sofia immediately knows what she wants.  “I would go back in time and make my family rich!” she exclaims.


Dear April,

My crush is in love with my best friend and I HATE HER. She ruined
everything. At first I tried to be nice. I tried to make myself think it's OK, they are both happy, etc. But it's not. It's been bothering me for months. She seems to love him back! What if they will date, I'll
have to put a fake smile on and try not to cry every time I see them.
The weird thing is I tried convincing them to go out, maybe if they just go and break up it will be all over and i’ll get back my normal life. What should I do, I really need help.

    --- He is in Love with my Best Friend.

Dear “He is in Love with my BF”,
It’s hard when the person you have a crush on ignores you. But what did you
expect your best friend to do? She, like most humans, cannot read minds. If you set the two up, naturally she would think you are OK with it. Calm down, all is not lost. You still have a chance to be with him without breaking your friend's heart. You said they are not dating yet,
have you tried befriending the guy?  Become good friends with him but
keep your friend close. Its not her fault. If the two really do up end going out, you can either wait for them break or just find some one else. If you do wait it out, be sure she really is over him.  Don’t