Middle School Editorial

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

By Editor-in-Chief, Luka Bakić

 The much anticipated move to the high school has been contemplated since the year 2003. Promises have been made and promises have been broken, however, with the primary goal still in place.  This year, results were finally displayed. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of the International School of Belgrade Board and the Serbian government, on February 24, 2011, the prolonged process of creating a new middle school was set in motion with the cordial ceremony of groundbreaking.

        The creation of the new ISB Middle School is another beginning for the students of ISB. The construction of the new middle school will provide greater amenities for the students, thus positively affecting our learning without altering the core principles by which our school educates.

        The social stigma contemplated by students is mainstreamed towards the idea that this project will never be complete. Currently my brother, sister and I go to three different ISB campuses. We have a bubble instead of a gymnasium. There are no showers, no changing rooms and certainly there is no cafeteria.

All of these problems, as we have been informed, will be bridged by this new construction. It makes me happy that the ISB students who remain, and the ones who will come in the future, will work in better conditions that will improve both their sports and school life.

For all of the people who have been waiting patiently for the new middle, I can firmly assert, you’re wait is over. The new ISB Middle School will exemplify the quality of learning through a community deserving of an IB League school.