ATTRAverso - ISBIL2013

New Hotel Magna Graecia, Via Ferrovia, 1-2.

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This symposium aims to trace a state-of-the art of the following questions: analysis of the composition of multilayered local and new immigrants’ identities, especially as defined by bi- and multilingual literatures, literature of migration and bilingualism on the whole

We intend to encourage a reflexion on migrations and migrants of the last five centuries, with particular attention to the phenomenons and figures of recent history and contemporaneity. An interesting debate will be animated by contributions and  dialogues between scholars of different linguistic and social disciplines, a discussion focused in the complexity of the dialectical processes of transformation and redefinition of identities, languages and cultures in both migrants and landing communities.

Nowadays long-term migrations and migrants arrive at other places with the intention of a permanent stay. This event is so distant from the widespread perception, in past as well as in present day, of a transitoriety of the phenomenon and it is the starting point of complex processes of self-redefinition and contamination of languages and cultures. Those processes impact on the historical-linguistic minorities and in the new minorities, as well as on the landing communities.

The meeting is structured into three days, divided into six subparts. Each day a paper section will be followed by recreational activities (short trips, sightseeing, promotion of local productions and handcrafts). After the conclusion of the paper session, in the last evening a declamation of bilingual poems and short stories will be held; in the end, a final debate will deal with bilingual literature and literatures of migrations/diasporas. 

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