Français II - Syllabus


Français II

Mrs. Isberg, Room 235




This course builds on the skills learned in French I, advancing students to an intermediate level of the four skills of language learning - listening, speaking, reading and writing. French history and culture and the Francophone World are broadened to include contemporary issues which are explored through films, documentaries, slide presentations, music, art and class discussions.  



To successfully complete this course, you will need:

  • Three ring binder - dossier (at least 1-2” wide). Every student is expected to have a separate binder specifically used for French class. All materials I hand out will be three-hole punched and should be placed in your binder.
  • Notebook/Journal - Students will also need a notebook with lined paper to take notes, writing exercises and homework.
  • Pen or Pencils. You must bring something to write with. There is no excuse.
  • Textbook - Students will be issued the Allez Viens textbook. This text must be brought to every class - again there is no excuse.


  • Refer to my website for homework assignments, project instructions and rubrics, additional helpful web site links and supplemental course material.



All assignments will be checked at the beginning of the period. Homework will be assigned regularly, and will receive an effort grade. Please write legibly - if I cannot read your assignment, I cannot grade it. 


There will be one project assigned per semester. Students will be given ample time to complete these projects during class time. If a student needs additional time to complete assignment before the due date, student is expected to complete this work on their own. 


Quizzes will cover one or two topics only, assessing both written communication, grammatical structures and listening comprehension. Quizzes can be retaken if the grade is below 70%. Retakes must be completed after school and within one week from the original test date.  


Tests will cover an entire chapter and assess all four language skills including a speaking proficiency. Tests cannot be retaken.  

 Additional time for tests/quizzes will be provided after school on the same day the test/quiz is given.


Participation/Classwork 15%

Quizzes                 25%

Tests         25%

Homework/Epals         15%

Projects                 20%


Homework and class work assignments must be made up within five school days. If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, you will be expected to make it up after school on the day you return. For information on absences of three days or more, please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook.

REMEMBER: I will not pursue you about your missed work. It is your responsibility to find out what you have missed by checking the assignments posted daily on my website, retrieving hard copies of worksheets, and consulting with a classmate regarding any notes you may have missed. If you have further questions about missed assignments, please see me after school.


Homework: Late homework will not be accepted. Homework must be completed at the beginning of the class. You must remember to bring your homework to class. Students who forget to bring their homework to class will not be allowed to go to their locker and will receive a zero for that assignment.

Projects: For each day a project is late, your grade will decrease by ten points. Projects not completed within 3 days of the due date will not be accepted and will receive a zero.


If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing you will receive a zero for the assignment. Parents and administration will be notified, and you will face disciplinary measures in accordance with school policy.


I am available after school each day until 2:35pm. 

Please let me know if you plan to come for extra help or makeup work, so that I can inform you of any teacher meetings that may interfere. 



Your Class Participation grade will be determined by daily practice and assessment of the following:

Classroom Behavior - Students will speak and act respectfully to all students and teachers. Do not engage in side conversations with those around you or detract from the positive learning experience of others. Touching another student’s property or person will not be tolerated.

Question, Listen and Contribute - Students will pose relevant questions, listen to the ideas of others and contribute their own ideas during class discussions and small group activities.

Personal Responsibility - Students are responsible for arriving ON TIME for class. Students are to be SEATED at their desk before the bell rings and working on the “Faites Maintenant” assignment posted on the board. Wandering around the room and/or arriving after the bell without a pass will result in a detention. 

Be Prepared - Students are responsible for being prepared for class. All students are expected to bring a pen or pencil, binder, homework and course materials/books to class everyday. In addition, make every effort to visit your locker and the restroom between classes and during lunch. Each student will be allowed one bathroom pass per week. Students with specific areas of concern should consult the administrator or school nurse.

Classroom Maintenance - Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Writing or drawing on desks or school property is strictly prohibited. In addition, everyone is responsible for keeping our classroom safe and clean.


1st offense:  Verbal warning/loss of participation points

2nd offense: Teacher detention/loss of participation points

3rd offense: Office referral

Electronic Devices - Use of electronic devices is strictly prohibited. A first offense will result in a verbal warning. A second offense will result in confiscation of the device to be returned at the end of the class period. Further offenses or refusal to hand over a device to the teacher will result in an office referral. For more information regarding the electronic device policy, please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook.



Per the school’s attendance policy, students who accumulate more than three unexcused absences from class per term without utilizing the school’s attendance buy back policy will receive a 59% attendance failure, with a grade of F(A) on their report card. For additional information, please see page 4 in the Parent/Student Handbook.

NOTE: Arriving after the half-way point in any class period will count as an absence from that class.