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isbcn Producing "Live" Broadcast in Real Time Online for your Sports Franchise, Music Label, Company or Organization.
isbcn uses a Broadcast Utility to produce Real Time TV Programs for any purpose by Streaming Video over the World Wide Web "LIVE." Using Special Effects having the same look as a costly TV Production. Standard Format Conformance: Using the versatile QuickTime architecture, ISBCN allows you to broadcast content from almost any existing video, audio and image file format. It offers you a variety of video and audio encoding formats, including the new MPEG-4 standard. It enables you to distribute your broadcast through free QuickTime Streaming Server or RealNetworks Helix Universal Server, used by most streaming service providers. And all your viewers need is a free, QuickTime-enabled browser.
Broadcast your Audio Program "LIVE" with Streaming Audio using less Bandwidth than streaming video. Broadcast your events, program or host a call in show.
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The World May Listen.

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