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Check Back For Updates To Videos and Services Offered, Blog Coming Soon for more information on Video Productions In Michigan, Events and News.
HD Video & .Professional
Production Equipment

Viewing videos at - Video load using Java Script, most Browsers are Java enabled, unless disabled.
Used by most video share sites to embed videos on page, and allows for faster loading of page. Content - Images load first before video loads and begins to stream. Flash Player Required. HDV & Multimedia Productions

Video Production HDV

isbcn Multimedia Productions, Directing & Producing HD Video Production for Broadcast TV and the Web. Independent Films and Movies.

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Example above Beta tape formatted/compressed for the web, mpeg to flash video. Java enabled browser and Flash Player 9 Required to view videos, Flash videos (
.Flv) load and stream faster while using less storage space for files. There is a loss in quality but preferred by most websites like YouTube etc. Videos hosted on remote server for free.

Live Performances/Events:
Video Tape in HDV Music, Sport, Theater, Stage, Conference and Ceremonies. Any live event you want to capture on tape. Format for NSTC, PAL, DVD and the Web.

Creating and producing short films. Assisting other production companies
in their movie production. Taping TV show pilot and episodes for creative Directors and Producers. Crew support, equipment and camera operators.

Personal Profile for individuals, a history of, or
family biography. Producing Corporate & Small Business Profiles, PSA, Introductions, Employee Training Videos, Product Profiles and Virtual Tours of Property.

Producing Instructional and Demonstration videos for Small Business and Corporations. Providing content for sites like
Demand Studios, which powers over 50 of Demand Media Websites.

B-Roll/Stock Video:
Providing equipment and camera operators to tape in HDV specified video footage for production companies and corporations with in-house editing facilities.  Stock Video Footage shot to order or select from our library of video footage for your next production.  Format for NSTC, PAL, DVD and the Web.

Freelance News:
Specific Camera Operators are Members of the National Press Photographers Association n.p.p.a., and freelance for local news station and web news cast, EFP & ENG.

Editing/Post Production:
Edit Raw Video, add Soundtrack, Special Effects, Titles, Compress, Format for NSTC, PAL, DVD and the Web.

Converting Video and Files for Online and iPod Cast, .mov, .mpeg, .wmv, .avi, .asf, .swf, .flv, RealMedia and more. VHS and Beta to DVD
Slides, Pictures, old 8-mm and Super-8 to DVD
Video Enhancing - Mass Quantity DVD and CD Duplication.

Personal Photos:
Turn Personal Photos into a High Quality Video. For your website, networking or blog.

isbcn uses High Definition Video (HDV) to Produce High Quality HDTV that is Broadcast Quality and conforms to 2009 NSTC or PAL Broadcast Standards 1920 x 1080 HDTV. Producing DVD's for Customers or Video Files Ready for CD's and Internet Use. Solutions for LIVE Broadcast Streaming Video over the Internet in Real Time.

Technical Support
Resources - Applications Website & Blog Training
Available For You.

Production Equipment

Crew and Equipment for Your Next Production or Event.

Camera Operator

Crane / Jib Operator

Glide Cam Operator

Grip Services

Post Production
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