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Malaria Support - May 2012

posted May 18, 2012, 4:38 PM by Jan Flowers   [ updated May 18, 2012, 4:42 PM ]
iSanté (v12.2) and OpenELIS (v2.6) have been updated to now support Malaria care & treatment and Malaria surveillance reporting!  Features include:
  • Malaria data elements added to the primary care and OBGYN forms in iSanté
  • Malaria reports available in iSanté, including: prevalence, tested, and treated counts in primary care; counts of pregnant women tested, diagnosed, and treated;  
  • Updated ART eligibility criteria in iSanté to match the national care directives
  • Malaria tests added to the OpenELIS test catalog
  • Electronic exchange of Malaria test results from OpenELIS to iSanté
  • Malaria testing surveillance report in OpenELIS of both positive and negative test result counts for a specified time period – in XML format to be delivered electronically
  • Malaria case surveillance reporting in OpenELIS of all positive test results – electronic delivery in HL7 CDA format
  • Bug fixes in OpenELIS (details in the change document linked below)
  • Administration update in iSanté to show the Linux console upon boot
  • Updated version numbering scheme for iSanté (details in the change document linked below)

Change document for the iSanté release is at

Change document for the OpenELIS release is at