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iSante 12.3 Release

posted Oct 2, 2012, 3:57 PM by Jan Flowers
iSante 12.3 was released yesterday.  This release includes the following list of priorities:

  • Forms modifications (based on the paper forms at )
    • New data elements added to the forms for recording and reporting Malaria
    • New data elements added to the forms to support the Healthy Women and Children Project (PAHO) in the Ob-gyn and pediatric primary care forms
  • Improved usability in the Patient Search and Merge function
  • Addition of Malaria reports
    • Prevalence Malaria
    • Prevalence Malaria < 5 years
    • Tested for Malaria
    • Treated for Malaria
    • Tested for Malaria < 5 years
    • Treated for Malaria < 5 years
    • Number of pregnant women tested for malaria
    • Number of pregnant women diagnosed for malaria
    • Number of pregnant women treated for malaria
  • Disease Surveillance report (per site, department, and total for country)
  • Other reporting modifications to inactive/active patient reports, and pregnancy reports
  • Updated ART Eligibility Criteria
  • Administration Modifications
    • Updated software versioning
    • Configuration Console improvements
    • Encrypted backups to make data more secure
    • Support for recovering with an encrypted backup file
Beyond the above listed functional changes in iSante, we also were able to make some process improvements in our release.  We did some pre-release validation testing with in-country folks that have helped with making sure the features were correct and that bugs were found prior to the release.  We are hoping to continue to increase the amount of validation and feedback in our next release. 

English Release Notes are here (Currently being translated to French.  Those will be available next week):

Just as a reminder, you can always see what our current development priorities are (as well future) on our iSante development roadmap: