About iSanté

At the request of the MSPP and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global AIDS Program in Haiti (CDC GAP), I-TECH began developing iSanté in 2005. iSanté supports health care workers and clinics to manage and utilize patient data, and facilitates timely and accurate reporting on national HIV, primary care and maternal health service delivery and surveillance. There are more than 74 sites employing iSanté including government facilities, private hospitals, faith-based organizations, NGOs, and other networks, with a total of more than 93,000 patient records. Thirty-seven iSanté sites have local servers, which eliminates reliance on slow Internet connections and allows automatic replication of patient data to a central patient data repository.

The 2010 Earthquake
The 2010 earthquake caused significant damage to some health care facilities, as well as creating over one million homeless in Haiti. I-TECH supported the recovery and replacement of computer hardware, software and networking equipment at disrupted sites. I-TECH also restored patient data at all sites with catastrophic data losses, based on iSanté’s automated data replication feature which regularly backs up patient data on a secure offsite server.

To address the internal displacement of Haiti’s population, I-TECH began development of new iSanté functionality, using both web and mobile device interfaces, to enable:
  1. registered users to remotely access patient medical summaries;
  2. transfer of complete patient records between clinic sites.
I-TECH and CDC assisted MSPP to elaborate a protocol to protect patient confidentiality in the context of this new functionality.

Training, Support & Data Quality
I-TECH's iSanté team provides training to data management personnel through workshop-based and onsite training, supports configuration and installation of local servers, makes iterative design improvements to the system based on user feedback and evolving needs, and provides ongoing hardware and software maintenance support to iSanté sites. In partnership with the CDC's Regional Information Officers (RIOs), I-TECH reinforces data quality and data completeness through system modifications, training and onsite technical assistance. I-TECH has developed national standardized training modules on data management and the iSanté system.

Data Sharing in Haiti
In addition to patient data use by clinicians and clinic and hospital management personnel, iSanté data is shared through automated reports to support clinical care quality improvement processes, national HIV program reporting, and national disease surveillance. I-TECH collaborates with the following partners to ensure that iSanté generates timely and accurate reports on specific indicators of interest: Comité National des Systèmes d'Information de la Santé (CONASIS), Haiti’s Monitoring and Evaluation and Surveillance Interface (MESI) managed by Solutions, HIVQUAL International, National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD) and others.