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No Texting App

--What does the Next Texting app do and do you think it is a socially useful app?
--This App automatically responds to any text while a user is driving. It is meant to reduce the risk of accidents by eliminating texting while driving as a factor. I believe it has the potential to be a socially useful app.

What are two event handlers that are associated with the Texting component and what do they do?
-- One event handler is the Texting.MessageRecieved which is triggered when the phone receives a text. Another is the SendMessage handler which actually initiates the sending of the text.

What does the TinyDb component do and what is the difference between storing data in a TinyDband storing data in a global variable?
-- The TinyDb takes the text and puts in the Response Label and stores it in the database. The difference between the two is that TinyDb stores values and then reacts according to those values while global variables store certain values to be used in the app.

Describe how to add comments to you blocks in the blocks editor.
-- To add comments, you put the entered text into the response label of the user interface and plug into the according event handler.