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As editor of some of the world's finiest writers - and as a writer myself - I care deeply

about the communicative power of words. Yet, as Isabelle helped me to see, even the most

brilliant crafted speech will fall flat if you don't take the time to connect with your audience.

Isabelle's genius is to help you embrace your personal style - in my case, quirky and 

unpredictable. As you become less tethered to the script, you find yourself becoming more

comfortable and commanding on stage and before the television camera. Isabelle requires

homework - exercises that ground you, loosen your jaw, focus your attention. But the payoff

is huge; the audience responds, your confidence grows, you become a more assured leader

and communicator.

- Lee Kravitz, Editor-in-Chief, Parade Magazine

I now approach the whole experience of public speaking differently.  I even think about it

in a different way. I have never seen or done anything like this that works and I have done many

presentation skills trainings. I now have a distinct process to follow and I have tools to use to

help me approach what used to terrify me.

- Bob Broussard, President Rainbow Media Network, Sales

As an Executive VP, I realized that working on my ability to communicate and present

my ideas and myself in a clear, powerful and inspiring way would be important. I found

Isabelle an ideal partner in helping me develop these skills. As I moved into the CEO role

a year later, I saw that communicating, and engaging in this work has become an even

more important part of my success. I am happy to say that my investment in my ability to 

communicate has paid off handsomely both for me and my company.

- Michael Balmuth, President and CEO, Ross Stores Inc.

Isabelle Anderson has worked with my team and myself over the last several years. I found

her coaching particularly effective. It was customized for each individual and utilized an

extensive array of techniques. She was able to work effectively with both senior and junior

team members creating a positive and supportive environment in which everyone was able

to develop their skills with confidence.

- Robert Laughlin, Managing Director, Citibank, New York

There was a time when I was making my living principally through public speaking. 
Isabelle coached me. She changed my life. I finally was able to admit to myself that 
I was deeply afraid of speaking, and to get over that fear... I learned how to project an inner
intention as a speaker, how to synch up with an audience at an emotional level, how to gain 
an audience¹s permission to lead it into a shared experience, how to reliably produce the audience
 outcomes that I intended. What I learned from Isabelle is so powerful and important that it has 
improved my life vastly beyond the domain of speaking. I¹d give her the ultimate highest 

- Strat Sherman - Partner, Accompli. Author: Change Your Destiny or Someone Else Will

Cisco has metric systems in place for measuring everything. One of the metrics is for presentations. 

The client audience at every presentation is given a form to evaluate the presenter. (1- 5, Five being the highest) 

The metrics measure both content and style. I am happy to report that for the last quarter, 

I received the highest rating of anyone within our organization: 4.85 out of 5.  

Isabelle, I owe all of this to you and your excellent job of coaching.

- John Sifonis, consulting partner, Internet business solutions group, CISCO SYSTEMS Inc. 

Isabelle taught me the essentials of communication that school, organizations, even

parents had not; how to take command through the very elements that make us human:

speech, walk, breath, gaze.  Some say that genius is built up, Isabelle shows that it is the result 

of simplifying one's strengths so that power and poetry are assured.  She is amazing.

- Harriet Rubin, Founder and publisher of Currency Books/Doubleday. 

Author: La Princessa, Machiavelli for Women.