"...I received the highest rating of anyone within our organization (for
 presentations)...Isabelle, I owe all this to you..."
Senior executive, Cisco Systems


"...Isabelle taught me the essentials of communication that school, 
organizations, even parents had not...She is amazing."
Business author, New York Times and Fast Company contributing writer


About Isabelle Anderson and Performance Communication


Isabelle Anderson is a coach in Leadership Presence, Communication and Speaking skills. 

Since 1995 she has coached CEOs, business executives, authors and those in the public eye through her company, Performance Communication.  

Following her extensive theater training in Europe and 20 years of theater teaching and performance, Isabelle Anderson distilled theater’s classic and proven techniques for building presence, verbal strength and audience connection into a 6-step method suitable for the business environment. This 6-step method is a detailed and unique methodology which brings a tangible "how to" to the sometimes mysterious qualities of presence, authority and the ability to rivet an audience's attention.

In the 6 Steps, an individual can acquire a formidable "tool-box" of skills that allows them to succeed in any situation requiring a powerful public presence.

In a nutshell the 6-Steps are:

1. Principles - the neuroscience of public scrutiny

2Presence  be seen, be fearless 

3. Connection be heard 

4Comprehension - be understood 

5Message - be congruent 

6. Performance - be at your best, when you need to! 

Isabelle helps leaders discover their individual style of communication, shows the strengths of that style and how to build it to maximum presence in order to command, motivate and inspire. This is the secret of true confidence and ease. This is also the missing piece in leaders who have talent and strategy, but are not yet able to execute effectively

Isabelle’s special gift lies in her ability to quickly diagnose where people are blocking their strengths. She then frees them to connect clearly and convincingly with their audience. 

An honors English Literature graduate of the University of Queensland, Australia and a qualified voice teacher, Isabelle has studied with several of Europe’s leading stage teachers, Jacques Lecoq, Jerzy Grotowski and Peter Brook.  She has held theater faculty positions at Columbia University and New York University and currently teaches at the Academy for Classical Acting, an MFA program at The Shakespeare Theater in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with the George Washington University.