Welcome to my research page! I am a researcher at the Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, studying whether environmental cues and information can be passed on. This work focusses more specifically on life-history strategies. A life-history strategy is the relative investment that an individual makes in to growing, reproducing, and surviving. This work is done on a long-term monitored population of snapdragons, Antirrhinum majus, in Bages, France.

I am also interested in scientific best practices and support the open science movement.

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Previous work:

I had the pleasure to study an isolated population of House Sparrows, Passer domesticus, on Lundy Island, UK. My research concerned whether and how behavioural consistency, also known as animal personality, affected how individual sparrows lead their lives.

More information on this topic is available on my Research page, Mindshine blog, and on the Lundy house sparrow blog.