dec 7: Just received my copies of the beautiful German edition of Three Wishes. Very enticing indeed! Here it is:
June 15-17
I've been for last couple of days in eastern Burgundy, at Avallon in the Morvan, revisiting the scenes of Cupid's Arrow.  It's just as beautiful as ever! I have uploaded some photos of it on my Facebook page:
June 7-14
I am in the South of France, doing research for a book and staying at a charming gite called La Colombelle, in the little French village of Lasserre de Prouille, near Carcassonne. It's an old house full of character and lovely sunny corners, that I'm sure will find its way into a book! I've put up some pictures of it on my Facebook page, and here's also a place where you can check it out!
June 7, 2010
News for French readers:
Nouvelles pour lecteurs francais de Paul, Charlie--et Rose(Three Wishes):
Je vais faire des signatures a la librairie La Lettre Ouverte, 213, rue de la Convention, Paris 75015(Metro Convention), le 23 juin 2010 a 16h. Venez tous!
And for angolophone Paris-based readers: Come too for my signing at the Lettre Ouverte bookshop!
June 5, 2010
Last week, I was the guest blogger at Random House Australia's website, writing about my current French research trip and how it influences my books. You can catch it at
May 4, 2010
Bright Angel has now been out in the shops a month and readers and reviewers seem to be enjoying it a lot! And Paul Charlie et Rose is still going strong in French bookshops. The Polish edition of Pop Princess will be out in the next few months, too!
March 12, 2010
What an exciting week it's been, with 'Paul, Charlie--et Rose! ' now in the bookshops of Paris(and all of France, I hope!) It looks beautiful and the translation is perfect--perectly-pitched, light and lively. I'm so thrilled! Met up again with my wonderful publisher from Albin Michel, Shaine Cassim, and signed some copies for journalists. The book has found a marvellous home--let's hope its journey is just as wonderful, and it attracts lots and lots of readers!
February 17, 2010
Yes! I'm in my favourite place, Paris, for quite a while, writing my new book, Free Spirit, and also researching the one after(Heaven Scent) Have been to some fantastic places and explored lots of marvellous areas, and am getting so inspired!
Also Three Wishes comes out in its French version soon(March 10). It's now got a new title--Paul, Charlie(et Rose), as my wonderful French publisher Shaine Cassim of Albin Michel told me, the earlier title(Princesse Charmante) sounded too young for their market. Anyway, it looks great and I'm looking forward very much to it coming out, and meanwhile having a wonderful time in Paris! The bliss of wandering around, looking at everything, eating delicious food, and seeing new and wonderful sights at every street corner! Even the cold of a Paris winter doesn't dampen my excitement!
December 23, 2009
I've uploaded a trailer I made for Bright Angel, it's at
The wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack is by hugely talented young musicians, Glass Half-Full.
December 12, 2009

Heard the other day that the French version of Three Wishes(which comes out in France in March 2010) is to go by the title of 'Princesse Charmante', which means 'Princess Charming.'  I like the title a lot, and also the fact that it will be released in publisher Albin Michel's 'Bliss' imprint. Sounds perfect!

November 11, 2009

I have a guest post on creating the Internet elements of my books at the great writers' blog, Writer Unboxed:


November 6, 2009

Three Wishes came out this week in the USA, and is now available in all good bookstores and online at Amazon and other online bookshops.
Here it is at Amazon:
There's also an interview with me at the Sassi Sam blog,

September 27, 2009

More exciting news--Three Wishes and Pop Princess are going to the USA! Random House has done a distribution deal which will see Three Wishes appearing in bookshops there in November this year, and Pop Princess in February 2010.

Due to readers' questions, I've also just posted a fun update--on Lucie's Bebo page--to what's been happening to the characters of Pop Princess after the last page was turned!

September 15, 2009

Some great news--Nasza Ksiergania has just bought Polish-language rights for Pop Princess! Three Wishes just came out there with them last month.

August 21 2009

Cupid's Arrow came out on August 3 and looking great, have been getting some great comments from fans already! Remember to check out the Dreaming Holmes website that is a part of the story(and which I created specially for the book)--Dreaming Holmes

I'm getting on well with preliminary work on Free Spirit--and will be going to Paris to research it and set the scene! Also have an idea for the one after that--Heaven Scent--which will be set around the perfume industry in the South of France!

July 9, 2009

I've uploaded a trailer for my new novel, Cupid's Arrow, which comes out on August 1. It's at  my You Tube channel

I've begun work too on a new book--Free Spirit, which will be set in Paris and northern France, and have a lot to do with horse-racing--and Paris street art!

May 5, 2009

Fantastic news--Random House has just offered for my 4th novel, Bright Angel. It comes out in April 2010!

 February 3, 2009

Pop Princess is now out--look for it in your local bookshop! It looks fantastic!

December 16, 2008

There's a profile interview with me in the new Australia council digital writers' guide, which may be of interest to readers. It's about how I've used the Web and Web tools to expand my books. Here's the Writers' Guide interview

November 18, 2008

I've just made and uploaded a little clip on You Tube which shows you some of the Paris locations in Pop Princess, so readers can picture the settings. Have fun looking at them!

October 1, 2008

We have a new title for Dream Book--Cupid's Arrow. It fits really well with elements in the book--love at first sight--and terrible danger too! Thanks, Zoe, for that great suggestion!

September 23, 2008

Terrific news from Random House Australia today--they have just taken on Dream Book, my third novel. It will be published in August 2009. Dream Book is only its working title, and it will probably change name for publication. More later on that! Dream Book is set in Avallon in Burgundy, France.

September 10, 2008

Yet more good news on foreign rights--just heard that Polish-language rights to Three Wishes have just gone to Nasza Ksiegarnia. Fantastic!

 August 10, 2008

I've put up the cover of Pop Princess on the Books page. It's a really delicious cover by the wonderful Kerrie Heiss, who also did the cover for Three Wishes.

July 5 2008

More good news on the rights front--French-language rights to Three Wishes have just been sold to Albin Michel, one of France's biggest and most respected publishers! I'm absolutely thrilled--to think the book will be out in the country it's set in, is really exciting!

May 5, 2008

I'm back from my trip to France, and what a wonderful trip it was! Lots of visiting of some great locations, good food, and lots of inspiration for new stories..

And I'm back just in time for the release of Three Wishes in the bookshops! Yes, folks, it's there now, looking beautiful and inviting in its deep rose and silver jacket, so grab yourself a copy now! And drop me a line if you want to, about what you thought of it.

There's a review of Three Wishes in the May issue of Good Reading as well as in Disney Girl. And in some exciting news, Random House Australia are running a fabulous competition to tie in with the publication of Three Wishes--you can not only win a copy of the book, but also a voucher for French Connection, and some French perfume, plus other great prizes! Go over to their website (the address is on my Links page) and enter!

April 8, 2008

I'm off this weekend for a few exciting weeks in France, scouting for some more wonderful locations for future novels, and researching story ideas. And, naturally, having a great and yummy time!

In more good news, Three Wishes has been chosen as Angus and Robertson Bookshops' Kids'Pick for May, so watch out for it at your local A and R! (and Dymocks and Borders and independent bookshops--all good bookshops, in fact!)

March 9, 2008

On Friday, I got some great news from Random House Australia.  Three Wishes has been sold to Random House Germany! And that's two months before publication here.  A great development, a good sign for the book. May it sell in lots more territories!

Last week, I also started work on a new book, which I'm calling, for now, Dream Book. Centred around 16 year old Australian teenager Fleur Griffon, whose  mother Anne inherits a valuable library of books(she's a bookseller) from an old French writer who's been murdered, it is a tense and chilling thriller with a background of dreams and nightmares. It's set near the town of  Avallon, in Burgundy, eastern France, which is an unusual and mysterious place connected to the legends of King Arthur..I'm really enjoying writing it, though I'm only five chapters into it so far.