Three Wishes, published May 2008, by Random House Australia:

When 16 year old Rose creates a blog for an English assignment, she doesn't realise it will change her life...

An elegant stranger arrives to announce that Rose has an aristocratic French grandfather, who wants to see her.

Rose arrives in France to find that her grandfather lives in a magnificent castle. Utterly enchanted, she grows to love her new life--and Charlie, a charming boy who's equally besotted with Rose. But as she begins to delve deeper into her family's past, her fairytale turns into a nightmare. Who is friend? who is foe? Someone wants her dead. And she must find out who before their wish comes true!

 You can read Rose's actual blog here!

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Pop Princess, published by Random House Australia (Feb 2009)

It's a simple twist of fate that catapults Australian teenager Lucie Rees from her ordinary life in an ordinary town, to a strange, exciting job as companion and friend to ultra-famous but troubled young pop star, Arizona Kingdom, in Paris. But it is more than a simple twist of fate that will see Lucie entangled in mysterious happenings which soon put her in terrible danger...Who can she trust? Will the holiday of a lifetime in Paris turn into her last days on earth?

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Cupid's Arrow, published by Random House Australia August 2009

I am running..I am running..I am running..

It's been a while since 16 year old Fleur Griffon has had one of the weird and scary dreams that used to plague her childhood. So she's really creeped out when she starts dreaming of being hunted by an unseen, sinister archer, hot on her trail.

But when her bookseller mother Anne unexpectedly inherits the magnificent library of Bellerive Manor, once the home of famous French writer Raymond Dulac, Fleur forgets all about her fears. Excitedly, mother and daughter travel to Bellerive Manor, near the ancient French town of Avallon, reputedly the last resting-place of the 'real' King Arthur. And it is there, in the magical green forest near Bellerive, that Fleur meets a handsome, mysterious young woodsman called Remy Gomert. It seems to be love at first sight, beautiful as a dream.

But the nightmare is just about to begin..   



Bright Angel, published by Random House Australia

Sylvie is in the wrong place at the wrong time..

When Sylvie and her older sister Claire survive a horrific encounter with a gunman, they're sent away to their aunt in the south of France for a change of scene. There, Sylvie meets a charming, enigmatic little boy called Gabriel, who tells her he can see an angel sitting on her shoulder. Not so charming is his fiercely protective older brother, Daniel, who's just plain rude. But it's love at second sight when Sylvie gets to know Daniel better--until Gabriel disappears and Sylvie starts to wonder if Daniel has told the whole truth about his family..

And then there's Mick, the geeky guy who has a major crush on her..

Why does life have to be so complicated? And how can such a beautiful village hide such dark and dangerous secrets? Sylvie will need all her courage, the skills of the mysterious Houdini, and the blessings of the angels, if she is to see her friends and family again..