Problems with the power company 

Rocky Mountain Power Company (RMPC) has an easement along your property lines and the obligation to keep their distribution and transmission lines free from tree limbs.  They try to keep all vegetation at least 10 feet and up to 14 feet away from their distribution power lines.

The power line that runs from the pole to your house is not a transmission line but rather a lower voltage distribution secibdary/service line.  RMPC has a limited obligation to clear these lines as it is up the the homeowner to do so.  If you see a power line near the tree or branch you want to prune, call RMPC at 1.888.221-7070.  They will come and remove the power line from the house to the pole and then reattach the line, the same day, for no charge. If you have any doubts as to a power line question, call first.

If you see a limb hanging on the power line -- call RMPC, do not attempt to remove it. 

If you look at the power line coming into your home, what you usually will see is two 120 volt lines wrapped around a ground usually a metal colored line, branded into a single line.  If you cut into these line or create a contact, you could receive a deadly shock.  Any questions please call RMPC  as you may not get a second chance.  Death gives no

second chances.

In keeping their transmission and distribution lines clear, RMPC must obey established International Society of Arborculture's (ISA) ) established guidelines for  pruning.  These standards (ANSI A300)  provide for the removal of no more, or up to 25 % of the tree crown in one year. 

So what to do if you have a problem with what RMPC has done to your trees.  First, contact, RMPC's customer service at 1.888.221.7070.  A local Forest Technician will contract you and follow up on your concerns with a post inspection of your property and the tree work that was performed.  They usually have an explanation for what was done. 

If you get no satisfaction from RMPC, contact the Utah Public Service Commission.

Rea Petersen 801-530-6652, 801-530-7622, or 1-800-874-0904. (

Utah Division of Public Utilities
Box 146751
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6751

During rate-making proceedings these complaints will be made part of the official record and goes towards RMPC's obligation to meet established customer-satisfaction goals.

If you still not satisfied with the process, I can step in as a mediator, for a fee, and present your case to RMPC, but in most cases this should not be necessary.     

RMPC -- right tree in the right place, download our Small Trees for Small Places booklet (1 MB) or order a free copy


Link to RMPC's  tree care policy  (RMPC tree care)