Utah soil  - ph

Ph is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity, in Utah the soil is alkaline, or has a Ph of above 7.0.  Utah soils range from approx 7.6 to 8.2.   Along the Wastach front, soils in bench areas range from7.5-- 8.0 and soils in lower areas will range from 7.8--8.2.

  Soil Ph is considered the single most important chemical property of soil because it affects the availability of essential plant nutrients.  The high Ph is the result of soil development in a low rainfall environment.  Large amounts of calcium carbonate (lime) gives us our high Ph soil (and the hard water deposits on our shower door).

Is a high ph bad ? No,  it is what we have and its what we have to work with.  Attempts to lower ph over the long term does not work.  Its best to plant trees and plants that prefer a higher ph level.  Adding organic composted mulch, 3-4 inches in depth, to our soil is the best way to help build the soil structure to a more productive state. 

For a complete review of soil PH in Utah, please read the following article published by the Utah Rose Society.  (the above information is paraphrased from the site)

Utah Soils -- short summary


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