Composted Mulch -- organic composted mulch


10 cubic yards of mulch -- coverage for 1,000 sq ft


2014 pricing
cost per 10 yard load delivered is $500.00
2014  rate for 3-cubic yard load delivered is $225.00
(the green &white bags you see around town contain
1 cubic yard and sell for $120.00)

 This is not SL County Dump mulch 

I suggest that you apply 2-3 inches of mulch over your planting areas.  This mulch has been composted, ie heated to approx 140-160 degrees F to kill any seeds and spores. It has a musty smell that will disappear in about a 2 days.  This mulch will last two seasons as it breaks down into the soil and helps build your soil up in organic materials.  My nickname for mulch is CHO -- carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, its main composition.

A cubic yard contains 27 cubic feet and at a four inch depth will cover 81 sq feet, three inches will cover 108 sq feet.  My rule of thumb is a yard for every 100 sq feet but you can stretch it to 125 sq feet with no problems. I've tried two inches thick and have found that 3-4 really works the best for moisture retention.