Fire Wood for Sale

For the 2014 heating season I have approximately 12 cords of mixed hard woods for sale.  The tree species include apple, cherry, elm, honey locus, maples, oak  and a small  amount of cedar.
2013-2014 Fall & Winter prices:
1/2 cord approx  (long bed pick up truck - rounded over) $125),
One full cord  plus approx $225)or multiple cords ($200).
I sell by the load not by the stacked cord.  I believe my loads ae full and fair but some chose to stack the wood (hide 25 %)  and then call me back to tell me that the load is short.  I stack a load at the  beginning of the season and know how much my loads contain.  But some people will do anything, sorry to honest people out there but there are to many who have no values.  
Cash payment for new customers or a check from existing customers.  Do I stack the wood for you ?, generally no, but I will, for on the site quote figure approx $75.00 or if you have some special needs, for no charge. 

How much wood does one need for the winter in the SLC metro area.  For the weekend fires and holidays,  3/4 to a full cord should be plenty.  For those who have a wood burning fireplace and like to burn wood in the evening and during the weekends, 1.5 - 2 cords should get you through the winter.  Those who burn 24-7, I think 4+ cords will get you though the winter.

So how much is a cord of wood. It is 128 cubic feet (a stack measuring 4 feet wide by 4 feet high  and  8 feet long). A cubic foot contains 1.728 cubic inches and the extension into a cord equals 221,184 cubic inches.  Who cares abut cubic inches, you ask?  I do,  as a cord is a solid volumetric measurement.  After the wood is split and stacked the air spaces may account for 30 % of the 128 cubic feet thus giving you only 100 cubic feet or less than what your paying for.  To insure that you get a full cord I calculate the average cubic inches in 3 or 4 sample pieces and try to deliver a solid cord.  Given that,  you can expect approx 300 pieces of wood in your calculated *cord*. 

And what is the best type to burn. (Fire Wood Poem)   My view is that any wood that has been air dried for a year is fine.  Some sources cite two years of drying but they don't live in Utah where the humidity is 14% during the summer. With some tree species containing approximately 60 % water, the equalization of water content from a 60 % concentration (in wood)  to a 14 % humidity in the air occurs over a relatively short time. One summer is usually fine.  Wood cut in the fall (from mid August onward)  is not sold until next heating season.

I run adds on KSL.Com and  for the same prices.  Call me (801) 631-8396 or email your order in.

One cord load on the trailer and the back of my truck.


                                                                      One cord delivered