2017 Fee Schedule

Labor Rate: $75.00 per hour (ground based tree work only - no climbing) small jobs

Day Rate: typically 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, includes disposal of debris:  $ 500.00 for 5 hours on site.
Dump truck  and Vermer BC 1000 XL chipper (12-inch tree diameter capacity)  provided, additional on-site hours plus ground support may increase this rate.  This rate is established for ground based work only, if tree climbers are needed, this rate will is will be adjusted on an as bid amount to reflect the increased hazzards and or difficulty. 
Legal Consulting: Depositions, expert wintess, court appearences, etc - $375/hour 2 hour minium.
Hours calculated based upon a door to door basis, from my office - departure and return. An excuted, pre-paid, Expert Witness Contract will be required prior to any legal consulting work is preformed.  Legal consulting work shall not preempt existing work under way or interfer with existing work schedules.  This rate includes back offfice support, reasearch, report analysis/writting, report/court document review, record retension and site visits.  These legal-consulting rates go into effect July 1, 2012.   

Composted Mulch:  3 yards (81 cubic feet)  delivered to curb side: $ 225.00

           10 yards or more delivered to curb side:  $60.00  - 70.00 per yard

             1 cubic yard will cover approx 108 sq feet at a depth of 3 inches

Custom fertilizing program: 4 applications per year: $250.00 per .33 acre lot

Soil Testing and Report:  $125.00 per site plus cost of tests.  

Biological Control Spraying -- timing critical based upon degree-day developement of target:

Bt  (Bacillus thuringiensis)  $250.00 per .33 acre lot --  2 sprays 7 days apart 

     Pests controlled by Bt:

      fall/spring cankerworn (Alsophila pomeraria) aka green-inch worms in Gamble Oak.

      gypsy moth, and other leaf  eating insects.  

      Beneficial Nematodes:  $250.00 per .33 acre lot 

Hb (Heterohabditis bacteriophora)         

    Pests controlled by Hb: strawberry root weevil, lawn grubs, codlinging moth, Elm beetle 

IPS Beetle Tree Spraying:  2 % carbryal solution with sticker.

$7 per diameter inch measured at DBH  or approximately $125.00 per large tree spring (mid April) and fall (mid September) application periods

IPS beetle spray should last for approx 18 months or every other year.

Tree Appraisal Report (TAR): up to $250.00 single tree species -- mult trees -- price varies ($250-$500) plus IRS milage to and from site.
Pre-Construction Tree Proctection Plans:  Fess will based upon site needs and scope of project.